Dressing Your Stage For A Great Day

newspaper headlinesWe could go on all day about the ills of society, human injustice, environmental pollution, and greed and lack of unity, all of which I have a passion for changing, but to what avail? Better we concentrate on enriching our own lives, and finding what value and service we can be to our fellow man, accentuate the positive,and eliminate the negative. Now what can we do to enhance the process, you ask?

sagestickStart by purifying your surroundings. We use the burning of a sage smudge stick as one of the ways to ‘clear’ our home- a custom that is mentioned in the Bible, and also done by Native Americans. Incense is another purifying method, and in addition, we use Ruggerio’s chart #15, eliminator of noxious energy, and you can dowse as well, and ask your pendulum to remove negative energy.

flowersDress your stage. When you have a clean and appealing environment, both physically and energy wise, you can do good work. My desk is by a large bright window,tidy, and I always keep pretty flowers on it- floors and dishes are always clean. But that’s just me. When everything is in it’s place, I feel less distracted.

getting up in morningGood daily routines can also keep you on point. Mine is long, including but not limited to oil swishing, honey and cinnamon, 5 rites, and a glass of Sai Sanjeevini prayer water. It’s rare if I get everything on my list done daily, so I mix it up and do the best I can.

kindness 5                                                                                                 kindness 2

                   kindness 4Random acts of kindness, healing, and anticipating the needs of my family are essential to what makes me tick. It can take you out of the lamenting stage, to the action stage.

learning                          keep learning                              and keep disseminating



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  1. mrdunnit
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 15:49:57

    I agree with all that you have said only as Rav laitman teaches that(the unity we experience is like a sack of nuts meaning not of our choice). A random act of kindness to a family member is good and fimilar but we sometimes still use scrutiny as to who, how much , and if it will benefit me when it comes to others. Here is were the anticipation of the needs of others becomes a problem globally ,the realization of this truth is the method and wisdom that kabbalah can assist with providing the Integral education a person really desires along with the other universal tools you have mentioned thanks for all that you do.

  2. The Pendulist
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 15:27:59

    I appreciate your feedback- I love Rav Laitman, and you are welcome