A Productive Year Of Healing

The year we call 2013  is coming to it’s end, only to welcome in 2014 for another go of it. As I look back, it was amazing in many ways using dowsing, homeopathy, radionics, Sai Sanjeevini patterns, and more.  These are but a few of our successes;

  • We cured dog Brandi of her urinary infection including blood in urine, incorporating dowsing and potentizing in our methodology.
  • Lost dog mistakenly called Vincent gets aconite to settle her anxiety til mommy comes.
  • Hydrangea root tincture used to break up kidney stone and avert surgery for Jimmie.
  • I dowsed for remedy to cure a reader’s daughter of bed wetting, then guided the reader to potentize Arcenicum, which subsequently cured daughter in just one dose.  Sleepovers galore, for this little girl now.
  • Jimmie’s tooth abscess dispelled by using this combination; oil swishing, salt water swishing, listening to the tone called ‘abscess’ on digital radioncs software device.
  • MRSA protocol designed and suggested to IV drug user friend of daughter who seemed to be having some kind of possible MRSA flare up, and achieved great improvement.
  • Woman at work rescued from crippling asthma attack. All I had on hand was Ignatia 30c which she took and which apparently had a great settling affect on her- paramedics were not called.
  • Young man in coma after being hit by a car was sent a broadcast of Arnica 1m and Sai Sanjeevini prayers aplenty- he woke up the next day and suffered no permanent effects in mind, speech or movement, which I credit largely to many of the Sai Sanjeevini patterns I chose.
  • Another young man in prison who was attacked and stabbed by other inmates, was also sent a broadcast of Arnica 1m and Sai Sanjeevini prayers (including SSC 18 emergencies), and made a rapid recovery, not to mention got a little extra consideration from prison staff.
  • Car a/c balanced and increased using my pendulum, and a trip to the auto repair was avoided.
  • Tree rats were expelled by a digital radioncs tone, and by throwing rags soaked with ammonia up in the trees. They soon vacated our palm trees, never to return.
  • Ants literally turned around in their tracks and left our apartment as they came in when receiving the broadcast of “All ants leave 123 Main St Apt 4”.
  • Mine and Jimmie’s blood pressure both brought down to normal using Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns. Both had skyrocketed to 150/90 and 148/85, and now flow at a cool 119/73 and 119/71. Amazing.

When my daughter was out there living on the edge, I was able to reach her anyphone home voicesynctime. I simply put out a broadcast to her on my digital radionics device. First upload the picture of the witness (my daughter) and amplifier (decagon), then type in your wish using capital letters, get your rate and pitch, then begin broadcasting. My wish would come true shortly after broadcasting “A.T. phone home”.

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