Turning Tragedy Into A Positive

adversityWe are all faced with adversity at one time or another in our lives. It could be our own issue, or that of a loved one, neighbor, or even that of a stranger. The thread that connects us makes his issue your issue, her issue my issue, and so forth.


A boy grew up and became a doctor- a cancer specialist. He was inspired to live his life trying to save young patients like his sister, who, unfortunately didn’t make it. All brothers of cancer victims don’t necessarily become doctors. Some become beggars and some become thieves.

A woman has dedicated her life teaching parents how to keep their kids safe from abduction, because she lost her own little girl to a madman who kidnapped and killed the child. If this woman never recovered from the trauma I wouldn’t blame her, but no, she became a spokeswoman and advocate. The strength rises out of the pain, which becomes determination, and finally, closure.

But some cave when their backs are against the wall. Did you ever make a mess of things, then further screw it up by running, lying, or accusing? Or did you crumble from a bad situation instead of standing tall? I remember a neighbor couple who lived down the street when I was growing up- the husband was wheelchair bound, had made a servant out of his wife, and had adopted a mean and nasty way about him which he justified by his disability. What a contrast compared to my neighbor lady in Pittsburgh that walked lady1with a smile (at well over the age of 80) a good 3 miles in the sun, rain, or bitter cold, every day, to get to the store and haul her groceries home. She did this for years on end until suddenly, I didn’t see her anymore.

Some people get ill, and make a life style out of it, loving the attention and sympathy and service they get from it, perhaps even if on a sub-conscious level. Or on the other hand, a bought of illness may awaken you to heal, adopt a healthy life style and disseminate rather than deteriorate.

givingSo you can flip it- turn a tragedy into an positive. You can let your life circumstances beat you down, or you can make every challenge you face become a chance to bestow. Weather it be rejection, death or illness, financial or material loss, prison, or war, ‘giving’, in one way or another, has always been a healing solution. 

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