Homeopathy 101

First, lets take a quick review of just what homeopathy is…The substances from which we make homeopathic remedies are obtained from the animal vegetable and mineral kingdoms. A particular substance is greatly diluted and shaken, acting curatively where symptoms correspond to those of the patient. A good example of the principle is, in tropical countries where a person is bitten by a scorpion, local people will crush the insect and apply it to the wound, to achieve a recovery. Homeopathy follows this principle but in a minute and diluted form.

Homeopathic medicines are all thoroughly tested on human beings in ‘provings’ which are double blind trials. Dr. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, was the inventor of this well known testing for medicines, and it is still used today in the pharmaceutical industry.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective, and gently restore the body to health by the power contained within them to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. You can take it by mouth, and I have even heard about healers rubbing them onto the skin when the patient is unconscious, or even sending it over the phone, and I myself have merely held an empty bottle of Arsenicum (made from arsenic), and received relief from an upset stomach. Arsenic is a mineral that in it’s natural state is poisonous to the body, but becomes a great healer when used homeopathically. Holding the bottle that once held the remedy Arsenicum, was enough for me to receive the healing energy it produced.

Don’t know what remedy to take? I myself use my pendulum and pendulumsquizdowse, but if that is outside your comfort zone, by all means consult a professionally trained homeopathic doctor. After a selection is made, you can purchase a 2 dram vial of homeopathic pellets, for under $10, or you could also listen to the tone of the remedy via digital radionics software, providing an endless supply of the remedy. Potentizing your remedy is another way to get it pronto, plentiful,and free. In short, it is a way to transfer the healing energy of the remedy, which is written on piece of paper and then dipped in salt water and placed on a decagon, into a glass of water that is then placed on top in the center of the decagon. I have been potentizing for 2 years now, with spot on results. How do I know this works? brandiAsk my dog Brandi about the numerous remedies that cured her, potentized by myself or by my husband! Where it may take years to become a great surgeon, learn a language proficiently, or a master gymnast , you can potentize a remedy flawlessly, on the very first time, and every time there after. For more on this method read http://www.thependulist.org/2012/10/28/life-changing-stuff/

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