Flu At The Drop Of A Hat

hatcold1I used to be one who got a cold or stomach flu at the drop of a hat, but all that has changed. For the last, almost, 2 years, and spanning 2 cold and flu seasons, I have been on a continuous Sai Sanjeevini broadcast for protection against swine flu, which also covers all manor of cold and flu symptoms. I also make live doses of my Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy which I take consistently many times during a given week, and broadcast it to myself 24/7, as well. My mega remedy addresses other chronic conditions I have such as high blood pressure, frozen shoulders, as well as other prophylactic patterns including cancer and hepatitis. I can honestly say that I have not been sick, nor had a kidney stone attack, in 2 years, and my blood pressure is a cool 119/72. My issues remain structural (sore feet, frozen shoulders, weight) and I know that exercise and diet could change a lot of what I complain about. Still, I have not had a cold or flu in years!!!!!

This is how we do it…

A few days ago my neighbor stopped past for a quick hello.  After a breif visit she went home, and I immediately pulled out my mini paper doctor magnet, which was already set with the ‘prevent cold and flu’ pattern, and Jimmie and I each had a touch. No illness came to either of us.

Yesterday my daughter came over, and when she got here she complained of getting sick as well. First I gave her some of Tom’s super flu, and a winter tonic combination (homeopathic) for her to take home. She spent the day on the couch sleeping, and I ended up taking her home because she really did not feel well. Later in the day I felt a little fear go through me, about possibly getting sick. This signaled Aconite which can ward off a cold when taken at early onset, so I took some cause I myself was not about to get sick. Again I touched ‘prevent cold and flu’, and then proceeded to make a Sai Sanjeevini juice charged with SSC13 combination for cold and flu, the swine flu combination, and my mega remedy and sipped it over the course of a hour or 2.

capricornIt is written in the stars that I, a Capricorn, may start out in life weaker and more sickly, but when I get older, become able to resist disease, and that’s exactly what has happened.


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  1. sunita nahata
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 05:24:11

    thankyou for sharing wonderful information.