Healing And Enhancing With Colors And Gemstones

You all know, I’m not fond of conventional doctors, however a doctor of homeopathy or chiropractics, or any metaphysical practice, that’s a different story.  For me who has structural issues, anything ‘hands on’ is good for me, including massage, reflexology, and chiropractics. Yesterday I went for an adjustment, and my chiropractor asked me about colors and gemstones, as she wanted to give her mother and sister a special gemstone gift, but she wanted to know more about what color represented and as well as the quality of certain gemstones, before making a selection. First, let me say that I cannot think of a better or more original gift- a true gift of love. I’ll explore the quality of colors, and the traits of a few gemstones, to get you started.

First, I want to talk about the healing properties of color. You can use color for healing in these ways;

  • Meditating on the color and visualized the color helping you
  • Wearing the color
  • Using color in the home to stimulate the responses you are trying to achieve
  • Eating foods that are the color you are trying to embrace


Now, the properties of the colors and what they heal;


  •  Red– a very important winter color, as red keeps you warm. If you open the windows and doors of your home from the south direction, it will help to store Red color in sufficient amounts. Red cures wounds quickly, but it is very dangerous color for the insane- it can affect those who are mentally-retarded or under developed, as well as those who are suffer from an inferiority complex. The excess of color red  may cause boils, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Lack of red, on the other hand, can result in cold, cough, fever, mental retardation, urinary problems, insanity , menstrual problems in woman, breathing troubles, or gall stones. A balance of red and orange should prevent this.
  •  Orange– this color increases appetite. It also can cure asthma and other respiratory disorders, as well as cramps, and the tightening of abdomen. A picture of rising sun in the drawing room may provide enough orange. A glass of orange juice should be consumed everyday.
  • Yellow- helps to cure stomach and intestinal problems. If you balance this color properly it can remove constipation and muscle diseases, and helps with balancing the energy of the body. Both obesity or cough problems are cured by yellow rays. Wearing a yellow gemstone on the index finger will balance the affected person. If you are plagued with migraines, paint your bedroom yellow because it cools down the veins in the brain.
  •  Green– this color provides relaxation to brain veins, and removes tensions and mental worries. The lacking of green can cause hysteria,nervous troubles, and other mental diseases.. Green provides excellent color therapy for mental disoriented or insane people. To enhance green, you could try wearing an emerald set in silver, on the little finger. Deficiency of this color might cause deafness and other ear related diseases. Blue is a ‘cool down’ color and good for sleep.
  • Blue- therapy with this color removes madness immediately, as well as relief from hysteria. Blue clothes keep the body cool in summer season. Deficiency can be the cause impotency and low sperm count and other conditions of the private parts including infertility, uterus, or urinary problems, and venereal diseases like syphilis and other sexual problems. A lighter, sky blue works like nectar for diabetic patients, or to avoid any form of hernia, general weakness, drug addiction, early aging.


And here are just a few of the hundreds of gemstones, and their qualities;


  • Emerald – brings understanding, patience, and insight.
  • Topaz – brings strength, courage, and wisdom.
  • Aquamarine – brings beauty, truthfulness, and faithfulness
  • Boji stones – bring life strength, and good moods.
  • Amethyst – bring peace, wisdom and spirituality.

Now, you can select your gift, Dr. Annie.chiro

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  1. mukesh saxena
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 11:16:49

    very good info about gems and stones.