Dr. Sahni- Update

dr sIt’s been a while since I reported my status on healing by Dr Sahni. I have been on several 2 week courses of remedies including Colocynth 30c, Rhus Ven 30c, Sulphur 30c, Lachesis 30, Mezerium 30c, Rhus Tox 30, Pulsatilla 30 and Rhododendron 30c, over the past several months, but my case is just not moving. As a part of my original complaints, I expressed concern about my thyroid, and he asked me if I could get some blood work done, to establish my levels. Instead, I made a thyroid dowsing chart, and both my husband and I dowsed independently, to get some basic levels for T3, T4 and TSH, and we both came up with the same results, and forwarded the information to Dr. Sahni. He did not seemed phased by the unconventional means through which I obtained my thyroid levels, and accepted what I sent. I make my report, because this is how we learn. He is probably making his report about me, as well!!

 Dr. Sahni has tirelessly re-evaluated my case very 2 weeks for months now, but my case is not budging. Prior to consulting him, I had taken a long vacation from natural practitioners. Since being introduced to homeopathy in 1999, I have worked with 4 different homeopathic doctors in Pittsburgh alone, and 2 or 3 others, long distance after them, but not one was able to move my case, address my sore feet, incessant itch on back, frozen shoulders, or the host of other complaints I have had. I either abandoned them, or they abandoned me, one saying (after several unsuccessful attempts to heal me) “You don’t need a doctor, you need a psychiatrist.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 I was due to report to Dr Sahni, in mid- November, but let my communique lapse for 6 weeks, instead of the usual 2, and just got back to him last week again expressing disappointment and lack of benefit from any of the remedies so far. I have been called ‘torpid’ in the past, as far as my ability to heal. And even for one (me) who has many successful healings of others under my belt (in more acute situations), incorporating dowsing and remedy potentization, I have not been able to attack my own chronic conditions.

Now it gets interesting. Dr. Sahni has asked me if I have a radionics device, and is instructing me on remedies to make! This is more exciting to me that anything I can image.

 Here is my latest prescription, which I am to make with water or alcohol;

 Flor De Pedra rate: 614099……………4x Potency

 Soham Rheumatism & Arthritis 889 10…….30c

 Soham kidney  rate: 5678……..200c                                                                              Pl use the remedies together for 4 wks and report back to me.

This I will do, Dr. Sahni.





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  1. Mar
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 05:18:41

    Hola, estos códigos o números de dónde son: Flor De Pedra olvidada: 614099, Qué es flor de pedra olvidada y en que nos ayuda , que nos cura?
    Soham Reumatismo y Artritis 889 10,
    Soham tasa de riñón: 5678,….

    gracias por tu amabilidad y por tu apreciable atención.