Dispelling The Myth About Jani

What genius suggested Jani’s illness is being caused by Munchausens, a disease of the parent, who is secretly making the kid sick.



  Do your homework folks (I did mine), and the shoe does not fit. 


  • The symptoms Jani displays are witnessed by parents and medical staff alike. Her symptoms do not mysteriously disappear when at doctor appointments or during hospitalization.
  • Her symptoms agree with her diagnosis and do not seem bizarre in relation to her condition.
  • There were no unusual chemicals reported in Jani’s system, to account for her ‘condition’.
  • There is also the sibling, Bodhi, displaying similar symptoms, and fitting the same scenario as Jani’s.

So this rules out Munchausens, in my book.

The Schofields are truly an amazing couple dedicated to providing a healthy and loving environment and creating meaningful lives for their 2 special needs kids. I would love to reach out to them, and share my Sai Sanjeevini pattern for schizophrenia, homeopathic suggestions for autism and schizophrenia, and introduce them to chakra balancing and several other natural things they can do to enhance the well-being for both their kids. Susan and Michael- you can call me anytime…phone1

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