A New Healer On Board

confused1I’m confused…How is it, that a homeopathic doctor says he can take a look at my daughter’s foot, but he cannot treat her depression or addiction? And why did the next homeopathic doctor refuse the case because it was complicated and a remedy might ‘stir up some medical issues’ and certainly a medical doctor should be on board. Then there was the homeopathic doctor who suggested my daughter see a psychiatrist first, and then get a ‘referral’. But how can you treat the foot without looking at the mindset, and why would we need a psychiatrist when the right homeopathic doctor or healer prescribing the right remedy can clear any mental/emotional condition, from simple depression to schizophrenia, or clear up the foot- actually, both. But first, we must look at the total picture.

pen1Even though I use a pendulum, Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns, and other natural healing modalities for myself and for my family and pets, clearly I am not able to mange my daughter’s case. Knowing this, we have been desperately seeking a seasoned and superior homeopathic doctor,  who can meet with and talk to Alison, and ‘get the picture’ of her, thus sparking thought of a matching remedy, and probably confirming it through some rubric. But I find there is sai beaka high level of mediocrity out there, both in the allopathic world and amongst natural healers alike. Finding ‘superior’  takes searching, trial, and error- I want  the cream of the crop- everyone else has failed so far, and I contend, no one has selected the right remedy for Alison.

Today we celebrate new beginnings by adding Dr. Asa Hersh to the case. He is a naturaopathic and homeopathic doctor, and apparently, much much more, because he will deal with the whole Alison, not just the physical. Using the interview process and bio-energy testing ( and whatever else) he looks at the astrological obstacles, karma, birth trauma, entities, and emotional toxins.  He also does chiropractics and energy work.

As we know, it takes a willing patient, as well as the right healer, and the right remedy at the right time, to procure wellness.  Like pieces of a puzzle, it all has to mesh, or the outcome will be less than desired. Perhaps this time, we have found the right fit…puzzle






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  1. Yardley
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 23:20:51

    Hi I’m looking for a good homeopath in the la area. I’m curious how did it go with dr hersh?
    Thx :)

    • The Pendulist
      Sep 11, 2014 @ 23:43:59

      Asa Hersh is a gem of a find. Smart and intuitive. Unfortunately my daughter did not stick with the program.