Accepting The Challange

Seems like it was kind of a lonely life for Susan Schofield and her husband when they first started dealing with their daughter, Jani, who suffered from childhood schizophrenia, followed close behind by brother Bodhi, autistic at the very least. Looks as if, as time when by, they developed a network of doctors, support, and even reached out to socialize at get togethers with families like theirs, providing a feeling of normalcy for all involved- (no one feels different when the whole room of kids are on mega doses of lithium, and all the parents bravely smile knowing their plight is not alone).

partyIn 12 step drug and alcohol ‘recovery’, we do not celebrate the addiction of our children- and truly I do not know how deep the Al Anon community goes, because I am not a part of it. I do not wish to be any part of it, for that matter. I’m not trying to immerse myself in this life, or socializing with parents who have addict kids, hear their stories, or witness their tears. That helps me not, nor them, however I am always at your service to answer any questions that could heal you or sooth your situation- parents or addicts alike- I love you all.

We, who hung in with our addict kids no matter how old they grew or bad they were, no matter what they did ( to us as well as others), and no matter how many times we fixed and rescued, bailed out of jail, or picked up after being kicked out of rehab, we are the rogues. By now our families are sick of us too (along with our addict kids), friends have dropped off, our jobs may have been jeopardized- they are sick of us at work, too. The money runs thin and the task seems overwhelming. Why we continue to accept the challenge, and what love powers us, I cannot say.

For those struggling with addiction, try these things to ease your pain and yearning;

amberSai Sanjeevini– Combine combination #1 and #60, along with combination #40 for addiction, and patterns # 2, and 151-154, by making a sample of sugar pellets in an amber bottle, and using that on the transfer chart to make your daily addiction remedy.  Charge up your water or morning coffee- sis copiously all day long.



Homeopathy- Avina sativa has long been known to quell cravings for opiates and Aconite can be used to ease the symptoms of withdrawing, just for starters.



Radionics– Solicit the universe by broadcasting your intentions via digital radionics software, or by using a radionics chart or a decagon.


gemsGemstones– All gems have different qualities. Choose a gemstone that has particular traits you may be looking for, and carry the stone in your pocket, taking it out to handle, from time to time.  You may see yourself absorbing some of these qualities or traits.


pen2Dowse– Ask your pendulum to guide you toward the best healing modality for your addict loved one, be it sound or color therapy, chakra balancing, a homeopathic selection, or whatever.


prayerPrayer and Gratitude– Thank God and be grateful.  Need I say more?

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