Looking For A Therapist?

psycI’m not usually a big fan of psycho therapy, but I do see it’s value under certain circumstances, with a quality therapist (I’ll get into that later), and in conjunction with other things, depending. I have been helping a family that reached out to me, find just the right therapist for their needs.

It can be a hunt, and hard to know where to start. Hey look, it often takes me visiting 2 or 3 doctors, lawyers or whatevers (or more), to find the right fit- the par excellence! First, credentials. Many people chose their doctors and lawyers and other professionals based on what school they went to, or what degree the practitioner received. Let me tell you this, ‘that is not the bottom line’. When a doctor friend of mine asked me “What do they call the man who finishes last in medical school?” and I didn’t know, he said “Doctor”. Then I understood. Titles and degrees are nice to have, and do validate a certain level of knowledge, but this tells us nothing about the person. These days we can usually go to a website or facebook or linkedin, to get a pretty good snapshot of the individual. Make sure you’ve got the right category…do you want a conservative med giving old school guy, or a spiritual or holistic therapist who uses a variety of modalities? Make a list of names and numbers that seem to meet the criteria you have. The family I am helping is looking for someone with traditional training, that uses a holistic approach. Not having any personal referrals, I took to the internet and found many holistic psychologists and spiritual psychologists, and we made a list of possibilities, based on our criteria, and also, location.

phoneThe last step is making the call and feeling the therapist, or not. You know right away if there is chemistry or not. Go with your gut on this. Cross off all the ones that don’t measure up after talking to them. You may stumble upon a ‘find’ and decide this is it. Then, so be it.

I, personally, would take this one step further and dowse for the best therapist on the list.  Write out the names of the therapists you are choosing from, in a numbered list.               Ask you pendulum “Show me the number of the therapist that will most benefit me and my family”.  Pendulum points to number 3. Verify the number. “Are you showing me number 3?” Yes. “Are you showing me Dr. Bren?”



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