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DECradionics using tinctures- You can send a tincture just like you can send a remedy, a vitamin, or an intention, using radionics charts, a decagon, or radionics software.


grapesnatural remedies for alcoholism – here is information on the grape diet, and some other wonderful natural remedies for alcoholism


sai aussanjeevini card to remove poverty – combine combinations 1 (supreme strength and peace) and 60 (protection divine values) to start all cases. Then you can add 244 (auspiciousness), and 230 (poverty).



can oil pulling straighten teeth- Yes- I swish every day and can say my teeth are straighter and whiter, too.

thuja oil and vaccines – thuja has always been considered the number one homeopathic remedy to take after being vaccinated. I don’t know about thuja oil though.

jani schofield munchausen by proxy –What genius suggested Jani’s illness is being caused by Munchausens, a disease of the parent, who is secretly making the kid sick. Do your homework folks (I did mine), and the shoe does not fit.

  • The symptoms Jani displays are witnessed by parents and medical staff alike. Her symptoms do not mysteriously disappear when at doctor appointments or during hospitalization.
  • Her symptoms agree with her diagnosis and do not seem bizarre in relation to her condition.
  • There were no unusual chemicals reported in Jani’s system, to account for her ‘condition’.
  • There is also the sibling, Bodhi, displaying similar symptoms, and fitting the same scenario as Jani’s.

So this rules out Munchausens, in my book.

needlesheroin 3 day rule-The 3 day heroin rule says never use for more than 3 days in a row, to avoid addiction, but that has been updated to an even surer method of not being sick and not getting addicted called the 8/72 rule- you can use up to 8 hours in any 72 hour period. This translates into using just twice a week (for 8 hours each time) so if you keep your dose reasonably low, you will never get sick and should have a high level of function ability. And yes, the 8/72 rule works, if you can stick to the program.

drdoctor commits murder- Folks, this happens all too often, and you can read about several examples,, but just for a preview, Kermit Gosnell, 72, a ‘doctor’ (if I must) killed babies and endangered women. He regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.

jupplanetary hour for luck –The hour of Jupitor will increase what you ask for in large measure (be careful what you ask for) and rules good luck, gambling, speculation, mercy, and  long distance travel.



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  1. Gesi
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 00:37:44

    For Info Only
    Could be exploited sometimes.
    32 mnts video

    Pendulum dowsing by Dr. Gokhale

    The battery demonstration is fantastic.

    I learned more today in 32 minutes than I have all the years I have been a dowser.