Natural Protocol For Brodie’s Abscess

toothacheIt has finally come to light what’s been causing  discomfort in my teeth and jaw area, and preventing my 3 piece lower back bridge, from staying on. Over 10 years ago I had root canals in the 2 outside teeth, of the 3 teeth involved, and the center tooth of the 3 had been previously shattered eating a Jolly Rancher, and had a one piece post and tooth set, which was later rejected by my mouth. Then came the 3 piece bridge, but about 2 years ago it loosened came off, and several attempts to keep it well secured and functional, failed, and I also felt a tenderness in my jaw, of which xrays showed nothing. This year, I have actually been walking around with loose bridge work. Finally about 2 weeks ago, the whole assembly, including some screw that had been installed in the root of the rear tooth, came out, followed by a severely infected area, probably from the metal screw ripping out, and I can actually see bubble like abscesses around and on the side of the tooth area, and the tenderness in the jaw is much worse. When I went to my digital radionics tones, to listen to ‘abscess’, I discovered a tone called ‘Brodie’s abscess’, looked it up, and the picture of my condition became clear. I have had an abscess festering in my jaw since the root canal 10 years ago accounting for years of problems keeping bridge work in my mouth, and God knows what other health problems I have. This type of abscess can settle in any boney area of the body, often found in the femur bone, and is very difficult to heal.

Here is the protocol I put together based on, experience, research, and professional advise.

  • Homeopathic Silcea and Hepar Sulf to push out the puss, and Hecla Lava (which is made from the lava of Mt St Helens, and when you think of the action of a volcano, that is exactly what I am trying to achieve).
  • Calendula tincture mixed with a little water used as a mouthwash- hold it in the mouth for a few minutes. It is most extraordinary and can heal GANGRENE!
  • Lauricidin- It’s a natural antibiotic made from coconut milk. I hear it kills everything!
  • Oregano oil- anti bacterial and anti viral- I paint it right on the affected areas, and also take a few drops in juice daily.
  • Enzymes- this is quite important to break through the biofilm and slime, and let the bacteria out. Interfase makes a good one.
  • Radionic tone for Brodie’s abscess- If you have the digital radionics software you can listen to this tone daily, until abscess is completely gone. This could take months, so hunker down.

Having dowsed to determine if there is any rotten tooth matter that would need to be removed, and thankfully receiving a ‘NO’,  I have the confidence to continue my program, and will keep you posted on any changes, good or bad.good or badAnd as always, your comments are invited.


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  1. Michelle
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 00:55:01

    I stumbled upon your website a few weeks ago. I am glad to see that there is someone else out there who believes in alternatives rather than the standards for health care. You’ve opened my eyes to some new things…thanks! I’d like to say that I use oregano tincture for just about everything that needs healed. I even had a spot on my leg, a kind of small hole, that I treated with oregano tincture and healed it really well. I recently found out it was MRSA! When you pull oil, add some oregano oil to that too. Can’t hurt. I wish you well.

    • The Pendulist
      Mar 23, 2014 @ 02:51:20

      thanks for the confirmation about oregano tincture healing MRSA. Adding it to cold pressed oil for swishing makes sense. Wish you well, too