Natural Health Questions And Answers, A La Madeleine

It’s amazing how many people are looking up information, and trying their hands at self healing. Of course there is so much we can all do on our own, to cover a multitude of conditions. Let’s explore a few different situations, and possible cures, based on your questions, of course…quest

using Ferrum phos. after knee surgery – Excellent choice. It is good for reducing inflammation in the early stages, and recommended for incision type wounds, soft tissue wounds and may reduce the chance of soreness or redness after any surgery. It can also be used 2 days prior to surgery to prevent infection and hemorrhaging,

aconite for cats – Oh yes, for shock, traveling, thunderstorms, trauma, and more. For details read:

kidneys oil pulling- Swishing cold pressed sesame oil in your month (for 15 minutes, on an empty stomach) will benefit the kidney. Oil is a draw and removes toxins from the mouth and stomach and has many other health benefits and should be done daily, regardless of any kidney issues or not. Dispose of spit carefully- it is highly toxic.

red flags of relapse- Bad complexion, rough raspy voice, red face, and the infamous nod, not to mention theft, lies, unreliability, car accidents, loss of job…

scapegoating family- You have one too? Where there is a scapegoat, there is most often a narcissist behind the scenes. Here are some ways to break free;

Vithoulkas, damaged medulla- Here are some dramatic homeopathic healings by Professor George Vithoulkas, of the International Academy of Homeopathy. Must reading, and simply amazing.

heroin three days- The 3 day heroin rule allows you to use one day, then take 3 days off, and claims you won’t get sick using this formula. The 8/72 formula seems to be the more popular choice these days, that is, use for 8 hours, then abstain for 72 hours, then you can go at it again. Great method, if only they could follow it.heroin

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