Gemstones For Night Terrors

doctorA doctor friend of mine recently asked my opinion about a good gemstone to use for a patient with night terrors. The plan was to make a selection, and then have the patient sleep with the gemstone under his pillow. We did some research…for those who suffer from night terrors, make sure you are not taking any medications that have the possible side effects of night terrors, and if so, get rid of them!

Factors that might contribute to night terrors are illness, stress, troubled relationships, traumatic experiences, emotional difficulties, or entities. Night terrors usually occur within the first hour or 2 of sleep.

It was suggested that aquamarine and lepidolite’s energies are calming and very soothing. Another agatepick is aragonite which helps as a stress reliever and taking you to a deeper level of sleep. I also read, more than once, that the blue lace agate is a wonderful healing stone specifically for insomnia, night terrors or bad dreams.

rescueFYI- I just read where Bach Flower’s rescue remedy has been used successfully for night terrors. I think I’ll let the good doctor know…


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