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I have been concerned about a bad root canal that had clearly become abscessed (one of 2 roottoothache canaled teeth on bottom). At first I thought the situation only involved tooth #18, my last back bottom molar on the left side, but 2 weeks into my treatment plan, abscesses popped out all along my top left gum line along the side of my mouth, as well. I thought, last week, that I was getting the situation under control with my protocol;

radionic tone for Brodie’s abscess

homepathic remedies, Silcea, Hepar Sulph, Hekla Lava (to draw the pus)

goldenseal, calendulla, and oregeno oil tinctures (as natural anti biotics)

Interfase enzymes to clear bilofilms (which surround and protect the bacteria)

MMS- kills everything!

pen3but Jimmie dowsed and told me my situation was severe and that I needed to go to the dentist. “No I don’t, said I. I’m much better.” 2 days later my bottom tooth took a turn for the worse, appeared to be highly infected and was unbearably sore- I clearly needed the dentist as predicted by Jimmie’s pendulum, so I went. My dentist delivered the bad news- the hollowed tooth roots on tooth #18 were rotten and had to go…this meant surgery. I consulted with a homeopathic doctor I respect, and he concurred that the bottom rotten tooth had to be extracted, but the top infected teeth, had hope for survival and I would continue my protocol to try to clear the abscesses in the top teeth, but this could take months, even years some say.

dentist1Dr Yokoyama and his nurse spoke back and forth as they began the extraction. “It may break off” he told her, leaving me with an image of the dentist having to dig the damn thing out. I immediately thought about my husband asking mother earth to open for him as he dug O’Shay’s grave, and she did. So I asked my tooth to release, to let go, to allow Dr Yokoyama to pull it out. “It’s wiggling” said the nurse, “Got it” said the dentist.

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