Find The Right Drug And Alcohol Rehab

For the mom of a chronic relapser, it is always hard to find the right facility to send your kid to, weather or not your kid is under age or an adult, as mine is.

In the past I have relied on;

  • word of mouth
  • insurance provider lists
  • county assistance lists
  • internet searches
  • referrals from Jewish Family Services

And at the end of the day we come up with a majority calling themselves ’12-step based.’ Pricey or modest, punitive or luxury, it matters not. Some programs call themselves holistic by adding Yoga once a week, or because they use neuro-feedback along with traditional therapy. Some use the work hard/up early/no make up approach (could never understand that one- I, for one, like to be well groomed, and going without make-up does not make me humble).

I am a harm reductionist, but no facility that I could find bills themselves as such. The pickin’s are slim for the poor, and only a little better for those who can afford health insurance, because the plans are limited and full of loopholes.

Karma must be with me, or should I say, with Alison. An  Sifu who runs a program in Southern California is taking my daughter in, bringing a new dimension to her ‘recovery’. Will she make the inner connect needed to finally get over the hurdle? This is still the unknown but I can tell you this, when I dowsed and asked if she would benefit from his program, my pendulum said “YES”.pen2I’d be happy to make a recommendation. Leave me a comment and I will reply.

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