Keeping Up My Dowsing Skills


Lately, I’ve been more ‘writing’ about it, than ‘being’ about it. That has got to change. Dowsing is a practice that should be practiced!


I made a dowsing chart from a blank wheel today to help me make a decision about the dental work I need. Although I am not one for mainstream medicine- especially over prescribed antibiotics, dental work is mostly drill out, pull out, and cosmetic repair. But in my case I have an abscess in the bone at the tip of the root of a tooth that had been previously canaled and now is acting up. My choices are, re-treat and re-pack the tooth, pull out the whole thing, or go along as I have been, with the tinctures, radionic tones, and homeopathy I have been using, and possibly adding antibiotics, to see if we can knock out the infection.

The dowsing wheel I made has 3 catagories


root canal

pull tooth

So I dowsed for the best approach to fixing my tooth, and my pendulum showed me antibiotics. I normally reject antibiotics, but in this case because I am taking the enzymes that cut through the biofilm, there is a chance they might work.

When Jimmie comes back from grocery shopping, I will balance my provisions using my pendulum.groceries I previously installed the program for balancing, and now my pendulum knows just what to do. We can even take any leftovers and dowse to see if they are still fresh to eat. Ask if the food is edible, and how fresh it is on a scale from one 1-10. You will readily know if you wish to eat it our not.

I had another reason to dowse again later in the day, regarding some important emails that had to go out. I had 2 drafts and could not decide on which had more impact. I dowsed, and then made my selection. Too late now if my higher self was wrong…I already pressed the ‘send’ button!send-message-14538496


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  1. Hélène
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 14:01:05

    Could you explain please what you mean with `I normally reject antibiotics, but in this case because I am taking the enzymes that cut through the biofilm, there is a chance they might work.`

    I understand how you feel. Three years ago I had a tooth (in the back of my mouth) pulled after trying to heal the infection for at least six years. It did not cause any pain because I had a fistula from the rootcanalinfection in my gums, so it could get out. It was quit frustrating for me to finally have to give up after trying homeopathy etc. and trying to get to the emotions behind the infection. Especcially the more I read and learn about selfhealiing with your mind, affirmations, releasing emotions which manifest as a disease or problem in your body, the more convinced I got that I had to be able to heal it. But then a medium said that it was time to let the tooth get extracted for it was old and done.
    I really hope you can save your tooth and show me another scenario.
    (I hope you can clarify about the enzymes because I still have three more rootcanalteeth in my mouth and just in case they are going to give problems some day)

  2. The Pendulist
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 14:46:58

    Biofilm is a slime that pathogens surround themselves with for protection and to attach to other things and you can read more about it here:…/biofilm.htm‎

    If we can cut through the biofilm we have a change to get to the bacteria and kill it. I usually reject antibiotics because they are over prescribed and used in many cases where they should not be. Natural antibiotics are found in goldenseal, oregano, and calandulla tinctures.

  3. Hélène
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 22:01:21

    Which enzymes are you taking?