Helping The Families Of Addicts

journeyThe journey of parents and families of addicts is often underestimated, and the damage report minimized, but I know the real. PTSD, depression, chronic anxiety, inability to work, loss of zest for life, rejection by other family members, weight loss or weight gain, and insomnia are some of the many ways folks are effected by on-going devastating life events, and having a addict in your family is both ‘devastating’ and ‘on-going’.

My daughter has been on the circuit…from the dregs of rehab county facilities, to the plushy plush luxury mansions, but it mattered not. One way or another, within a few months (or less) she was drawn to the calling of heroin and could not ignore the sound. It has taken it’s toll on her, and on us.

How can we overcome the damage?

givingGiving and being grateful – These are 2 things that will always carry you through. We don’t live off the garbage heap, nor do we languish in prison or the hospital…we are fortunate!!! Talk to the next homeless person you see, and show him dignity. That is a beautiful way to give. Fold a dollar with a nice message written on it and leave it for a poor person to find (‘may health, wealth, and happiness find you’)…that is an anonymous way to give, which is the highest form. The giving and being grateful boosts you to a higher place, and motivates you to keep on ‘keeping on’.

sai6Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns– Make daily water by combining dozens of patterns such as forgiveness, thought management, anxiety, blood pressure high.


homeopathicIgnatia– The classic grief remedy (homeopathic), commonly used in cases where there is a death or a traumatic divorce or loss. I use this remedy when I can’t sleep, or have become very upset.  Also, Nat Mur– Another great homeopathic remedy, for repeated disappointments. If you are the mom or dad of an addict you will surely have had repeated disappointments. You will know if you need this  remedy for it or not.

bachBach flowers– Bach flower remedies are preparations of flowers of plants used in a system of complementary medicine intended to relieve ill health by influencing underlying emotional states. There are 38 different remedies, and one called Rescue Remedy which is a combination and can be used for any trauma. It is best to read about the different qualities of each remedy, and choose the one, or ones (you can take several at a time) that match you the best.

colors  1Color– The colors around us influences us greatly and you can set your stage with the color that enhances your health and emotional self. You may dowse for your healing color, or you may look up your astrological color (mine is dark blue or dark brown). Then dress yourself in the color you choose, or place nice sunflowers out, if say, your color is yellow, or you can write the color on a small slip of paper, and put it in your pocket.

How do we know when an addict is ‘healed’? Not in the moment- it will be somewhere out in the future when it will dawn on you “Gee, Alison hasn’t had a relapse in, oh, I don’t even know how long!- and she’s been at the same job now for almost a year…wow, something must have changed.”

change1Send me a private email at ‘contact us’ and I will help you in any way I can. Or leave a comment.  Your feedback is always welcome.


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  1. Jenna
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 14:56:21

    thank you for all your amazing articles- I never miss your posts

  2. Rodger
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 15:05:51

    Your daughter sounds like my daughter- I wish I had your insight and understanding- I usually just have a melt down