What’s New In Addiction Treatment?


People ask me, “What’s on the cutting edge of addiction treatment?” “Not much”, I say.


neuro feedback“But what about neuro feedback?” The doctors and facilities that use this neurotechnique will swear by it and boast great success, but another doctor friend of mine tells me you can see the change in the brain, but it doesn’t seem to translate into life. Hmmmmmm… you can see a change in the brain on the computer monitor, but, so what? I am yet to see the testimonials from addicts who enjoyed many years of recovery due to this therapy. There is just no magic cure. So much for neuro feedback.

The fact of the matter is, it is treatment as usual, with lots of talk therapy employing techniques such as mindfulness and cognitive therapy. Then we have medication replacement (suboxone or methadone) and possibly other psych meds, processing groups, and AA style meetings, all under the umbrella of a 12 step philosophy. Nothing really new.

Now here’s the model for a new kind of rehab…check it out;

  • We would teach harm reduction and non-risky behaviors.
  • Clients would not be expelled from the program if they should happen to have a slip (that is, displaying a symptom of the very condition they suffer from!)
  • Cross addiction will be avoided or minimized.
  • Astrology and numerology will be used as assessment tools.
  • All therapist will also be trained in homeopathy and prescribe accordingly.
  • Other professionals on the team include practitioners in yoga and reflexology.
  • Metaphysical training will be introduced- dowsing, energy signature patterns, sacred geometry- clients will learn to solicit and respect the universe.
  • Gratitude sharing will be a weekly event- focusing on the gifts of life helps one to gain a sense of well being.

Oh, and BTW,

never announce to a group that you are an addict-

as you say you are, is as you will be.

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  1. Vakharia B D
    May 06, 2014 @ 11:11:43


    This particular video is in Hindi, Ask some person Knowing Hindi to explain it to you. If you cannot I will try my level best to send you the summary of this video

    • The Pendulist
      May 06, 2014 @ 15:15:40

      I do not speak or read Hindi, but thank you for sharing it- how can I receive a translation? Madeleine