Too Extreme?

moderationI like to think of myself as a person of moderation, but then that may not be entirely true, as there are 2 of me (and of all of us)- the person I want others to see, and the real me. Johari windows, created to help people understand more about themselves and others, gave me a little truth and a clearer perspective about myself.  I preach moderation, but maybe I am more of an extremist than I thought.

That’s not me, but it’s someone extreme!

            Lets see;

• I’d like to revamp the entire medical system including stripping the AMA’s power, and incorporating all of the healing arts into mainstream medicine on a ‘donations only’ basis.

• I’d also like to revamp the schools to teach kindness, dowsing, and astrology, amongst many other things

• I  most certainly would like to divide up the wealth of the 2% and pass it out to the other 98

• And, I’d like to see the world running on love instead of greed

“The extremist makes us feel uncomfortable because he makes hypocrites of us all- if we all acted on what we believed in, we’d all be extremists…”                                           Yanki Tauber

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