Chem Trail Madness

chemWe have known for decades that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. We took the lead out of gasoline, accordingly, the lead proving far more harmful than originally expected. But the devastating effects on society due to leaded gasoline from crime to health, is entirely another story- today we are talking about the metals spewed in to the air via jet engines. It is a well know conspiracy theory that claims the government is conducting top-secret chemical testing in our skies. Why? It is speculated anything from:

  • mind control, to
  • weather control, to
  • dumping untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the purported purpose of fighting global warming (a Bill Gates backed project), and
  • poisoning the public (which is happening inadvertently regardless of the motive)...take your pick.

I, personally, think it is any one of the the above, or all. But the spraying of our skies with sulfate particles will destroy the planet far faster than ‘global warming’ ever will. These particles are toxic and hazardous to both respiratory health in humans and animals, as well as to water, soil, and other delicate environmental resources.

touchThankfully, we have paper doctor patterns by Don Gerrard, which we discovered a few years ago. This is a complete system of healing, with a pattern for every disease or condition you can think of from panic attacks, to headaches, to stress, to sports injuries. I also am lucky to have the Paper Doctor PDF of his complete book listing all the patterns, how to select a pattern, and all the ins and outs of using the system. It is very expensive to buy, that is, if you can find it.

Here is how it works…Every geometric pattern is derived from a natural substance with a well documented healing property and represents the energy signature of the remedy. Driven by a magnet placed beneath the pattern, simply choose the correct pattern and touch for 2 minutes. A great way to start any case is with the paper doctor pattern called ‘stimulate your healing’. But in the case of chem trails, we use the pattern called ‘environmental toxicity’, and I actually carry  a reduced size pattern and mini magnet in my healing pouch, with me everywhere. You can read more about that… and

You might be at an outdoor cafe, dog walking, in the park, or at a farmer’s market and look up and see chem trails. You know that poison has just rained on you, so you reach for your mini pattern and start touching. Don’t feel like an odd ball- no one ever notices- they don’t recognize it therefore they don’t see it!blind








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