Healing Gemstones

gems1The meaning behind healing stones have been gathered throughout the centuries. In ancient times these stones were used for quite a few different purposes such as dyes. Some ancient textiles have been found to be colored using common crystals, While some crystals were ground and painted on the skin for religious or shamanic ceremonies.

Who connected the dots between gemstones and healing? No one really knows… Perhaps they found that their health improved after having some of these stones in their presence for long periods of time. The healing stone meanings evolved over time. As time went on, healing stones were then commonly grouped according to peoples month of birth.

Here are 10 well know gemstones and their qualities. After choosing the qualities you are trying to gain, wear the gemstone as jewelry, or place the stone in your pocket, or under your pillow at night!

Rose Quartz

Rose QuartzThe Rose quartz is called the heart healer, and has a gentle energy. It heals physical and emotional ailments of the heart.


(c) 13 MoonsFluorite come in many colors, and is known to guard against receiving negativity or negative energies nearby. It is said that the stone actually absorbs any negativity, keeping it at bay. Cleaning the stone with salt water often, clears any negativity the stone has absorbed.


Lapis is a personal favorite of mine, because my husbands marriage ring is made of Lapis and silver. The Egyptian energy of the Lapis stone can unlock mysteries as it helps you move through confusion and emotional blocks, thus finding the root of your problems.


(c) 13 MoonsThe silver and gray metallic hematite is called the grounding stone. It can aid those who tend to avoid worldly tasks and events by out-of-body flight.


(c) 13 MoonsJade teaches acceptance and has a calming and serene energy, helping one become less critical of themselves and others.


(c) 13 MoonsThe sober stone. The amethyst helps a person tune into a higher awareness and higher knowledge.


(c) TurquoiseTurquoise is a stone through which we can learn spiritual lessons, using meditation and or dream visions.


(c) 13 MoonsKyanite is best worn near the throat chakra. It’s blue crystal helps facilitate channeling and will open your communications centers to enable you to contact your spirit guides and angels. It is probably best known for its properties which balance and align the chakras. This is one stone that does not have to to be cleansed because it clears itself automatically of negative energies.


(c) 13 MoonsAl the varieties of this stone are good for their grounding and protective agents. Surrender or let go of negative habits under the influence of this stone… it will bring about the opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity.


(c) 13 MoonsThis beautiful yellow stone can help you manifest your goals, keeps you cheerful, and attracts abundance and personal power.


Not sure which stone is best for you? You can always create your own dowsing wheel with these 10 stones using a blank dowsing chart and writing in the names of the various gemstones. Then dowse for the stone which will benefit you the most.  pen2

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