Fun With Numerology

In interpreting the writings of Michael Brill from his book Numerology for Decoding Behavior, numbereverything in our universe vibrates in such a way that it can be mathematically measured. Whatever exists can be represented by a number. The most significant number to each of us is our birth number. It is something we cannot change, and I shall virbrate 8 until the day I die, as I was born on the 17th, which reduces to 8. Anyone born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of the month is an 8.

What does 8 represent? Issues involving money, power, control, and status. On the positive side, the 8 qualities include;

  • initiates/delegates/orchestrates
  • logical
  • likes to be in charge
  • natural leader
  • makes it happen
  • walks the talk
  • good at business or politics, or leading organizations
  • looks good in any attire
  • possesses knowledge, wisdom, and expertise

or the negative side, however, the 8 can go something like this;

  • easily frustrated and temperamental
  • extravagant/cheap
  • dictatorial, stubborn, materialistic
  • demands recognition, mean, bully
  • fearful of using personal power and fear of success
  • can be disloyal if feels slighted or ignored
  • whatever money comes is always needed for higher than expected expenses
  • may tend to avoid business or commerce but complain about lack of money

You can look at anything that reduces to an 8 and see these qualities, which remember, are issues involving money, power, control, and status. For fun, we reduce the addresses we see to try to discover if the qualities match up to the type of business. We have noticed that the addresses of banks often reduce to an 8.

Another way Mr. Brill teaches us to use this system of numerology is to reduce the name of any country in the world (using a vowel consonant formula), into a number from 1 to 9, giving you a snapshot of the country’s behavior patterns based on the different qualities of the different numbers. See if the energy of that region matches up to yours, and definitely check if out if you are planning to move.

And by the way, if your birth number is an 8 (called children of fate), unlike other numbers,  it is said that you should avoid  the number for important matters, be it a date on the 8th, or an address . But if you are an 8, and are hell bent on buying a home whose address reduces to 8, you may add a number to the address string to change the energy.change energy

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