Heroin Babies

Because I often write about addiction and also post articles on various addiction sites on babyFacebook, many people contact me for information or support concerning drugs, addiction, and healing. A recent topic that has come up is about heroin addicts  getting pregnant. This is new uncharted territory for me, so I did my homework.

The problem that occurs when using heroin during pregnancy is that the baby also becomes addicted. Heroin goes directly into the placenta which is where the fetus gets its nutrition from. The baby has no chose but to ingest the drug and most definitely feel all the affects of the drug just as the mother does. When the baby is born, it goes through withdrawal, or may even experience withdrawal symptoms while still a fetus.

Babies who are born to heroin addicts are likely to have low birth weight and a small head circumference caused by poor fetal growth. Some of the possible long term problems with these babies are learning disabilities, behavior problems and anti-social behavior. On the front end of things, we see heroin use at the root of premature birth, miscarriage, and low blood sugar and even hemorrhaging in the baby.

The first response I see to be  from the pregnant addict is the fear of having their child taken, if they disclose the heroin use to professionals. I feel you Mommy… I would be afraid that some right-wing self-righteous jerk in the guise of a do-good-er, might try such a thing. But on the flip side it is imperative that you find someone whose knowledge you respect and who you trust to confide in. Someone who can guide you to a protocol that is best for the health of the baby. Never quit cold turkey when pregnant. It could shock or kill the baby.

I have no idea what the conventional allopathic protocol for safely detoxing a fetus or newborn is, but I strongly encourage a medically supervised program (which does not preclude using holistic practitioners), and additionally,  here are some of the natural things I might recommend, if the expecting mom were my daughter;

sai schioSai Sanjeevini– go to www.saisanjeevini.org, learn this easy system and download all the prayer patterns …everything from addiction, to shock, to Hepatitis, and other amazing patterns such as forgiveness, right conduct, determination, and faith.  Charge your morning coffee or water supply, or charge up a piece of paper and put it in your pocket, or inside your pillowcase for a continuous dose of remedy all night.

Homeopathy– The right homeopathic remedy can help ease withdrawal symptoms (and reduce homeopathiccravings)  and if what mom takes gets to baby, then baby will get dosed with Aconite, Nux vomica, Avina Sativa, or whatever other remedy is selected.  You may dowse for the most beneficial remedy or remedies, or if you do not dowse,consult a trained homeopathic doctor.

reflexReflexology– This practice of foot massage is actually therapeutic, and pulls toxins from the body through the feet.


Chakra balancing– This is something that I would do as a pregnant mother, chakraweather an addict or not! Ruggerio at www.biolifestyles.org has a chart you can put a witness on, and balance the chakras, or you can use your pendulum to show you the condition of each chakra (over active, under active, or in balance) of either your self or someone else, and then balance as needed.

If you want to keep sterile hospitals, germs like the MRSA virus, surgery happy doctors, and Big Pharma out of childbirth, try having your baby at home in bed or in the bath tub by a midwife,or if you are a little more cautious, at a birthing center.

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