Madeleine’s Protocol For Knee Replacement Surgery

My sister is having knee replacement surgery, so I did some research and put together knee-e1345600858164a protocol- one she can follow in addition to any she is on.

homeopathic First be aware that homeopathic remedies pose a significant advantage over most over-the-counter and prescription medications in the treatment of knee injuries and pain, including knee replacement surgery. The knee is notorious in healing at a drawn-out pace. Steroid injections and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, while potent in suppressing inflammation and pain, are known to greatly hinder cartilage and joint connective tissue repair. These drugs ultimately cause weakening of the joints and a higher likelihood of subsequent injury and arthritic changes. So stay away from steroids, and try this;

  •  Use Ferrum phos. before and after knee surgery. Take the 30c dose 3 times a day for 2 days before and and 3 days after surgery for reducing inflammation as well as the chance of soreness or redness after surgery. It is a remedy recommended for incision type wounds and soft tissue wounds. I recently took it 2 days before dental surgery (and after along with Arnica), and the doctor reported hardly any blood during surgery, and I also had an speedy and successful recovery.
  • The use of calcium and magnesium at this time will be very beneficial. Liquid is suggested for the fastest and deepest delivery.
  • Arnica montana is a number one remedy for pain. It is touted as a remedy that can reduce soreness, bruising, and inflamation.  Take at the 30c dose. 
  • Add biochemic salts also known as Schuessler Salts, to your water cooler during your recovery. These ’tissue’ salts are a homeopathic supplement excellent for the restoration of tissue, and will greatly aid in your recovery from any illness or convalescence. Don’t worry, they are good for the whole family and really should be a part of everyone’s daily best health practices.
  • I highly recommend making a mega remedy of Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns to include (but not limited to) pain, inflammation, shock, swelling, bleeding, and knee. Charge up your morning coffee or tea, or charge up a piece of paper to place inside your pillowcase for a continuous flow of remedy as you sleep.

passiveAlso note that the former post-operative standard of care was to use a continuous passive motion machine, during which a patient’s knee would be moved for them by a machine. Research, however, demonstrated that this technique actually increased the amount of pain and slowed recovery. Patients now participate in active physical therapy as soon as possible. Make sure your doctor and treatment team practice the latest techniques.

 BTW- If you cannot connect your ailing knees with a specific injury, then consider this-  Knees are related to issues of moving forward in life – making that next step. Ongoing knee problems with no apparent origin might indicate feeling ‘stuck’.stuck

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