Using My Metaphysical Tools

After 4 years, it is time for Jimmie and I to move on to a new home, away from the urban Los Angeles setting we had been in. Truthfully, apartment living leaves a lot to be desired, and we can get 3 times more for our money by moving out of the city.

A one bedroom apartment in Hollywood is equal to a mortgage payment on a modest home in Pittsburgh, or rent in an even a nicer home in Lake Elsinore California, which is what we have settled on.

lake elsinoreI have been searching up and down the California coastline, and inland too (which Lake Elsinore is), for just the right combination of what we what, and what we don’t what, that is affordable, and close enough to Los Angeles to keep tabs on Mom and Alison, and this place fills the bill in the areas of beauty, sparseness, consciousness, and budget.

We did the numerology on Lake Elsinore and it comes up to be a 9, which is selflessness, Numerology_and_Birth_Numbers.31845546_stdunconditional love, compassion and brotherhood, and working to raise the level of self awareness on the planet, and trust me, there is not a piece of litter to be found in the town, around the lake, or anywhere in the vicinity. The address of the house resolves to 4 indicating organized, architect, dependable and practical- just what I want a house to be. Couldn’t be more perfect for me, as I am an8, a multiple of 4. The house has been fully cleared with both prayer and pendulum. We are making a remedy from the lake water, titrated at a 1/99 ratio, as a sort of a vaccine.

pen2I would never choose a new place to live without dowsing thoroughly first. If you are considering a move from your present community you can use a blank dowsing chart, fill in the names of the communities you are considering, such as Glendale, Hollywood, Arcadia, Long Beach, etc. Then ask your pendulum to show you the community where you will be the happiest. Ask where you will be the most prosperous. Then ask your pendulum to show you the best all over-over place for you and your family to move. Your higher self knows these things…justask1your comments and questions are always welcome, or you can send me a private email at ‘contact us’

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