The 13th Cell Salt- Gold

keeleyI am looking into ‘double chloride of gold’, or ‘bi chloride of gold’- a tissue salt used in the 1800’s to quell cravings, and apparently many an addict was cured. It was called The Keeley Cure and was brought forth by a man named Keeley, who I learned about recently, on another path entirely. Now the remedy is no where to be found. A very astute reader of mine passed on an article about how the Rockefellers blocked the use of this gold, which in no way surprises me. The Rockefellers were behind the shutting down of homeopathic schools, Black nursing colleges, midwifes, chiropractors, and anyone who practiced natural healing as apposed to the allopathic direction Rockefeller wanted to penetrate the world with- all in the name of profits.

heroinI want to try this tissue salt on my daughter and see if it reduces her cravings, and since the 13th cell salt is no where to be bought, I must ‘realize it’. No problem- I’ve been doing this for years and have the confidence to do it spot on, every time, be it for husband, daughter, dog, or myself.


DECThere is no Sulis rate for double chloride gold. Sulis has thousands of rates for dozens of categories of substances- If you have the rate, you’ve got the exact vibration, but even without the rate, I can potentize the old fashioned way, starting with writing the name and dose of the remedy in black ink, capital letters, on a small square of paper.. BICHLORIDE OF GOLD 6X. Dip the paper in salt water and let dry. Then place it in the center of a decagon with a glass of water on top (the glass must be crystal and flat bottomed- no stemware). Make sure there is good light. I always visualize the water soaking up the remedy, and then wait 2 hours. Your remedy is ready, now add 2 drops of Vodka, and store in an amber bottle- be sure to label.

Once the remedy is made, it can be taken by dropper under the tongue several times a day, added to a glass of water, or you could it transmit to the person in need (using a decagon, remedy transmitter, or radionics box) if there is no way to give a live dose. These things work folks, but remember, it must be my daughter’s will to stop using, least her desires over ride my will to heal.heal


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  1. Wil Wholeness
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 20:16:39

    As far as where you can find this 13th cell salt and a great deal of information on it, can be found in Realm Dynamics’ website:

  2. borka
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 03:24:58

    i have been trying double gold chloride on myself for past two
    i will let you know when i am sure the dose is right
    there is a book that has the dosage from the same Times and place as
    dear mr keeley it is from st louis 1917 but i need to find the title
    all love kris

  3. Keri
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 03:07:44

    Is colloidal gold too different? I just started taking it as well as homeopathic aurum metalica