Kidney Stones Revisited



It is said that nothing rivals the pain of kidney stones except child birth, and even then, kidney stones may prevail as most painful.

 Jimmie had a 2nd kidney stone attach last week, which was both violent and painful- the first being in April 2012, while still living in Hollywood. Perhaps he never quite dissolved the first stone and it lay dormant until now. We have just moved to Lake Elsinore and went to dinner for a little celebration- sushi and sake…guess we enjoyed the raspberry sake more than we should have. I was fine, but Jimmie came home and immediately became ill, vomiting without pause. The scenario was familiar … sometimes with all the inflammation that goes with these attacks, elimination becomes impossible and throwing up is the only to expel toxins. This situation can be life threatening and Jimmie was becoming delirious and weak- I had to either take him to the hospital where they would do a surgery to open up the blockage, or work some kind of miracle.

Come on Madeleine, this is very serious…think think think. I think Aloe socotrina, (which is what I remembered my pendulum picked back in April 2012, when Jimmie had the first attack), a spot on remedy for this condition. I quickly go to my Sulis rates and find the rate, and set up a remedy transmitter sending Aloe socotrina to Jimmie using a spit sample of his we keep in an amber bottle. Still non stop vomiting for 2 hours, so I thought Aconite (when you think you’re gonna die) and this significantly calmed down the vomiting. Then I remembered Ruggerio’s chart #15, to clear noxious energy. We had made it a habit to start any healing this way, but honestly it has been so long since we have been sick, I almost forgot. So I put a sample of Jimmie on this chart as well. A little progress but not nearly enough. Now I remember to add Berberis  vulgaris to the mix- number one kidney pain remedy. I had a 200c on hand so gave that to Jimmie as well.  This, again, made a difference for the better. Through the night I encouraged him to sip on the juice/water cocktail I made him containing hydrangea root extract and Herb Pharm Stone breaker formula- this stuff will dissolve any kidney stone- it just takes some time. Do not forget Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns- you can charge up water and use it as a base to the healing cocktail. Throughout the night I applied hands on healing to his kidney area, which for sure removed a few layers of pain. By morning the vomiting had ceased, the pain was reduced, and elimination was back. We managed to avert going to hospital and probably surgery. Jimmie is now at 85% and vows to take the tinctures until he is sure that stone is completely gone.

For prevention you may incorporate daily oil pulling, and daily honey and cinnamon.  Charge your drinking water with the Sai Sanjeevini ‘kidney’ pattern as a prophulactic and you may take the Herb Pharm (or any brand) tinctures once a month, also as a prophylactic – these health practices can help your body to not make the stones in the first place.

But if you have already developed them, then you should move on to;

  • Ruggerio’s chart #15 to remove noxious energy to begin any healing
  • Aconite (homeopathic) for hours of debilitating vomiting.
  • The homeopathic remedies Aloe socotrina and Berberis  vulgaris for kidney stone pain. If you don’t have it handy, you may transmit.
  • Stone Breaker and hydrangea root extract in apple juice (with vinegar) sipping daily while under kidney stone attack. Use a water base charged with Sai Sanjeevini ‘kidney’, ‘digestion’ and ’emergency’.
  • Hands on healing. Placing your hands on the injured party and sending love and healing thoughts can do more than you think. It takes no special talent- only the desire to heal.hands on healing

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