staplesJust as you need staples like milk, eggs, bread, and cheese in your refrigerator, we likewise need staples in our natural medicine cabinet, or as I call it, ‘healing closet.’ Today I am going tell you all about a homeopathic staple that everyone should have on hand for an emergency- Arnica Montana. It is said that this is the most widely used of all the remedies. It is the first remedy for any injury to hard or bony tissue such as head, back, arms or legs, and may also be great for any flu symptoms when you feel like you’ve been ‘run over by a truck’ or if  ‘the bed feels too hard’ when trying to sleep. Arnica is for flu with muscle aches, as though you were working out or doing very hard labor. An Arnica type would be one who has been banged up in a terrible car accident but then says “I’m just fine.” Arnica is also the first remedy for heart attack from overexertion or over doing a work out after being sedentary too long, but more often is used for the aches and pains that may come from an exhausting workout. Arnica can reduce swelling of the brain (encephalitis). No need to have your skull opened to reduce the pressure- just take Arnica. Arnica also stops the bleeding.

arnicaThere are many ways to take Arnica Montana, the most popular being purchasing it over-the-counter in a vile of dry pellets (about $10) and amber'taking it orally. If you do so, you can make that Arnica last forever. If you were to take just one of the small Arnica pellets and put it in an amber bottle filled with water and cure with a drop of Vodka, you could make a whole bottle of liquid Arnica which now can be taken by the dropper full, and you still have more than 99% of your dry remedy left to use to make dozens and dozens of bottles of Arnica liquid. Although directions on the dry remedy might say take 3-5 pellets for a dose, I can tell you just 1 pellet is every bit as much a dose as 3-5 pellets, and expanding the dry into liquid is a common practice.

Want another endless source of Arnica? You can listen to the tone on software such as Voicesync Digital Radionics which provides you with hundreds of remedy tones, including Arnica.

And lastly, for anyone who cannot afford the dry pellets or the software, you may potentize for absolutely free, for another endless source of Arnica. All you need is a decagon, crystal glass, white paper, black pen, salt water, drinking water, and yourintention                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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