Sai Sanjeevini Habits

sai6As I’ve told you before, there is more than one way to deliver healing from the Sai Sanjeevini system. Traditionally, you can charge up water or sugar pellets on a multiplication and broadcasting card with either one, or a variety of different healing patterns, and then either drink the water (or sip it throughout the day, as each sip is a dose), or let a few sugar pellets melt under your tongue, as you would homeopathy.

As time goes on, I continue to incorporate new ways to use this marvelous system of healing.

It’s a habit now, every time I purchase lotions and creams, to charge them with the Sai Sanjeevini combination called ‘skin’. Later, I thought to add the ’emergency’ combination, as well as ‘feet’, bringing almost instant (though temporary) relief to my sore feet at night.

Since I am a big fan of swishing (oil pulling) I now charge up my sesame oil with the combination called ‘teeth’, increasing the benefit of the oil pulling.

Our drinking water contains Sai Sanjeevini healing galore, including ‘blood pressure low’ and ‘kidney combination’. What I do is charge a piece of paper with the healing cards I just mentioned, and tape the paper to the bottle that goes on the water cooler, making every glass of water, every saucepan of rice, or pot of coffee chock full of the beautiful healing prayers of Sai Sanjeevini.

There are other ways to used small pieces of paper charged with Sai Sanjeevini prayers. I take patterns such as ‘sleep’, ‘snoring’, and ‘marital bliss’, and make a custom combination- then charge up a few pieces of paper which I place  in the pillowcase of my husband, and mine as well. This makes the sleeping experience even better. Or, if you are fighting a cold and can’t stay home in bed, you can charge a piece of paper up with all the cold and flu patterns, then put the paper in your pocket for a constant flow of healing relief all day.

Got kids who need healing? Snacks can be placed on the healing patterns, and so can apple juice or virtually anything. Pony tail holders for little girls make an amazing vehicle for delivering healing. pony tailJust charge up the pony tail holder with whatever healing patterns your child should need, fix their hair, and let the healing begin!

I keep a multiplication and broadcasting card out on our healing table, sending  healing prayers to my whole family and extended family and in-laws, and the world soliciting health, wealth, and happiness for us all.  Alison, Jimmie, and myself  also have individual mega remedies which I formulated and send to each of us in a continuous broadcast using the transfer chart, and refresh daily with a short prayer or chant.  I have sent prayers to aid the Colorado flood victims, kidnapped girls in Nigeria, and recently, a combination to prevent and heal Ebola or Hemorrhagic Fever, and one for peace and harmony in Syria.peace12



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