Ebola, A Very Serious Matter

The Sai Sanjeevini team sends good wishes and prays for peace, harmony, joy, and perfect health sai6and prosperity for us, and comes through again, with healing cards for the prevention and healing of Ebola fever.

Download the healing cards you will need, easy to find and perfectly organized, at their site, www.saisanjeevini.org.  Make your remedy from the healing cards they provide, and place it on the broadcasting chart in the small circle. Write out your intention on a piece of paper and place it on the corresponding side of the chart in the large circle. Say a small chant or prayer, and it’s on! Your prayer for the Ebola fever might be

May God protect and heal all people in the world from Ebola fever”

You can create your own remedies and prayers for flood victims, injured people, prisoners of war, kidnapped or poverty stricken souls, or for yourself and family members, for all manor of emotional and physical states. I charge up my cold pressed sesame oil with the combinations 1 and 60, the skin, kidney, and high blood pressure combinations, and marital bliss, so that every morning when my husband and I swish (kavala gondoosha) we get the benefit of all the healing prayers. There is no end to creative ways to use the Sai Sanjeevini system of healing. Try charging your daughter’s pony tail holder or chocolate milk with ‘cold and flu’ when she has a runny nose.  Or if your son is suffering from asthma and is somewhat embarrassed by using his inhaler, make the appropriate remedy, charge a piece of paper with the healing prayers, and put the paper in his pocket, for better breathing all day.  The possibilities are endless.endlessUseful Links







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