Ivy League Preppers

Times have certainly changed, and the world of disease, germs, and perils, challenge us daily.

doomssRecently,  I saw a documentary about a group of ivy league academicians who have become preppers. What are they preparing for? Zombies, mutated by some mega germ, and they truly think it is inevitable. What gives them credibility is the fact that they are super educated and respected in their fields. But I cannot concern my self with preparing for Armageddon- I am too busy doing my work right here, right now.

Even in the best and most stable of times, making some provisions for emergencies is always a good idea. I am talking about at least 2-3 months food and water on hand, alternative cooking and lighting source (even a camp stove and a flashlight will do), and ample healing paraphernalia. I give more detailed information in my article http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/madeleines-survival-list/

Going out into the world at any given time, is another matter, and could bring chem trails, sick co-workers, or a tainted lunch. I carry a little red velvet zippered bag(my healing pouch) in my purse with me at all times, which contains the following;

  • magnet and paper doctor patterns. We made a device called ‘Geo Touch’ which is nothing more than a refrigerator magnet that has a slot where you can insert a picture, and we insert our paper doctor patterns which have been reduced in size to fit. I keep about 10-15 patterns in my bag including prevent cold, physical injury, stimulate your healing response, environmental stress, and sore feet.
  • Sai Sanjeevini swine flu formula pellets in a small amber bottle- this will cover any cold/flu symptoms that might manifest while at work, at the bank, or where ever. I also carry the pattern called ‘poison, all kinds’ as it has proven to be instant relief for after eating a bad meal with spoiled food.

More than once I have helped a co-worker quell a nagging cough or migraine, dispel food poisoning, or stop a frightening asthma attack, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not pull out my red zipper bag for one reason or another, for myself or redfor others.

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