Holes In T Shirts Follow Up

We’ve been in Lake Elsinore 4 months now, and not one new hole in any of my T shirts!!

holesThe holes started about 4 years ago after moving from Pittsburgh, where I had been for the last 22 years, back to Los Angeles, my original home town. I started noticing the phenomenon early after my move home, which consisted of a pattern of small holes in, especially, cotton T shirts of mine, always below the navel area. Only cotton- only my garments, not Jimmie’s, although he had many a cotton T shirt himself. Gradually, every cotton T shirt of mine got the holes, old shirts from Pittsburgh and newly bought shirts alike.

Not only was I pissed about all my shirts being ruined, but I was intrigued about why this only happened to only a particular type of fabric, always in the same area of the shirt, and only my garments.

reference materialAfter much research, I found that I was not alone- other people had the same thing happen with the same criteria, that being;



  1. cotton fabric
  2. 2. holes below the navel area
  3. 3. no other family member’s T shirts have holes

My reading gleaned little, because I did not buy any of the explanations I got, which were

  1. seat belt rubbing
  2. defective Monsanto cotton
  3. course belly button hair
  4. laundry soap
  5. rough counter tops

All absurd.

There were no metaphysical explanations to be found, but I later concluded that the holes were made by entities. About a year ago I dowsed and asked if I indeed have entities and the answer was yes. I asked the entities if they were getting nourished by the holes. “No.” I asked the entities if they would stop making the holes, If I allowed them to stay. “Yes.” After confirming the origin of my T Shirt holes, I swore off buying new T shirts for a while, and forgot about it.

After moving to the lake, I purchased a few new items to wear, and noticed recently, there are no new holes. Even a few garments purchased in Los Angeles last year, seem to have been spared. Is is possible the entities have kept their word? I certainly kept mine by doing nothing to inspire them or try to force them to leave.

For those of you who are new to dowsing, let me explain…Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things. Dowsing has been valuable tool I use to check health conditions, select remedies, balance food and energy, and connect with the universe.

If you can come up with a better explanation than mine about the holes in my T shirts, bring it on. Otherwise, I’ll be sticking to the entities theory.thinking

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