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pendulumsIt’s been an amazing year for me at ‘thependulist’, now boasting 81 subscribers, 61,000 site visitors, and over 350,000 page views, letting me know there are a lot of ‘us’ out there. I thank you for coming to read about my experiences and experiments.

To re-cap the year, I used Sai Sanjeevini healing cards extensively for myself, my family, and for various groups in need such as flood, Ebloa, or earthquake victims. Between myself and my readers, we have collectively come up with some interesting and creative deliveries for this healing system including (but not limited to) charging up food, business cards, and even artwork! I had the opportunity to give the addiction remedy to my daughter, who reported benefit from it, and is also on a constant broadcast of a mega remedy designed just for her, and has been for over a year. She is currently successful and well rooted in her recovery although let me caution you that this was a long road, not a quick fix.

Another thing I have been using a lot of this year is digital radionics software. You can broadcast your intention on any given matter using an uploaded picture of the subject, or listen to a homeopathic healing tone- everything from aconite to zincum, or bach flower remedy tones, tones for frozen joints, herpes, headache, or asthma, and such an array of healing choices you would not believe.

Tarot, numerology, and astrology are 3 of the 4 most important systems that synchronize and become universal platform- the 4th being Kabbalah. I admit to being a novice in practicing these systems, but understand they each provide the code of the universe- interwoven as the fabric of my existence.

Daily health practices like oil pulling, honey and cinnamon and juicing became routine this year, with not one cold or flu!! And let us not forget, I balance all food and drinks upon entering the house, using my pendulum.

My goals for 2015 are to continue to offer natural and metaphysical solutions, especially in the recovery world, where addicts have very little in the way of choices. I would love to hear what is on the horizon for you. Please comment, or feel free to send me a private message via email.send-message-14538496

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