Homeopathy For Gambling

Generally when we speak of addiction we are talking about drug and alcoholaddiction addiction, but of course there are more addictions out there than you could image…addictions to food, shopping, sex, and gambling, just to name of few.

gambler Gambling is a tough one- it is often not an obvious addiction because it could be easy to hide from many, and may not even take place every day.  It can be a financially devastating addiction with far reaching destruction, as out of control gamblers will resort to anything and everything to get money…draining personal bank accounts, mortgaging the house, selling personal items like jewelery, and let us not forget embezzling, or ye ‘ol ponzi scheme, which might include further screwing friends and family! As with most addictions, the person who has the gambling problem spirals downward in a mast of continuous self destructive behavior which has psychological, physical and social ramifications which affects all those close to him or her.studying1

In researching this piece, I found out that gamblers often have a fear of heights. Gamblers dream of rising to a high place financially, yet suffer from a terrible fear of falling all the way back down. In one case history I read about, a man with a raging gambling habit was being treated by a psychiatric homeopathist. Veratrum album was used successfully, although not until 2 or 3 other remedies had previously failed. In this particular case, finally, one month after taking one single dose of 200c, the man reported hardly thinking about gambling at all. The ‘trying’ of remedies is not a guessing game. A very strict rubrics, as well as experience with many remedies and many years, is used in remedy selection by those classically trained, but finding the best fit on the first try, just does not always happen.

sai6There are no Sai Sanjeevini healing patterns for gamblers, per se, however everyone can benefit from SSC # 1 which covers Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Entities, Fears, Hyperactivity, Indecisiveness,Phobias, Resentment, Schizophrenia, Sleep disorders, Stress, Violence, and # 60 which covers Sathya, (Truth), Dharma(Right Conduct), Shanthi(Peace), Prema(Love), Ahimsa(Non-violence), Forgiveness, Honesty, Gratitude, Humility, Compassion (Karuna), Smile of inner joy,  Auspiciousness.

What else can we do to help those with the gambling addiction? Of course there are many things…

  • Bach flower remedies- dowse for the most beneficial Bach flower remedy to remove the gambling addiction. You can read about the attributes of each flower, and decide which fits the best. I recommend Yellow Canna Lily which is an excellent remedy for breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • Homeopathy- consult a professional or dowse for the remedy yourself using Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies. There are many remedies that could work, depending on the individual’s particulars.
  • Chakra balancing- Gambler or not, everyone can benefit- across the board- from Chakra balancing. You can have this professionally done, or you can use a Chakra balancing dowsing chart, and dowse to balance your Chakras, or there are radionics charts you can put a subject on, to balance Chakras. The choice is yours.
  • Broadcasting intentions- I use Voicesync software to broadcast my intentions. Insert a photo of the subject (the gambler), then insert a picture of a decagon or other type of amplifier, type in your wish, such as “Remove all gambling cravings from Joe Smith”.” Click to get the rate, and pitch, and begin broadcasting!

When my daughter was out there living on the edge, and I wanted to talk to her, I would ofter broadcast the wish “A. T. phone home” and I always got my call.phone home

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  1. Hélène
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 00:18:20

    Hi Madeleine,
    Sanjeevini has DS 2 Addictions (all types) so maybe you could use it for a gambling addiction too.