The Color Orange

clother1I went clothes shopping last week, and came home only to notice that several of the items I bought were orange in color. I bought a plaid flannel shirt which was blue and orange, then a dress with a print of orange, and 2 other solids, both in the orange hues. Hmmmmm. Why am I all of a sudden attracted to this color? I stumbled upon an article that the Sai Sanjeevini team put together, explaining that Gurus and Yogis around the world wear orange, the color of saffron, and here are some of the reasons why;

– Orange dress helps develop wisdom.Guru-Pooja-2013-logo
– People wearing saffron dress always do soul-searching every minute.
– They start treating everybody alike.
– Saffron dress helps us get rid of our doubts and gives us peace of mind.
– Saffron dress helps us to think clearly without haste and speak clearly.
– Saffron dress gives us energy and keeps us active.
– Saffron color gives us good health.
– Saffron dress helps us to get rid of many diseases.
– It is said that diseases which are there for a long time, like TB, piles, etc, can be gotten rid of by wearing saffron dress.
– People suffering from back pain also get relief.
– Nervous problems and paralysis get relief.
– Kidney related problems get relief.
– We get relief from cold, breathing problems and headache.
– Most importantly blood gets purified.

Now I understand the attraction to the clothes I bought, and my love for saffron seasoning  as well as the orange-ish Italian tiles on our front and rear porch.

Of course one could dowse for the color that would most benefit him or her, or to find out a color that may be harmful. There are dowsing charts for just that purpose, but I choose the flowers, clothes, and home decor that appeals to me, and don’t see the need to ask my higher self to show me where I know I am already naturally drawncolor wheel


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  1. Nic M
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 17:10:49

    I think that is true but only to some extent. There are plenty of so so gurus wearing orange and that don’t benefit from the list. There are are fakes that wear orange/saffron colored robes. There are fake angels of the light, etc.

    Of course this does work for people consciously growing through the colors too.

    I tend to look at both sides.

    Btw, I appreciate what you’ve accomplished and like what healing abilities have come to you. Brava.


    • The Pendulist
      Apr 30, 2015 @ 17:20:35

      of course generalizations always have exceptions- there are frauds and fakes in every capacity of life. I’m speaking on broader terms. thanks for reading