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I have been getting many questions about kids and dowsing charts, kids and homeopathy, and kids and Bach flower remedies. Make no mistake- what’s good for goosethe goose, is good for the gander, just to say that what works for adults, also works for kids. Aconite is the number one remedy for shock, be it adult or child, or bird for that matter. Apis is called for to calm an itch for young and old alike, and when dowsing to select a remedy, it matters not if you are dowsing for a 2 year old, or a 20 year old.

I was rather conventional as I look back, when raising my daughter, beginning with vaccinations, which I thought were unquestionably necessary. We also used conventional medicines, but bombshell- I was wrong, so wrong.


Revisiting parenting… the snapshot looks different.vaccination

I wouldn’t be worrying about the perils of vaccination damage resulting in a violent or autistic kid, because I wouldn’t be vaccinating! Instead, 2 doses of Influenzium would be given to my child prior to cold and flu season each year as a prophylactic. That’s it. We have an arsenal to combat all of the childhood diseases- no worries.

I would not be considering tubes as a solution to frequent ear infections, but instead I’d be using easy to select homeopathic remedies such as Pulsitilla, and ear drops containing one or more of garlic, mullein, calendula and St. John’s wort, in an olive oil base.

home school1Bullying in school would not be of personal concern, as I would surely home school in this day and age, teaching subjects such as dowsing, urban farming, right conduct, and sacred geometry.


Tantrums? Easily quelled with the Bach flower remedy Cherry Plum. Kids respond rapidly to these essences, and there is no complicated rubric for choosing the remedy. Just match the traits and you have chosen the right remedy!

I now know that you can look at unmanageable behavior problems as an imbalance pen1requiring a homeopathic remedy, not a psychologist and drugs (although some counseling as a support to homeopathy would be fine). Consulting professionals costs money, but dowsing is free. I use my pendulum to select my healing modalities and remedies, and am always spot on. If you don’t feel comfortable dowsing or feel you are not accurate, by all means seeks professionals.

I would like you to read 2 case histories involving children with extreme behavior problems, and how their conditions were cured with homeopathy;

1. Randy came in at age 8. He was very hyperactive and had serious temper tantrums regularly. Whenever he was bored he would wander the house screaming, slamming doors, yelling “I hate you.” At other times he would get a glazed look in his eyes and just look right through you. These fits used to happen weekly but now are about 3-4 times a week. He is very depressed. He tends to be bossy when with friends. But he cries and acts anxious in front of them , so kids pick on him. He blinks often and constantly bites his nails. He has nightmares daily and is very restless in his sleep. He is very shy talking to most people and tends to give short answers to questions. Looking at this an many thousands of other details we choose and gave the remedy Stramonium and gave one dose. (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from children’s behavioral problems is very low). By one month his parents reported a very different child. He stopped having nightmares. He became happier, more social, interacting much better with people. His temper tantrums reduced to 1-2 a week and were much less in intensity. Over time things continued to improve Everything except the hyperactivity was pretty much gone by 6 months. That went away later. Now nine years later his parents are totally happy with how things have gone. He went from a deeply disturbed child who really worried them to an upright young man.

2. Stephanie was 5 years old. Whenever she was unhappy about things in her life she cried loudly often. So loudly that people would come running to see what was the matter. Kids would run away from her due to her crying. She refused to go preschool because they hurt her feelings. Now in kindergarten she goes some days but not others. She felt very insecure constantly wanting reassurance that she was loved by her parents. She didn’t talk much, giving short answers to questions. We gave her a dose of Chamomilla LM1 (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from children’s behavioral problems is very low).At one month the parents reported that she was more cheerful, crying less and more willing to go to school. She was talking more and using more complex words and sentence structure. Over the next years things improved more and more. As the mother said: “I would have been living with a different child if it wasn’t for the remedy. On the remedy she is a happy child.”

These accounts come from a husband and wife classical homeopathy team out of Aurora Colorado,

for more detailed information and more interesting case histories.

Your feedback is welcome. Please share your experiences, or ask a question…

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