An Experiment With Bach Flower Remedies

Because there is no placebo with animals, they are my absolute favorite to use homeopathy, radionics, and all kinds of natural and metaphysical healing on.  They either respond or they don’t- it’s a simple as that.xena

After doing a lot of reading regarding curbing aggressive and over protective dogs as my Xena is ( a rescue dog we have had for about a year), I decided upon an 8 remedy blend of Bach flowers, 4 of which are included in the Bach flower combination called Rescue Remedy. My reading tells me you can combine as many as 9 Bach flowers into 1 combination remedy, and that it may take 4 doses a day over 2-4 weeks, to see the desired result.  Here is what I chose, based on Xena’s current traits, and also to address any past trauma we do not know about;

Rescue Remedy – This is the most famous remedy of all the flower essences. This combines five remedies that are specially suited for trauma and stressful situations. Included in Rescue Remedy are: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. Recommended for emergencies and extremely demanding or stressful situations. I selected all except Rock Rose for my 8 remedy combination

Aspen – Used for fear of the unknown and for general nervousness and anxiety. Can bring about a sense of security and peace. Recommend for general anxiety, fear aggression, territorial barking, sudden and unexplained agitation. This remedy is often used together with Mimulus.
Mimulus – Used for fear of known things like pain, people, other dogs, objects, etc. Used along with Aspen since it is difficult to determine exactly what a dog fears. It helps them face their fears with confidence. Recommended for general anxiety, fear aggression, resource guarding, territorial barking and sometimes marking.

I also selected Vertain,  for extreme enthusiasm and those dogs that are constantly active. These dogs are often restless and unable to relax. They will often push themselves beyond their limits. It will bring about a sense of calm and an ability to relax. Recommended for hyperactivity, sudden hyperactivity or anger/aggression. Good for dogs that don’t get enough exercise. Commonly used with Chestnut Bud. Extremely good for herding breeds. and Holly, for aggression in dogs.

Why buy, when you can potentize? I set about making ‘Xena’s Rescue Remedy’. First I write down the name of the remedy in capital letters, using back ink, and white paper. such as “BACH FLOWER REMEDY HOLLY”.  Then you dip the paper into salt want (salt is a crystal vibrating energy) let dry, and place on a decagon.  Then I put a glass of water (using a crystal flat bottom glass- again, crystal vibrates energy) on top of the paper and in 2 hours, the water is potentized.

Xena has now had 3 doses  of my combination, and I must say she is very quiet today.  That is not unusual for her though, on days when my husband is away.  She expects him to walk her, not me!

I am excited to see what happens over the next few weeks and will keep you posted.








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