A Great Proving With Healing Tones

For over a year, I have had a very interesting Voicesync healing tone program on my computer, but never explored it, until recently.  The program consists of a pick list of different conditions, in alphabetical order. Acne, abdominal pain, angina, asthma, aura builder, bed wetting, neuralgia, twisted joints, sedative, and about a hundred more. I even saw one for glaucoma.  First select a disease. As you can see, the frequencies used to create the tone, are listed on the left. For instance, the frequencies for the tone for ‘smallox’ are 120, 727, 787, and 880. I see the 880 frequency in many combinations for various ailments.  It is also interesting to note that many of the diseases use the same combination of healing tones (‘twisted joints’ and ‘stiff shoulder #1’ both use identical frequencies). Then below that, you can set the pulse rate of the tone, from 1-10. I wish I could tell you how to set the pulse, but the program comes sans instructions so we gotta sorta wing it. I settled in on pulse 3.

voicesyncMany of my issues involve structural conditions such as frozen shoulders, stiff knees, and sore feet, so I began listening to tones such as; twisted joints, inflamed joints, knee pain, acute pain, stiff shoulder #1 and #2, and the like.  After trying every holistic approach with little or no results for over 10 years, it took only about 3 weeks of listening to tones, to see some dramatic improvement.  I can report better knee movement and less pain, better balance, far less sore feet, and I don’t need to wrap the left foot as I used to.  When I stand from a sitting position, I can immediately begin walking, whereas before, I had to wait for the intense pain of the shift of positions to leave, before I started to walk. I’m impressed.

My 14 year old rottie/husky named Brandi, also suffers from pain in her legs, and stiff sore hips.  Always at my side, she lays by my computer desk, where I work on and off all day.  This is where I listen to my healing tones randomly throughout the day.  Both my husband and daughter independently commented to me on how Brandi’s gait had improved and her limp seemed to have vanished, as well as her pace quickening. I couldn’t figure out why, and the it struck me, she’s been listening to the same healing tones as I, and received the benefit of the tones, as I did.  I just love it when this kind of stuff heals the animals- because with them, there is no placebo.


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  1. Hélène
    Oct 31, 2015 @ 01:37:09

    Sound really interesting. Where did you get the program?