Rhus Tox For TMJ

It’s a God-send having a homeopathic dentist, who believes in oil pulling and removing mercury fillings, dangerous relics of the past (and as dangerous to remove as they are in our mouths, or maybe even more so).holistic dentistry

Metals like mercury, aluminum, and lead all can be both toxic and lethal, depending on amount and exposure, leading to things like dementia, ALS, and violent behavior (remember what the fumes from leaded gas did, and why lead was subsequently removed from gasoline).

So, you guessed it, I’m having a mercury filling removed…the dentist needs to utilize the tooth involved for a bridge he is installing in my mouth, as I am trying to restore and balance my mouth function.  I have TMJ which became worse with this unfinished bridge work needed, plus bad nerves cause teeth grinding during sleep.  My dentist told me about some mouth gear to relax my mouth at night- curb the grinding, but I prefer to get to the heart of the matter for an more effective cure, if possible.

Sometimes I just don’t take enough time for myself. I’ve got a remedy for this one, and a remedy for that one, but always seem to neglect myself.  That’s what I told Dr. Yokoyama, to justify not ordering the mouth gear, and proceeded to share with him my previous success with a homeopathic remedy which I had become side-tracked using. I do use chiropractics for all my aliments- head, shoulders, knees and toes.  My chiropractor is a gem and works on everything including my TMJ twice monthly, which keeps me aligned and is analgesic, but we have yet to make a permanent  correction.  Chiropractics, weather I be sick or well, will always be in my mix.

Talking to my dentist reminded me to get back to the homeopathic remedy that worked for me in the past, so I asked my husband to look into what he had given me a few months ago for my TMJ. He did so, and we found it was Rhus tox. Today I took 3 doses of 1m, a little higher dose than I would normally take for something chronic and acute, but it’s what I had on hand, so took it.  I have had a quick and dramatic positive benefit from the Rhus tox, and although my TMJ is not by any means total gone, today it is significantly better. Not one pop or crunch for several hours now… an outstanding improvement from the annoying constant jaw pop that chronically plagues me all day long. I’m going to see this remedy as far into the healing as I can take it.

The Rhus tox I am taking was not purchased.  It was potentized by my husband using a decagon, salt water, a crystal glass, a piece of paper with the words ‘Rhus tox’ written on it in back capital letters, and a deep intention.


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