Madeleine’s Protocol For Sore Feet

sore feetSore feet- I’ve been dealing with them for years.  I’m just now understanding (you would think I would have gotten it years ago, but it didn’t register) that I must address the body part that the foot is telling me needs attention, such as arch pain indicating kidney, and the top of the foot indicating lymph system.

Holistic reflexology will tell you

  • The heel is about belonging, your place in the group, your culture, traditions and childhood
  • Lower arch is about how you relate to the other, one to one relationships, physical security and money
  • Upper arch is about your relationship to yourself and your boundaries
  • The heart on the large joint is about joy and happiness and gratitude and forgiveness
  • The throat is about speaking up, living in the past or projecting to the future, the ability to create your own reality and responsibilities
  • Middle of the big toe is related to seeing with another perspective and allowing
  • Top of the hallux and toes is related to ego and unity

Others might say, in a broad manor, that the feet is where we store anger.

And it’s all true. And if it’s true for the feet, that must mean that my frozen shoulders might have an underlying cause- an Iridologist I am scheduled to see, told me briefly on the phone, that my frozen shoulders, if started from right to left, which they did, indicates gall bladder and spleen. So now I have to rethink this whole thing.  I t will be interesting to see if this new practitioner I am going to, will give me a different approach.  The things I am doing now are analgesic and somewhat restorative, but I want to do better than that.

Here’s how I keep it together, without pills, shots, or surgeries;

Paper Doctor sore feet pattern– place the pattern on a magnet, and touch with your index finger for 2 minutes.  Your feet will feel better.

Reflexology– a great massage for the feet, and it actually is a healing treatment for all the corresponding organs or systems.

Yoga toes– you can buy them over the internet- they are a gel contraption fits on your toes which you wear (sitting or laying) for an hour. It is almost like traction for your toes and foot and stripes almost all of the pain out of the foot

Orthotics– I could not even consider putting on shoes without them.  I have them for tennis shoes and dress shoes, and if the shoe won’t accommodate it, I just don’t buy the shoe.

Arnica– the classic homeopathic remedy for injury/pain, is a stand by for after a walk. It reduces inflammation and trauma, soothes sore muscles, and heal wounds.

Sai Sanjeevini cream– I take my lotions and coconut oil and charge them with combos #1 and #60 (that’s the base to any remedy) also, the pattern called ‘feet’, and the ‘emergency’ combo, which is combo #19. I apply the creams at night or anytime I take my shoes off. The pain is immediately neutralized, although this is analgesic, and not a cure.

Chiropractics– if your chiropractor does not work on feet she (or he) is not worth their salt. My chiropractor not only works on my shoulders, knees, back, and TMJ, she adjusts my feet as well. Chiropractic work not only triggers the release of endorphins it takes pressure off nerves.

I am about to ad Iridology to the mix, to address some of the underlying causes, and will keep you posted as to what transpires!

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