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Does Thuja damage sperm? No. It is made from an evergreen tree, but in such infinitesimal amounts, it is not even measurable.

Dentist swishing fluoride- I would never take fluoride in my water or toothpaste, much less directly in my mouth. If your dentist swishes fluoride himself, he’s a fool. If he tells you to do it, he’s also a fool. Fluoride can cause teeth to discolor and crumble and enhances your brain’s absorption of aluminum (a huge factor in Alzheimer’s) , is at the root of many hip fractures, and excessive fluoride has been shown to damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, leading to limited joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration and neurological deficits. Finally, saving the worst for last, a number of different studies have linked fluoride to as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year, with a high incidence of bone cancer among men exposed to fluoridated water. Need I say more?

Will Sepia work for “gay men”? If they are asking will it remove homosexual feelings, the answer is, “maybe”, or it might lessen them. Sepia may have that affect on one gay man, but not another. There are other factors to consider when using a rubric, but dowsing will more specifically choose the remedy. I would like to venture a guess that if a gay man wants to change his sexual orientation, homeopathy would be a good place to start.

Which homeopathic remedy will cure gangrene- I have heard of many ‘miracle’ cures where patients close to amputation were able to avoid surgery at the last minute. Dr George Vithoulkas has a great one on his website http://www.vithoulkas.com/ , and I have also blogged about it, http://thependulist.wordpress.com/?s=george+vithoulkas

 Here are some great homeopathic picks I found:

Arsenicum– Dry gangrene in old people, soreness and burning relieved by warmth, restlessness. It is often indicated in gangrene of the lungs. Secale is aggravated by warmth, thus differing from Arsenicum. Arsenicum has a foetid diarrhea, great weakness, emaciation, and coldness and heat alternately. Lachesis. Traumatic gangrene.  This remedy is highly recommended in gangrene following wounds-  it is eminently curative of gangrenous affections. Crotalus has hot, bluish, moist gangrene, the limb being covered with black blisters and much swollen, emitting a foul odor.

Secale– Corresponds to senile gangrene with tingling and formication. Dry gangrene of toes; a number of cases of cure of this condition by Secale are on record. The skin in wrinkled and dry, shrivelled and cold, no sensibility, black and free from foetor. Large ecchymoses and blood blisters, which become gangrenous, will indicate the remedy.

Carbo vegetabilis– Carbuncles and boils, becoming gangrenous. There is no restlessness, as in Arsenicum, but the parts have a livid purple look, and they are icy cold. It also suits moist gangrenous in cachectic persons whose vitality is weak. The secretions are foul and there is great prostration. Arnica may be useful in gangrene following contusions.

What were the Fujiwara Dam water experiments?– I refer you to my article called Crystals Tell Their Stories , which you can find at http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/crystals-tell-their-stories/
In a nutshell, Dr. Emoto from Japan, taped paper strips on bottles of tap water and then photographed the frozen water. He found that words such as “Thank you,” and “I love you,” caused the tap water to form beautiful crystals. Words such as “You make me sick,” or “You are a fool,” caused ugly, distorted crystals or no crystals at all. Dr. Emoto then found that we can cause tap water to form beautiful frozen water crystals simply by praying for the water, by sending it loving thoughts, and by blessing it. He later photographed various crytals from Fujiwara Dam before and after being blessed. I bet you can tell which crystal came from the water that had been blessed!emoto

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  1. judy
    May 14, 2016 @ 15:32:26

    By all means checkout gunpowder for gangrene and types of wounds!

    Very sorry can no longer tell you which site to visit…but persevere…Love your work!