An Injustice To One, Is An In justice To All

An injustice to one, is an injustice to all, and I want to address an intolerable injustice- factory farming.

It is a modern technique to maximize profits in the livestock industry. This is a disgusting subject and I have beeen aware of it for over 30 years-  and it is still going on- it’s hard for me to go into detail about it because it breaks my heart so bad, but here goes…

 They take chickens and stuff them into cages so tight they can’t even spread their wings (each chicken gets about the size of a folded newspaper). Then they burn the beaks off to avoid any damaged flesh received from fighting (I’d fight too in such close quarters). That’s how they live until slaughtered- stacked, probably in some warehouse.

The pigs are kept in gestation crates, so small, poor piggie cannot turn around and scratch her ass- stacked one on top of the other, with the shit falling in between, as a breeding machine. Pigs are tortured by sadistic humans who work in the slaughter houses. (That goes for all animals in all slaughter houses- a person would have to be some kind of ‘off’ to work in one of those in the first place, eh?)

All the crystals, charts, and remedies cannot stop this madness nor would I know how to broadcast this all away or how to formulate a question to dowse for. It is a sad state of affairs and a deplorable condition being endured by our treasured animals.  I have no metaphysical answer as of now. But we can do something… strive for selflessness instead of selfishness, and:

• eat less meat in general
• boycott pork all together (substitute bacon with turkey bacon)
• buy only cage free eggs
• buy organic whenever possible- a higher conscious group is producing organic foods, period
• chat with your meat man and find out where the meat comes from- then check out the meat source with PETA to make sure it isn’t on the no-no list. (PETA is a great source for anything animal)
•educate and disseminate- raise the consciousness of your children/your village-  go to and sign dozens of relevant petitions, easily, and be sure to sign Domino’s pizza- stop making pigs suffer.

I buy chicken that is hormone and antibiotic free, and only fish that is wild caught- never farmed.  Try New Zealand lamb instead of beef because the animals graze in beautiful fields living life as they should, and I have heard nothing of slaughterhouse nightmares from over there. (Maybe Americans are extra sick). I barely eat beef anymore.

I am not a vegan, a fanatic, nor do I spray paint fur coats (though I admire those who do!). I just know society has gone to cruel and inhumane means to raise and kill animals, in the name of food and profits. Gandhi said we should judge a society on how they treat their animals- he had it right, and I don’t think there are many societies that can measure up these days. We are the custodians of the earth, but is this any way to care for the Father’s things? I think not…

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