Top Bach Flower Picks For Addiction

What are the best Bach Flower remedies for addiction?bach

Agrimony: this flower essence is for emotional honesty; it treats the painful emotions that are often the root of addiction.

Cherry Plum: is for when you feel you are at a breaking point, experiencing great suffering and are about to lose control. You may also find you’re trying desperately to control feelings. Cherry plum is a light-filled essence that promotes growth and calmness while dealing with inner turmoil.

Chestnut Bud: this flower essence is for learning from mistakes. Addiction is a repeated pattern, this essence helps to break the pattern by strengthening the mind to make a new choice.

Crab Apple: this flower essence is for Obsessive/Compulsive behavior and the feelings of shame and/or uncleanliness that can accompany addiction.

Honeysuckle: this flower essence supports living in the present. It supports us to leave the past behind and focus our emotional energy in the present. This flower essence gets you out of addictive patterning that is tied to the past. It helps you to accept life as it is.

Pine: this flower essence frees you from guilt and shame that can accompany addiction.

Rock Rose: this flower essence is for intense feelings that accompany the end of an addiction. This essence helps one to stay centered and remain grounded and deal with challenging circumstances.

Sweet Chestnut: this flower essence supports positive hopeful feelings when we feel we are stuck in the dark. Sweet chestnut offers spiritual support in times of struggle.

Walnut: this flower essence is a spell breaker, helping to ‘break the spell of the past.’ Addictive behavior can linger in the the mind and walnut frees the psyche from past limiting influences. This helps you to make a healthy transition and give you the courage to follow your own path in life.

Match the characteristics of the flower to the traits you are trying to address, and voila, you have chosen your remedy. The beauty part about Bach flower remedies is that they are over the counter and cheap, have no side effects or chance that you could over dose, and best of all, you can self prescribe. Work with nature and harmonize with it- again, as in homeopathy, use the laws of ‘similars’ to find holistic cures. Or, if you have the urge to connect with the universe about it and feel adventuresome, try dowsing for the remedy that will most benefit your needs.

For moments of high stress, choose Dr. Bach’s most famous flower essence called Rescue Remedy, one of the world’s most well known natural stress relief remedies. It is combination formula made from five of the essences: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. To your health…

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