It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

In discussing communicating with elements, forces, and entities, let us not forget plants. I have been recently reminded about THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, of which I have read some, but here is a nice you tube video link. It’s an hour and a half film and truthfully I have not watched it, but know of it’s contents. This movie comes highly recommended. .com/watch?v=7_X2Z9v8-6Q

I have a friend who suggested the video to me, and also suggested I try working with my pendulum and ask to communicate with a plant. So I did.

plantI lightly held a piece of the plant, so as not to injure it. I asked if the plant needed water- no. Then I asked if it needed more light- no. Are you happy on the counter top where you sit- yes. Do you like the crystals near you- yes. Show me the crystal you most prefer- pendulum swung to the white crystal.

There are so many ways to use your pendulum in conjunction with 21st century gardening. Here are questions that you can ask of your plants, to find out how to best enhance their growth and bloom;

Will these seeds(plants) produce hardy and productive crops?
Will this area provide enough sun for these plants?
Shall I apply fertilizer today?
Shall I water today?
Are these crops fully ripe?

And here is your hint for the day, for staying ‘in tune’ with your plants, since plants clearly have feelings too;

If you have to cut, prune, or harvest, ‘ask’ the plant for what you want first, and gently explain why you need it. The plant understands your kindness, and you will see how much easier the piece comes off.

catIt reminds me of a memorable day- we were burying O’Shay, our cat of 18 years- a really sad moment. Jimmie took a hand shovel and scraped away at the hard sun-baked hillside, struggling to making a dent in the ground. He then asked Mother Earth to open up for himshovel, so that we could return O’Shay to her, and from that moment, the dirt flew easily and quickly, and the grave was prepared in minutes. So you see, it doesn’t hurts to ask.

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Unique Home Schooling

schoolIt is unbelievable and shameful what the educational unsaeschoof lssystem has come to here in the U.S. The public schools are unsafe and the quality of education poor. Security in the schools is questionable-guards being known to use pepper spray on  kids for talking back. Now private schools and charter schools are spending precious educational dollars for advertising. Sadly the achievement bar has been lowered (a working mother of 4 can get a Ph. D. on-line, in her ‘spare time’?, sure).  Get your on-line PH D while they last! And finally, many of the most important subjects needed in life are just not taught, such as kindness, dowsing, and urban survival.
hhoomee schoolIf my daughter was young today I would be home schooling her, probably teaming up with 1 or more other parents and their children which would widen our skill base, provided in the safety and privacy of our homes. A language teacher would come to our home school twice a week, and we would all study the language- parents too. Music, art, and sports would be done out in the community, as one needs a group for gardeningorchestras, soccer teams, and theater arts groups, and groups are necessary for socialization as well as enjoyment. Parents might also participate.
Field trips to museums and events would be interwoven into the program. Spiritual enlightenment and of course, the use of the pendulum and energy patterns would be an important part of the program, and we would always have a gardening project going.

momndda a auughterI think I prepared my daughter for life in many ways, and for the world, although differently than I would do today. I am grateful she accepts me and accepts my ways, my healing ways.



Would I be a good educator? You let me know if you like my home school curriculum;

  • Morning meditation or prayer
  • City nature walk (dogs can come too)
  • Dowsing and radionics
  • Literature/language/computer skills
  • Dhama (right conduct)
  • Urban farming  and green living
  • Astrology
  • History of… (anything and everything)
  • Educational games
  • Healing arts (study systems;  Sai Sanjeevini, Paper Doctor, homeopathy, and potentizing)
  • Kabbalah
  • Creative enrichment (art, music, theater arts)
  • Reading (free reading or studying)
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Activity (dance, gymnastics, sports)


home schooling a la Madeleinehome school

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Gardening With Radionics

aphidsIn April I discovered aphids on a potted plant I kept on my front porch. I attempted to use some natural remedies (such as spraying the plant leaves with soapy water) to eradicate them, and because I was having trouble sending a photo of the aphids of the plant to my computer, I was unable to use my VoiceSync software to deal with the pests. Here is the article

The soapy water seemed to work until last week when I noticed the aphids were back. Now I have fixed the photo upload issue on my camera phone, and I am determined to try an experiment with VoiceSync digital radionics. Here are my case notes:notes

June 11th– noticed aphid infestation on plant

June 12th–  took photo of insects on plant and sent photo to computer

June 13th–  prepared to broadcast, using VoiceSync software;

subject: aphids on plant (photo)
blank square: decagon (could be any amplifier or any symbol of your choice)

received rate of 82447126 and pitch of 314.51

began broadcast using mute at 1:58 pm, June 13th

June 15th– examined plant to find the aphids on the top side of the top leaves were gone and found only about 5 aphids on the underside of a bottom leave. When I touched them, they were just dead aphid dust that brushed off.  No real aphids in sight. Still broadcasting.

June 18th– examined plant to find many more aphids had re appeared, both on the under sides of the bottom leaves and back up on the top leaves visible just looking down at the plant. This is not good.  What happened? Hmmmmmmm… I think I will change the ‘wish’ in my broadcast to KILL ALL APHIDS ON PLANT.  No wait, when I went to change the wish message, I found that I had disabled the digital radionics accidentally and it had been turned off for a least a day or 2.  I will turn it back on (with the original wish), and see what a couple of days brings.

June 18th later that day– just went to take a look at the plant, just to see if anything changed.  Wow, hard to imagine, the aphids on top were gone in just a few short hours. Looks to me as if the broadcast hit hard and fast, but once I accidentally stopped broadcasting, the pests came back. Then when I started to broadcast again, the aphids immediately responded by either leaving or dying, or both.  I will see what the next few days brings.

June 21st– just checked the plant.  We still have aphids except this time they are not in large clusters of 5 or 6 or more- they are lone aphids on a leaf.  There are a couple of stalks that still have 3 or 4 aphids feeding,  but I feel we have eliminated about 80% of them, but I can’t believe that , once again, my software was not on- the computer had  rebooted last night and knocked it off.  Ok- I will  start broadcast yet again, and will check plants in a few days to see if we can eliminate the last 20%. It is a few hours later and I do not see any aphids- not one.

June 22nd– no aphids. None. aphid2


It only took a matter of a few hours of broadcasting to completely rid my plant of aphids. When I carelessly disabled my broadcast, the aphids immediately returned.  When I re set my broadcast, the aphids vanished.  No cutting, no poison, no sprays.



Easy Tree Rat Removal

Tree rats are rats that live in trees- just as they sound. We discovered tree rats out in front, in the palm tress whose fronds stretch out over our front porch. The rats are bold- they hang there, squeak, and go up and down the tree itself. I saw one scurry off the porch through the rod iron fence that separates my porch from my neighbor’s, in broad daylight and noticed one ripped open a bag of trash left on the porch overnight. (I won’t do that again!) Rats carry diseases and I really don’t want them around my apartment. They have got to go.

I noticed little rat trapping boxes all over the property, put out by the exterminator about 2 weeks ago but they don’t seem to have cut down the rat population. Ew. Let’s give our digital radionics software a try. It worked amazingly well on ants who simply turned around and left after hearing the tone which is the rate for “all ants leave apartment 105″, not so well on roaches though we couldn’t figure out why, and very very well on insects that got into our hydroponic tent who all turned up dead at the bottom of a bucket the day after being subjected to the radionic tone.

tree ratTaking a picture of the trees where the little critters live, we place it as the subject on the radionics device (in this case we uploaded the photo and placed it into the software)
along with the message “remove tree rats”. A rate is determined and the tone is played (can be put on mute and I suggest you do!). there is also a space for either a decagon, a Hebrew letter or some symbol you might want to ad for purposes of amplifying.                                                                            goodbye

First we blasted the tone, and then put it on mute. The rats were gone                                                                the next night, and the next. But on the third night they came back.

I reset the software and we are back at it again. Tonight we will see                                                                                            if they are here or gone and I will be sure to follow up and let you                                                                                     know the outcome. I hope this is goodbye to the tree rats.


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Using Natural Products To Remove Aphids

Last week I went outside to inspect my plants, and found, to my horror, aphids (tiny insects) had colonized along the stalks and undersides of the leaves. Oh no, not in my garden. I’m no expert but like to become one whenever a new condition arises that I know nothing of, so I begin reading and researching, and of course, experimenting.

First, I clipped off an insect infested leaf and photographed it with the intention of using it for a broadcast on my digital radionics software, but had trouble sending the pic to my computer. My intention was to irradiate the aphids but I didn’t want to get the experiment started without the picture of the actual aphids, not just any aphids. Days passed without getting the picture transferred from my cell phone camera to my computer. I checked the plant again. Many of the aphids had disappeared (probably due to my intention) but not all of them. I better get started with plan B, least I loose the plant.

Having had a bout with nasty roaches, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. First tried spraying the pendulum1bottleaphids with a catnip tea solution I had already made up. The spray acted like a fire hose to them, knocking many off, and I figured that the ones left probably didn’t like cat nip. Then I took the leaf I had picked a week ago, and put it on the decagon, with a paper that said “REMOVE INSECTS FROM LEAVES” (previously dipped in salt water and dried). I also used my pendulum and asked that all insects from the plants be removed, allowing my pendulum to swing over the decagon. I must say, I did not get a good result from anything so far, so have moved on to using a 1/50 solution of dish soap and water to be sprayed on the under side and stalks of the plant, and I am determined to upload my the picture of the aphids and broadcast, according to my original plan.

In the meantime, here are some safe and simple things you, and mother nature can do to get rid of aphids;

  • By hand- Prune off heavily infested areas and dispose of them to reduce the population.
  • Water Jet- A simple and effective way of getting rid of aphids is to spray your plants with a jet of water. The water will knock the aphids off and they will generally die before they can climb back onto the plant. For the water jet method to be effective you need to spray your plant regularly 3 to 4 times a week or until the aphids are completely gone.
  • Natural Insecticides- Boil 5 large cloves of garlic and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a liter of water for 40 minutes. Strain it and when it is cool use a mister bottle to spray it onto your plants. Or you might try the 1/50 soap and water solution. Here is another; Mix one cup of any type of vegetable oil with 3 cups of warm water and add half a teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Spray using a mister bottle. The oil will clog the aphids’ pores and suffocate them (or you can rub vegetable oil directly on affected leaves).
  • Natural predators- You can put mother nature to work for you by encouraging ladybirds and lacewings to make your garden their home. Some garden stores actually sell these helpful insects. Both of them feed on aphids and will help destroy those bugs before they can become a problem.

ladybird lacewings

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Out On A Limb Going Public

out on limbGoing public about using a pendulum, and talking about some of our metaphysical adventures, was going out on a limb for me. After all, it’s not your every day average topic for discussion and one who is  less ‘fringe’ than I, might raise an eyebrow. But knowing that I made a difference in even 1 person’s life is enough for me. To all of you almost 10,000 folks in the 105 countries that searched for information I offered, and found it, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting  my work and ideas.

Here is what’s on the front burner for the near future;

Hydroponic garden– I am looking into putting together a hydroponic garden producing crops whose growth has been enhanced with crystals and Sai Sanjeevini patterns and other energy signatures.

Paper Doctor Hospital– Whenever I get a spare moment, I plan to organize our Paper Doctor patterns and information into folders with categories for easy use, as I did when setting up the Sai Sanjeevini ‘hospital.’

Emergency Medicine Cabinet– I really need to take a day and potentize about 20 remedies to be used for emergencies such as anaphylactic shock, head or body injuries, food poisoning, or kidney stone attack. We potentize using salt water, crystal glasses, a decagon, and a black pen and white paper, and of course, our good intentions. Then we label the remedies and store them in amber bottles, cured with a drop of vodka. This way we can meet any situation when it comes up.

Sai Sanjeevini world mega– I am putting together a mega remedy which will include (but broadcastcertainly not limited to):  love, right conduct, compassion, respect for all women, dignified housing, nourishing food, and protection. I plan to broadcast it to the world.

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Plants Influenced By Color

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my plants that resembled an ‘iceplant’ had turned purple on some of it’s spikes. I imagined it was due to the influence of the beautiful purple and white pansies on the table next to it which I always admired. I don’t know if this particular plant has a propensity to turn purple or not, but I believe it may had experienced some envy or jealously (if you want to call it that) and took on some of the hue of the pansies to impress me.
The pansies are all of a white and purple variety and I have been growing this pot of flowers for about 4 months. After each bloom, I pick the dead flowers off and new buds grow out and flower. Yet once I started noticing and talking about the beautiful purple iceplant I noticed something strange- all of a sudden
some of the white part of the pansies had turned a light purple. What’s going on here- I thought purple and white pansies stayed purple and white, and green ice plant stayed green but apparently not- apparently plants can change in color according to how they feel and how they are influenced.  (These are actual photos of the pansies and the difference in color is plain to see)

Ok as I said, that was a few weeks ago. Yesterday while watering the plants, I noticed yet another change- the white part of the pansy that had turned purple, had now turned back to white. I’m guessing it changed back to white because I stopped fussing over it- in fact, I’m sure of it.

Lastly, this morning I looked out at the pansies and low and behold, several pansies had changed the hue of the white part into light purple again, and now I am convinced that my pansies love to show off their purple when they know when I’m looking, and truly have a mind of their own.

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Silent Communication With My Plants

I have always taken pride in being a pretty decent gardener, with a basic understanding of light, nutrients and medium, be it water or soil. Recently I have been trying to connect with my plants on a deeper level as I have learned that they can admire beauty or feel jealously, and most definitely are influenced by their surroundings. Here’s a very good example of what I am talking about;

I started making ‘platiques’ which are small containers filled with water and succulent cuttings. They eventually root, and watering them daily is really the only maintenance they require, other than replacing pieces now and then. They do grow, but at a slowed pace and seem dwarfed. I have a white wicker table on my front porch where all the platiques are displayed. I planted some stunning purple pansies and placed the pot in the center of the platique arrangement- each setting the others off beautifully. I also planted some calendula flowers (from seed) spread amongst 4 planters- 3 larger planters were set on the tiled porch floor, and the 4th smaller pot was put on the platique table. Last items on the platique table are 2 very small Chia Pet pots (only about 5 inches tall) of some basil and parsley I’ve been trying to grow by seed. I was examining my exquisite potted beauties and made a few very interesting observations;

1. My Chia Pet herbs sprouted about 3 months ago and still remain tiny- under 2 inches tall and completely immature. I do believe they have taken on the stunted character of the platiques.

2. My small potted calendula displays the same phenomenon- it only grew to  about 4 inches tall- less than half the size of the other calendulas not on the platique table.

3. One of the usually always green succulents has taken on an unmistakable purple hue, which I am sure was influenced by the pansy.

Here are pictures- the perspective is a little off but you can see for yourself

succulent with purple spikes

stunted herb plants

calendula plants from platique table

fully grown calendula plants

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Pest Control And Hydroponic Gardening

Urban gardening can be tough because of all the obvious reasons- space being         one of the biggest challenges.            We recently began an herb garden in a hydroponic grow tent, which sits on the back porch of our apartment. It’s a new growing medium for me, plus we have the advantage of being able to manipulate light, air flow, and nutrients, which could mean faster and fuller crops, so I am having fun with this experiment.

One of the so-called advantages of hydroponic gardening is the controlled environment makes it easier to keep bugs out of the mix, however, last week I witnessed a lone bug flying around the vessel that contained the plants and water. I thought little of it because it was a single tiny bug- a fluke.  But Jimmie also mentioned that he too had seen ‘one lone bug’, and decided to try something- enter ‘digital radionics’, also known as ‘broadcasting.’ We have used it many times before successfully, with messages such as “All ants leave the premises”, or “Alison, call your mother”. This time Jimmie took a picture of the plants in the grow tent, which he sent to the computer and uploaded to the digital radionics software program as the subject, with a ‘wish’ or ‘message’ of “Protect from all non-beneficial insects, increase magnesium”, and he used a picture of a decagon used as an amplifier. After all that information is put in, the radionic rate (67397883) and pitch (257.10 hz) were found, the device is started and broadcasting begins.

About 4 days later Jimmie asked me if I had seen any ‘lone bugs’ around our herb garden lately- I said no. He brought me to the garden area to show me why, pointing to the red plastic bucket. Looking down in you could see a small amount of water and about 30 or more dead bugs. So much for the lone bug theory- there were dozens of bugs, but they all died suddenly and collected in a bucket after being subjected to radionic rate 67397883 and pitch 257.10 hz (I’ll spare you the visual details).

FYI- radionic flowers software gives you the audio tone for all the Bach flower remedies. I often listen to ‘vervain’ when I find myself getting a bit overbearing!

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How To Maintain The Perfect PH Level

 In studying urban farming (using either indoor or outdoor hydroponic gardening) I have discovered the importance of the PH of the water (acid/alkaline levels on a scale of 1-14, 7 being what is called ‘neutral’). You want the correct Ph or else nutrients will be locked out. A good PH for veggging is 5.2, and take the PH up from 5.8 to 6.8 when it’s time for your veggies to flower. By the same token, our bodies need the correct PH so the nutrients don’t get locked out of us, either. The optimum PH level for humans is 7.34.  For balancing the PH in water, there are products called PH Up and PH Down, depending on what the water needs (or vinegar works).  Our human PH is largely dictated by diet. I recently heard that the reason we get osteoporosis is because our bodies can’t absorb calcium when the body’s PH is too acid.  You can make a delicious drink in your juicer of carrots and apples ( 4 of each makes enough for 2) which gives you all the calcium you may need in an absorbing fashion. Too much meat or alcohol can produce too much of an acid PH.    We should be eating 50-80% alkaline foods. You can refer to chart at:

Yes, diet is one way to control our PH- here is another; I made a dowsing chart called PH LEVELS, to find levels, and balance, both water and myself. I used a half wheel with spokes numbered with various PH settings from 1-14, with 7 in the middle marked ‘neutral’ with spokes for my important settings for water, being 5.2 and 5.8, and of course 7.34 which is my desired PH level. I printed the word ACID on the left side (1-7) and the word ALKALINE on the right side (7-14). First I dowsed for a water sample and got a PH of 6 to 7. I used my PH test kit to verify the results and got 7.0. Pretty good. Then I dowsed to find out what my PH was and got a reading of 5.8 which was much too acid. I asked my pendulum to balance my PH to 7.3, and to show me 7.3 when finished. After many many clockwise rotations (that’s my pendulum thinking /gathering/ selecting) it swung confidently to 7.3. I then took a second reading on my PH and got 7.3. I took another reading a few hours later and my PH level still registered 7.3 on my PH Level wheel. I can’t say how often I will need to do this, but I’ll just have to keep checking and see.                                                                                        I am not suggesting that you abandon correct diet,                                                                   but consider another method to balance your body’s PH,  as I just did.


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