Update Schofields

A few months ago I saw an updated documentary on Jani and Bodhi Shofield and their family.  I don’t know why, but I was actually devastated when I found that Michael, the dad, left the family and moved back east.  I guess it was just too much for him, but somehow in my naivety, I thought the bond of their plight would keep husband and wife strong, although you could sense cold undertones in previous documentaries.
Jani has blossomed into a lovely teenager and seems to have stepped in where dad exited, or should I say she stepped up, now helping her mom care for Bodhi, who is inordinately more difficult than Jani ever was, often requiring 2 strong male attendants to hold him back from banging his head or biting himself or other violent behaviors. I’m guessing he spends much time at UCLA psych because he is so hard to handle. It was never spelled out (or else I missed in in the show) but Bodhi appears to be both autistic and schizophrenic, and I do not know what else.
Now the Schofield family has re-grouped, sans the father, and seems to be going strong. My offer to help them with Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns, Bach flower remedies, other metaphysical healing techniques still stands, and finding a good astrologer who does clearings, is still good.  Please reach out to me Mrs. Schofield…schofields1

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Your Questions, My Answers

Finding the answers to your search term questions, keeps me on my ‘A’ game.  Here is some great information about every manor of thing under the sun…

pendulum1 How to use a homeopathy list when dowsing– You can use any remedy list you like, provided the remedies are numbered. I use Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies. You also need a numerical dowsing chart (Ruggerio has one too) so that your pendulum can select the correct number of the remedy. After asking, and determining that you may dowse, ask your question.  If you are trying to help your husband’s acid reflux after an evening out eating and drinking, you may say “Show me the number of the remedy that will most benefit Joe’s acid reflux.” Allow your pendulum to search.  When it has settled upon a number, verify with another question- “Is that remedy #100?” If yes, I proceed to look up the remedy from the list, but if not,  question until you are satisfied that you have the correct number. Ok so you have asked your pendulum to show you the number- it showed you #100 and you confirmed #100.  Now check the remedy list. #100 is Nux Vomica.  Read about the remedy and see how well your pendulum did.  Off the bat, I would say that Nux is an excellent pick for a bloated stomach after a big meal!

What are the planetary  day characteristics?  Here they are…

Planetary Ruler Attributes
Monday Moon Feminine, changes, emotions, secrets, dealing with women.
Tuesday Mars Enthusiasm, energy, passion, protection, competition, anything requiring aggression or determination.
Wednesday Mercury Law, education, travel, thinking, communications, dealing with siblings, medical.
Thursday Jupiter Increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.
Friday Venus Love, luxury, beauty, decorating, shopping for romantic or creative things, pleasure.
Saturday Saturn Long term stuff, career, institutions (such as prisons, hospitals marriage), investments, lords of Karma, good day for a reversal spell.
Sunday Sun Wishes, success, happiness, all-purpose, no secretive work on Sunday.



Cancerian man shrewd– In terms of the Cancer male, he is softhearted (under that tough shell) and loyal.  Making people feel good about themselves is one of the Cancer’s greatest gifts, but on the flip side, the contradictory nature of Cancer gives their temperament wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. They are easily offended and will sulk when they get hurt, yet they have a deep psyche and intuitive mind- and they can be extremely unpredictable. Cancer is also shrewd and cautious and I know my Cancer man is one of many mysteries.


Is keeping secrets unhealthy– It is for teens, and if it is for teens, then it just is. New research says that teens who keep secrets from friends and family members are more depressed, more lonely, have more headaches and are less confident than teens who don’t keep secrets. Teens who keep their lips zipped are also more likely to be involved in rule-breaking behaviors and have poor relationships with others. We now know that sharing secrets is an important skill in creating and maintaining close personal relationships.

decWhere do I put the witness when broadcasting a remedy in radiesthesia-  I am presuming you are trying to send a remedy to someone, using an amplifying chart or a decagon. I usually put the sample on top of the remedy, and put it in the center of the decagon, or you could use Ruggero’s radiesthesic radionic circuit #5, amplifier. Either way it is best to dowse to select the remedy, dose, amount of time to broadcast, and the best time of day to do so.  This will greatly improve your success.

Agrimony 163

Bach flower essences for sobriety– Agrimony has long been known as the chestnut budBach flower remedy for the addict.  Here is a description of the Agrimony patient; Put on a cheerful face to hide problems; if you have mental worry or torture; attempt to forget mental torture through drugs and alcohol. Anxiety and mental torment hidden behind a cheerful face. Superficially carefree, concealing deep mental torture. Jovial, make light of own troubles. Uncomplaining. Seeks stimulation to escape problems. Restless. Worries about future. Over-sensitive to others because of their excessive desire for peace. I also like Chestnut Bud selected by my pendulum for my daughter, which looks like: Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes; are impatient to move ahead. Repeats the same mistakes again and again. Slow to learn life’s lessons. Lack of the observation of life. Failure to improve on previous experiences.

scohJani and Bodhi Schofield– Still, these are the 2 most popular subjects that my readers ask about.  How are Jani and Bodhi? Is Bodhi schizophrenic? I haven’t heard any updates to that effect. Here is an older family portrait.  As far as I know, the parents are still together raising their well known special needs kids.

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Suffering From Treatment Burnout?

burnoutThe condition called treatment burnout can occur when an addict frequents the revolving door of rehab for years on end. If that person has been in this for at least 5 years, they know what I’m talking about… processing groups, step work (the same 12 over and over), urine tests, psych evaluations, getting kicked out, getting admitted, one-on-ones with an addiction counselor. They know the drill . They can usually say with complete truth, “Been there, done that.”

My daughter was a  victim of treatment burnout, and when she was reaching for answers and understanding my husband so astutely summarized it by saying to her, when she complained about that very thing, “You do not have a system to use, to help you understand yourself.” I realized that was the heart of the matter.

There are many systems, not taught at any rehab I have ever heard of, that can teach you about yourself. One is astrology and another is tarot. Until you study these systems you cannot image the value that understanding and using them can bring. Both systems shed light, which is what we need to go to a higher mental/spiritual plane. Kabbalah is another system that when studied, helps you to know yourself, the lower worlds and the upper worlds, bring existence into perspective. Dr. Mario Martinez has a system called the mind body code which I recommend for everyone.

Madeleine’s self help list for addicts seeking solutions;

  • Hook up with a sponsor or friend who you can call at a weak moment, and BTW, don’t wait until after you slip, to make the call.
  • Homeopathic remedies (OTC) such as Avena sativa and Nux vomica can help with cravings, or try combinations such as ‘Calms’, made by Hylands, and can be bought in any health food store to reduce anxiety naturally.
  • Use Bach flower remedies and Sai Sanjeevini addiction patterns daily, to curb cravings and promote ‘right conduct’. Match your symptoms up with the Bach flower remedy that most suits you, and chose the Sai Sanjeevini cards that fit your needs (hundreds to pick from).
  • Give of yourself. A fast way to feel a purpose.                                   study1
  • Study a system that will allow you to get to know yourself.
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Finding A Happy Medium

blogI’ve been a critic of the traditional 12 recovery system in the past, yet no one is more grateful than I, when my daughter is swept up from a potentially dangerous situation, and delivered to to a luxury ocean view room, with meds to make her detox more comfortable, as well as structure and security.                                                                                                     mixedbag

I have come to realize that blending the 12 step approach with a little harm reduction, soft love (as opposed to tough love), astrology, homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini healing system, radionics, family integration, and acceptance, is an amazing formula for addict support.

pillsWhen it comes to meds- I understand and even support the use of allopathic prescriptions, but when meds are over prescribed and under managed, Houston, we have a problem.

I also complain about the 30 day set up. Who completes recovery in 30 days? Get my point?                                                                                   girl16

My biggest complaint is the ‘kick-out upon relapse’. Girls ending up on street corners with bags of luggage, bulky duffel bags, and usually some plastic laundry basket, calling Mom’s- both in tears. Relapse is more often than not, a part of recovery, yet no contingency is made for it.

A little harm reduction can go a long way. Why not teach less damaging behavior if the addict can’t quite grasp the full sobriety gig?

My gripe is not industry specific- we see ‘profits over people’ from small home businesses to corporations, to governments, we see over medicating take place in the mental hospitals, and patient dumping of the elderly, so please, facilities and recovery support folks,





Helping Heroin Addicts

I belong to a few heroin support groups on Facebook, and read the posts, often commenting if I feel I have something valuable to offer, which is not always the case.

I have been following a man who has been trying to kick heroin and posts several times a day, for support, encouragement, and connection to recovery. I don’t know him from Adam, but respect his efforts and acknowledge the difficulty of the journey he is on.

Yesterday, he put up a post saying he drank a beer and smoked a joint, and wanted to know if it was considered a relapse. I said “A harm reductionist would say a beer and a joint is harm reduction. Continue to make choices that are less harmful than the ones you made before. Make it your rule- no heroin or opiates which are your downfalls, and continue with choices that have the least negative impact.” Some folks agreed, and others did not, but I applaud  the man for excluding opiates from his relaxation activities.

There is no ‘cure-all’ I know of, using allopathic, natural, or metaphysical means. Chronic and deep seated imbalances respond to slower deeper healing, and there are many things heroin addicts can do to curb the cravings, calm the crazy thoughts, and basically just cool down the fire;

gems1Choose a healing stone- Carry it with you in your pocket or slip in your pillowcase at night for a constant stream of the energy you are trying to receive. For a starter, let me introduce you to amethyst, the sober stone. http://www.thependulist.org/2014/05/03/sober-stone-amethyst/ You may chose your astrological stone, or read about the various qualities of different stones, and chose what is right for you.

sai6Sai Sanjeevini healing cards- This is a prayer based complete healing system, and absolutely free. They provide hundreds of healing cards of body parts, diseases, and conditions, including everything from schizophrenia, to addiction. Charge your morning coffee with your own personal mega remedy and let the healing begin. For anyone interested, I can guide you though creating the best mix for you.  www.saisanjeevini.org

homeopathyHomeopathy- Whatever condition it is you have, be it cancer or insanity, there is probably a homeopathic remedy for you. Working on the property of similars, homeopathy stimulates your own immune system to kick in and heal the body or mind. There are no side effects, no possibly of overdose, and it is very cheap. For the adventuresome, you can dowse for the right remedy, and then make it from scratch, absolutely free. For all others, consult a homeopathic doctor and let them do an intake to make a selection.   http://www.thependulist.org/2013/10/10/potentize/


bachBach flower remedies- Dr.  Bach realized that plants have qualities too, and gathered the dew from various flowers and created remedies for an array of emotional disturbances. There are 38 formulas, and just by reading the curative properties of each, you will easily be able to chose a good match for you.


giving12Practice the art of giving and being grateful– These are 2 things that will always carry you through. We (my readers and me) do not live off the garbage heap, nor do we languish in prison or the hospital…we are fortunate!!! Talk to the next homeless person you see, and show him dignity. That is a beautiful way to give. Fold a dollar with a nice message written on it and leave it for a poor person to find (‘may health, wealth, and happiness find you’)…that is an anonymous way to give, which is the highest form of giving. The giving and being grateful boosts you to a higher place, and motivates you to keep on ‘keeping on’.

FYI- When in crisis mode, crisistry the Bach flower remedy called Rescue Remedy, or the homeopathic remedy called Ignatia (classic grief remedy) or Aconite (more for shock). You will be amazed how this stuff can take you from a 10 back to a 1, in just moments.

Your questions and comments are always welcome, or send me a private message at ‘contact us’.

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A Flaw In The System

kicked outWhat happens if a client relapses while in residential treatment, or at sober living? If caught, they are expelled, of course. So now let me see if I understand this right- a client displays a symptom of his condition (that is, the addict is using drugs) but then as a result, treatment is halted and the client is cast to the wind. Even if the client admits to using- even if he or she volunteers the information- even if he or she wants to get back on track right away…too bad, they’re kicked out regardless- a brutal consequence if you ask me. Clearly, there’s a flaw in the system.

brokenheartMy heart breaks every time I get that dreaded call- “Sorry Madeleine, we had to kick Alison out for using drugs. She’s on a Greyhound bus back to Los Angeles- should arrive at the skid row station, about midnight.” Wow…are you kidding me?????????? What ever happened to ‘do no harm’, ’empathy’, and stuff like that?

ladderI am tired of seeing my daughter kicked down to the bottom rung of the ladder once again, based on this one taboo act. It’s a more than just a setback. But I hold no power in these areas. All I can do is encourage a life of balance, for both the addict and the addict’s mom, and suggest incorporating the following into your lives, to much benefit:

  • Daily health practices such as juicing, oil pulling (swishing), and 5 rites
  • For cravings, use the homeopathic remedies Avena sativa, Tobaccum, or Nux vomica. You may dowse for the best pick, if you are not sure what to use.
  • Keep busy, preferably in a giving capacity. Doing for others fills idle time and has great rewards…try it sometime.
  • Study astrology and numerology, which are amazing tools for getting to know yourself.
  • Make a Sai Sanjeevini mega remedy to include patterns for addiction, right conduct, and dignified housing, and charge your drinking water with it for a dose every time you drink water or cook rice or pasta.

There is no cure all for addiction and even with all the marvelous healing tools we have, in the end, it takes the will of the addict, to finally overcome.overcome


Using My Metaphysical Tools

After 4 years, it is time for Jimmie and I to move on to a new home, away from the urban Los Angeles setting we had been in. Truthfully, apartment living leaves a lot to be desired, and we can get 3 times more for our money by moving out of the city.

A one bedroom apartment in Hollywood is equal to a mortgage payment on a modest home in Pittsburgh, or rent in an even a nicer home in Lake Elsinore California, which is what we have settled on.

lake elsinoreI have been searching up and down the California coastline, and inland too (which Lake Elsinore is), for just the right combination of what we what, and what we don’t what, that is affordable, and close enough to Los Angeles to keep tabs on Mom and Alison, and this place fills the bill in the areas of beauty, sparseness, consciousness, and budget.

We did the numerology on Lake Elsinore and it comes up to be a 9, which is selflessness, Numerology_and_Birth_Numbers.31845546_stdunconditional love, compassion and brotherhood, and working to raise the level of self awareness on the planet, and trust me, there is not a piece of litter to be found in the town, around the lake, or anywhere in the vicinity. The address of the house resolves to 4 indicating organized, architect, dependable and practical- just what I want a house to be. Couldn’t be more perfect for me, as I am an8, a multiple of 4. The house has been fully cleared with both prayer and pendulum. We are making a remedy from the lake water, titrated at a 1/99 ratio, as a sort of a vaccine.

pen2I would never choose a new place to live without dowsing thoroughly first. If you are considering a move from your present community you can use a blank dowsing chart, fill in the names of the communities you are considering, such as Glendale, Hollywood, Arcadia, Long Beach, etc. Then ask your pendulum to show you the community where you will be the happiest. Ask where you will be the most prosperous. Then ask your pendulum to show you the best all over-over place for you and your family to move. Your higher self knows these things…justask1your comments and questions are always welcome, or you can send me a private email at ‘contact us’

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Treatment As Usual

I’ve been witnessing it for years-                                   door

  • The revolving door of rehab- most clients return
  • Treatment as usual, also known as cookie cutter treatment ppilsl
  • Cross addiction by facility doctor or psychiatrist- clients are being given prescriptions such as Tegretal, Lithium, Klonopin, Zyprexa and Riperdal, in sometimes unnecessarily large amounts, on going.
  • The 30 day set up- not enough time leaving relapse inevitable, sometimes with a hefty price tag, with some facilities charging from $15,000 to $60,00 for just one month.                                                                  square1
  • The grueling task of starting over from square one after a relapse.


Loosing an addiction takes time, big changes, life style leaps and, tons and tons of ongoing support. It is a healing and it is a process. I am in the thick of this world of addiction, and of it’s network. I know the ins and outs of many facilities because my husband either worked there as a tech/counselor, or my daughter was a client there (often more than once), heroin being her drug of choice. I am well aware of what they do and how they do it, and just what I might do differently, if given the reins.

In a perfect world, there would be a perfect rehab…

  • Astrology and numerology- Numerology and astrology are indispensable assessment toolszodiac and will be utilized as a part of intake and assessment.Through these modalities we are given clues to traits and tenancies, and maybe even some very specific information about a person’s past, such as “may have had a alcoholic mother” or “sister may have had a secret marriage”, and are excellent tools in making client assessments, cutting out hours or days or maybe even weeks of exploration between counselor and client.
  •  Psychologist/Homeopaths- We would have one of these on board. Many professionals are starting to understand the curative effects of homeopathy, and a psychologist who can select remedies is golden. Homeopathy is ideal for emotional imbalances, and matching the right remedy with the client could cut out a great deal of time as well as substantially cut down on the amount of cognitive work needed, as well as cutting out or cutting down the need for prescription drugs. If there is a condition, there is a homeopathic remedy to balance it- there are remedies excellent for cravings of all sorts, as well as mental and emotional disturbances, from depression to schizophrenia. Let me also mention- if you are brave and ready to travel outside your comfort zone, you may dowse for an appropriate remedy.
  •  Color therapy-We can dowse for the color that will most heal the client’s addiction greenand make sure there are bed sheets and flowers and t shirts available to the client in this color, or you can simply go with the color of the client’s astrological sign. I am a Capricorn and my color is dark green or dark blue.
  • A daily group called ‘natural healing’ will introduce dowsing, homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini patterns, Bach flower remedies, radionics, and an array of other modalities, to empower clients to chose, and make, their own remedies and manage their own healings. Oh, and treatment plans will now be called ‘game changers’ and will managed by the client.
  • Sai Sanjeevini- a myriad of patterns- everything from thought management, to addiction, to vaccine antidote. Each client will participate in making up a sample mega remedy, and then learn how to charge up their morning coffee, juice, or whatever, with divine healing prayers.
  • Juicing and Yoga- a daily morning ‘ritual’ brings the clients together-each juicingclient can contribute a recipe and it’s health benefits, and make it for the group, followed by yoga, which can be done by even the least athletic of us. Body, mind, and soul will be addressed in this unique program.
  •  We would also teach the health practices of morning oil pulling (swishing), as well as taking a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon twice daily. Keeping the body fit for those who have compromised their immune systems is paramount.
  • Brainstorming- the group uses this technique to design a local benevolent project, and execute it- a wonderful healing exercise.
  •  We have no format that includes the negative affirmation of announcing that last-ritesyou are an addict before you address the group. Remember Dr. Martinez’s story about the priest who gave the wrong man his last rites…the man died in 15 minutes. The power of the word is mighty, and as you say you are, is how you will surely be. Our psycho social model does not embrace addiction as a non-recoverable disease.

I could continue all day, with new and interesting ways to approach the addict and deal with addiction, because what the professional addictionologists and practitioners offer out there, essentially, does not work for the masses of addicts in recovery. Is there one, even just one rehab that’s made the paradigm shift?par

Your questions and comments are always welcome, or you may send me a private email at ‘contact us’.




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Fun With Numerology

In interpreting the writings of Michael Brill from his book Numerology for Decoding Behavior, numbereverything in our universe vibrates in such a way that it can be mathematically measured. Whatever exists can be represented by a number. The most significant number to each of us is our birth number. It is something we cannot change, and I shall virbrate 8 until the day I die, as I was born on the 17th, which reduces to 8. Anyone born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of the month is an 8.

What does 8 represent? Issues involving money, power, control, and status. On the positive side, the 8 qualities include;

  • initiates/delegates/orchestrates
  • logical
  • likes to be in charge
  • natural leader
  • makes it happen
  • walks the talk
  • good at business or politics, or leading organizations
  • looks good in any attire
  • possesses knowledge, wisdom, and expertise

or the negative side, however, the 8 can go something like this;

  • easily frustrated and temperamental
  • extravagant/cheap
  • dictatorial, stubborn, materialistic
  • demands recognition, mean, bully
  • fearful of using personal power and fear of success
  • can be disloyal if feels slighted or ignored
  • whatever money comes is always needed for higher than expected expenses
  • may tend to avoid business or commerce but complain about lack of money

You can look at anything that reduces to an 8 and see these qualities, which remember, are issues involving money, power, control, and status. For fun, we reduce the addresses we see to try to discover if the qualities match up to the type of business. We have noticed that the addresses of banks often reduce to an 8.

Another way Mr. Brill teaches us to use this system of numerology is to reduce the name of any country in the world (using a vowel consonant formula), into a number from 1 to 9, giving you a snapshot of the country’s behavior patterns based on the different qualities of the different numbers. See if the energy of that region matches up to yours, and definitely check if out if you are planning to move.

And by the way, if your birth number is an 8 (called children of fate), unlike other numbers,  it is said that you should avoid  the number for important matters, be it a date on the 8th, or an address . But if you are an 8, and are hell bent on buying a home whose address reduces to 8, you may add a number to the address string to change the energy.change energy

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To Medicate, Or Not…

Dual diagnosis isall . Why else would drug addicts chronically relapse, if not because they had an underlying untreated mental issue standing in the wings and popping out from time to time, making staying off their drug of choice next to impossible. But are these dual diagnosis facilities able to boast better results than just plain  12 step programs, and are they really effectively dealing with the mental aspect?

Now we are seeing more  dual diagnosis facilities, meaning they claim to treat the underlying pillsmental disorder, be it bipolar, schizophrenic, ADHD, or some personality disorder like narcissistic or borderline, along with the addiction. Sounds like a plan indeed, until you examine it, just to discover that the treatment is nothing more than prescription medicine and the ‘management’ of such- standard issues such as mood stabilizers, anti depressants, tranquilizers, and let us not leave out anti-psychotics, doled out in generous portion by psychiatrists  who abandon the concept of  ‘err on the side of caution’ often over medicating, and only see the client once a month. What is worse is that that are cross addicting many addicts who never took pills (but do now), and cross prescribing giving anti-psychotic drugs normally reserved for schizophrenics or bipolar folks, to everyone.  Tegretal, Lithium, Klonopin, Zyprexa and Riperdal are all cross prescribed. I have noticed the same trends in other areas as well- there is a drug I see advertised called Humira, originally said to clear up  skin rashes and such. Now they are billing it as a treatment for Crohn’s disease. And Botox injections are now being used to treat migraines.  Hmmmmmm.

When clients are medicated they are perceived as more stable and more cooperative.  No tech or counselor wants a high maintenance client at rehab.  Night time meds before bed ensure the sleepingclients will lay quietly in bed all night- the facility needs to run smoothly at night when there is only 1 staff member on duty.  No worries…there is plenty of Seroquel to go around!! And so this is how the mental/emotional component of the picture is now being treated- it is sedated and subdued with a pill.

Nobody asked me, but this is just outrageous. There are soooo many negatives to these drugs

  • cross addiction/dependency
  • side effects
  • long term damage to organs
  • no curative effect

Isn’t it time to  try something different already?  Or at lease add something new into the repertoire, cause folks, we still have drug addicts galore…  I’ve said it before http://thependulist.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/clueless/   and I’ll suggest it again- some new ideas for rehab;

  • Astrologists and numerologists would do the primary intake and participate in making both diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Homeopaths would select natural medicines as needed for mental and physical imbalances
  • Healthy habits and  gratitude exercises would replace drugs and pity parties
  • Harm reduction would be offered as an option for those who are unable to abstain entirely

And lastly, here is a list of natural alternatives to some of the hard core drugs given to unsuspecting clients;

  • Sai Sanjeevini (a complete healing system self administered) offers dozens of prayer patterns creating change on a deep level.  Let me introduce them at www.saisanjeevini.org .You can make a mega remedy selecting the diseases, body parts, emotional conditions, and spiritual attributes you wish to address, which might include, addiction, whole body, forgiveness, vaccine antidote, right conduct, and whatever else you wish to add.  You can charge up your morning coffee with the mega remedy, or charge up a piece of paper, and slip it into your pillowcase giving you a constant dose as you sleep at night!
  • Fish oil is considered a natural cure for bipolar disorder and is an important supplement for people with bipolar depression. Studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil stabilizes mood and have effects similar to lithium. http://voices.yahoo.com/natural-cures-bipolar-disorder-8577755.html?cat=5
  • Gingko Biloba, American ginseng, lemon balm, homeopathic medicines such as Stamonium and Cina, magnesium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals, biofeedback, and massage, all have significant results reducing the symptoms of ADHD.  Check out this site for home remedies for ADHD  http://www.homemademedicine.com/home-remedies-attention-deficit-disorder-ADD.html
  • The homeopathic remedy Apis was  successfully administered to a paranoid schizophrenic, dramatically reducing symptoms and significantly changing the patient’s life. http://www.homeopathy-cures.com/html/mentalproblems.html
  • How about DBT, dialectical behavioral therapy, for borderline personality disorder? Or try Aconite followed by Nux   http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/337348/

I could go on all day…blog

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