It’s All In The Hand

Whether you are cooking, giving a massage, or creating a sculpture, it’s all in the hand.  And that goes for chiropractics as well.hands1

I recently added another member to my health team- a new chiropractor.  Did I switch? No. I have 2 now. Each has their own style and skill sets, and each brings something different to the healing arena for me, and since I do not use a primary care physician, I rely on chiropractors for most things I need outside help with, and when one is not available, the other one probably is. They also can sign official forms such as state disability and excuses from jury duty.

Finding an excellent ‘anything’ is hard today, with the vast level of mediocrity out there, in all areas, so when I find someone who ‘has the hand’, I immediately bring him/her on board.

One of the complaints I brought to my new chiropractor is carpel tunnel. I have it in my right hand, presenting as tingling and itching along my right arm and into the palm of my hand. He did a nice wrist adjustment and was able to bring relief from the itching and tingling, which comes and goes.

homeopathy1Along with chiropractics for carpel tunnel, we have several homeopathic remedies that assist in the healing; the main ones being Ruta, Causticum, Hypericum, and Arnica.

Causticum is a top pick, and always gives me instant, temporary relief. It is more indicated when the carpal tunnel syndrome has increased to level where there is excessive weakness in the hands and the muscles of the hand have atrophied. For Causticum to be given in a case of carpal tunnel syndrome the palmar side of had should have flattish appearance (reduction in musculature of hand). Ruta Graveolens is used when there is tendonitis from overuse of  wrist or after a sudden strain or fracture of the wrist. Arnica and Hypericum are good choices when there is an injury relating to the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can always dowse for the remedy that will best help your carpel tunnel, and also to confirm your choice of practitioners. Further you can ask your pendulum to balance your hand and wrist, and return it to it’s original condition. Best of luck, and let me know what works for you- your comments are always welcome.


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Madeleine’s Protocol For Sore Feet

sore feetSore feet- I’ve been dealing with them for years.  I’m just now understanding (you would think I would have gotten it years ago, but it didn’t register) that I must address the body part that the foot is telling me needs attention, such as arch pain indicating kidney, and the top of the foot indicating lymph system.

Holistic reflexology will tell you

  • The heel is about belonging, your place in the group, your culture, traditions and childhood
  • Lower arch is about how you relate to the other, one to one relationships, physical security and money
  • Upper arch is about your relationship to yourself and your boundaries
  • The heart on the large joint is about joy and happiness and gratitude and forgiveness
  • The throat is about speaking up, living in the past or projecting to the future, the ability to create your own reality and responsibilities
  • Middle of the big toe is related to seeing with another perspective and allowing
  • Top of the hallux and toes is related to ego and unity

Others might say, in a broad manor, that the feet is where we store anger.

And it’s all true. And if it’s true for the feet, that must mean that my frozen shoulders might have an underlying cause- an Iridologist I am scheduled to see, told me briefly on the phone, that my frozen shoulders, if started from right to left, which they did, indicates gall bladder and spleen. So now I have to rethink this whole thing.  I t will be interesting to see if this new practitioner I am going to, will give me a different approach.  The things I am doing now are analgesic and somewhat restorative, but I want to do better than that.

Here’s how I keep it together, without pills, shots, or surgeries;

Paper Doctor sore feet pattern– place the pattern on a magnet, and touch with your index finger for 2 minutes.  Your feet will feel better.

Reflexology– a great massage for the feet, and it actually is a healing treatment for all the corresponding organs or systems.

Yoga toes– you can buy them over the internet- they are a gel contraption fits on your toes which you wear (sitting or laying) for an hour. It is almost like traction for your toes and foot and stripes almost all of the pain out of the foot

Orthotics– I could not even consider putting on shoes without them.  I have them for tennis shoes and dress shoes, and if the shoe won’t accommodate it, I just don’t buy the shoe.

Arnica– the classic homeopathic remedy for injury/pain, is a stand by for after a walk. It reduces inflammation and trauma, soothes sore muscles, and heal wounds.

Sai Sanjeevini cream– I take my lotions and coconut oil and charge them with combos #1 and #60 (that’s the base to any remedy) also, the pattern called ‘feet’, and the ‘emergency’ combo, which is combo #19. I apply the creams at night or anytime I take my shoes off. The pain is immediately neutralized, although this is analgesic, and not a cure.

Chiropractics– if your chiropractor does not work on feet she (or he) is not worth their salt. My chiropractor not only works on my shoulders, knees, back, and TMJ, she adjusts my feet as well. Chiropractic work not only triggers the release of endorphins it takes pressure off nerves.

I am about to ad Iridology to the mix, to address some of the underlying causes, and will keep you posted as to what transpires!

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Rhus Tox For TMJ

It’s a God-send having a homeopathic dentist, who believes in oil pulling and removing mercury fillings, dangerous relics of the past (and as dangerous to remove as they are in our mouths, or maybe even more so).holistic dentistry

Metals like mercury, aluminum, and lead all can be both toxic and lethal, depending on amount and exposure, leading to things like dementia, ALS, and violent behavior (remember what the fumes from leaded gas did, and why lead was subsequently removed from gasoline).

So, you guessed it, I’m having a mercury filling removed…the dentist needs to utilize the tooth involved for a bridge he is installing in my mouth, as I am trying to restore and balance my mouth function.  I have TMJ which became worse with this unfinished bridge work needed, plus bad nerves cause teeth grinding during sleep.  My dentist told me about some mouth gear to relax my mouth at night- curb the grinding, but I prefer to get to the heart of the matter for an more effective cure, if possible.

Sometimes I just don’t take enough time for myself. I’ve got a remedy for this one, and a remedy for that one, but always seem to neglect myself.  That’s what I told Dr. Yokoyama, to justify not ordering the mouth gear, and proceeded to share with him my previous success with a homeopathic remedy which I had become side-tracked using. I do use chiropractics for all my aliments- head, shoulders, knees and toes.  My chiropractor is a gem and works on everything including my TMJ twice monthly, which keeps me aligned and is analgesic, but we have yet to make a permanent  correction.  Chiropractics, weather I be sick or well, will always be in my mix.

Talking to my dentist reminded me to get back to the homeopathic remedy that worked for me in the past, so I asked my husband to look into what he had given me a few months ago for my TMJ. He did so, and we found it was Rhus tox. Today I took 3 doses of 1m, a little higher dose than I would normally take for something chronic and acute, but it’s what I had on hand, so took it.  I have had a quick and dramatic positive benefit from the Rhus tox, and although my TMJ is not by any means total gone, today it is significantly better. Not one pop or crunch for several hours now… an outstanding improvement from the annoying constant jaw pop that chronically plagues me all day long. I’m going to see this remedy as far into the healing as I can take it.

The Rhus tox I am taking was not purchased.  It was potentized by my husband using a decagon, salt water, a crystal glass, a piece of paper with the words ‘Rhus tox’ written on it in back capital letters, and a deep intention.


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Follow Up- Carbo Animalis

In mid July I began treatment with my new chiropractor, who gave me an explanation as to why I often had leg cramps in the middle of the night. She said I had small veins in my calves and the restricted blood flow can cause cramps. She verified the condition with a simple pressure test done with a blood pressure cuff wrapped around the calf and pumped up to whatever pressure the patient can take. 220 pounds of pressure is normal. Mine was 120 or 130- not very good. I went home, then I took out my pendulum and dowsed for the remedy that would help me most, and got carbo animalis.  I found out that carbo animalis is made from the burnt hide of animals, and the carbon works on veins! After reading about the remedy I discovered it fit my symptoms and would especially help my  ‘little veins’- just what the doctor ordered, so I decided to potentize it and give it a try.

As I have said before, potentizing is not difficult. Start with a decagon. Then write the name of the remedy and dose (all in capital letters) in black ink, dip into salt water, let dry, and then put it on the decagon with a crystal glass full of water, for 2 hours. After that, your remedy water is made. This is how I made carbo animalis. I took it for the 8 days my pendulum said, and then returned to the chiropractor to have the pressure in my calves re-measured, and sure enough, I could now withstand 200 plus pounds of pressure in both legs. “What did you do?” inquired Dr Annie, and I told her.

Since that time- almost 3 months, I have not had a leg cramp. I love to be able to report success. Here’s how it all went down;

  • My symptom– random legs cramps at night while sleeping
  • My diagnosis– ‘little veins in legs’ made by chiropractor after measuring pressure in calves
  • My remedy– determined by dowsing- my pendulum choose carbo animalis
  • My potentization– done with a decagon, white paper, black ink, and salt water
  • My cure– I took the remedy for 8 days and no leg cramps have returned
  • My verification– Dr. Annie measured the improvement in the pressure I could withstand in my calves, with the blood pressure cuff

Right now, I am cramp free, and have even gone back to a yoga class. If anything changes, I will report it to you.  Does anyone have legs cramps like me, and if so, how did you deal with it?  

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Carbo Animalis The Metaphysical Way

Last week I dowsed for the homeopathic remedy that would best fit my current condition (what ever my higher self decides is my ‘current condition’) and my pendulum chose carbo animalis, a remedy used to open the micro veins, and it turns out that I do have leg cramps caused by ‘little veins’. The diagnosis was based on how many pounds of pressure my calves could take and was measured by my chiropractor about 3 weeks ago. So last week after dowsing for caro animalis, it’s dose, and frequency, I immediately began to ‘realize’ my remedy by writing it down on a small piece of white paper in CAPITALS and in black ink, dipping it into salt water and then drying. Now I take the paper and put it in the middle of the decagon which is facing north, with plenty of light, and place a crystal glass of water on top of the remedy paper to potentize. I try to wait 12 hours, but 2 usually does it.

And now I have been on the remedy for about 4 days, with 8 to go. I have an appointment with Dr. Annie a week from today and by then will have finished taking carbo animalis for 12 days, at the 10x dose. How can I gauge the success of this remedy? By asking Dr. Annie to re-measure the pressure I can withstand in my calves which I plan to do. If there a measurable change in the pressure I can handle in my calves, then that would indicate that my little veins are in better health. It would also indicate that carbo animalis was the correct remedy pick, and also that I fully potentized the remedy sheerly from my intentions. Let’s see what my appointment brings next week or if I have any legs cramps this week…

FYI, I had leg cramps twice- both under emotional circumstances (which apparently make the bool vessels constrict) but I still continued the carbo animalis for 12 days.

It is now next week, and I have just come from my appointment with Dr. Annie.I asked her to measure the pressure in my calves, anxious to know the outcome. After puff puff puff with the blood pressure cuff on each side, I measured 210 on the left and 203 on the right.  This is a significantly better than the 120 on the left and 150 on the right I measured just 3 weeks ago- a lot of pathological change, and Dr. Annie wanted to know what I did. I’ll tell you what I did- without leaving the house or spending a penny, and without consulting a doctor, I asked my higher self to select a remedy that would benefit me.  Carbo animalis was chosen which addresses small veins, such as it had been previously determined I have.  I potentized the remedy with water, salt, a decagon and my good intentions, and took the remedy for 12 days.  The difference in the pressure my calves could withstand was measurably improved, verifying that the remedy worked and so did my potentizing!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, if any needs dowsing charts I have a ton that I will happily share – just send me a note in ‘comments’.


The Accuracy Of Dowsing

About 3 weeks ago, I started with my new chiropractor, a young woman about 30, who has, let’s say, an open mind. Our first visit was diagnostics only, which took about 45 minutes. Because one of my symptoms is leg cramps that randomly come on in the middle of the night, she did an interesting test on my calves  by wrapping the blood pressure cuff around my leg and puff puff puffed it up until I said “ouch”.  Left leg took 120 punds of pressure. Again puff puff puff until I said “ouch” on the right side. 150- a little better, but Dr Annie says I should be able to take it up to 200 or more pounds of pressure . Hmmmm. She explains to me that the micro capillaries (little veins) of my legs are not open enough and not getting enough blood flow, thus causing the cramps. She offered a solution- a product she had on back order called Cherry Bark (if Im not mistaken) some herbal/vitamin blend. I came home and said to Jimmie “Can’t I just dowse for a remedy that will dilate the micro capillaries of my legs?”, and he said “Of course”, but because I was still finishing the calcarea phosphorica, I held off and forgot it, since these leg cramps can go weeks without surfacing, and the calc phos was definitely helping my feet.

With each chiropractic visit, we spoke together in more detail about doing energy healing, and a little about my blog.  During my last session, I shared Jimmie’s experiment with color therapy using the rate for yellow (93486) to try to heal me at which point Dr. Annie asks “How do you go know what your healing color is?”  “Ahhhh ” I said- now we’re talking, and I told her about dowsing. I briefly told her my story about dowsing for borax (read my blog called “Dowsing At It’s Finest”) and I think I peaked her interest. We called it a day and I went home.

Last night I woke up with terrible cramps in my legs, which I never know when to expect. The way I have been dealing with them up until now is by taking aserium 30c immediately when I feel the cramps, and usually within 4 or so minutes, I get relief. This is what I did last night- alleviated the pain, and went back to sleep. This morning I had free time and wanted to dowse for my daughter’s health issues. When I was finished with her, I asked my pendulum if I would benefit from another dose of calc phos- No. The I asked if there was another homeopathic remedy (from the 151 remedy list) that would benefit my current condition. Yes, and my pendulum pointed somewhere between 30 and 35.  Number 34? Yes. Ok remedy 34, at the 10x dose, once a day for 12 days. That’s what my pendulum said. So I looked to see what was remedy 34. Carbo animalis- never heard of it- lets find out what it’s used for.  It only took me a minute of looking to find one of the primary uses for carbo animalis-  “Vascular conditions effecting little veins.”  Need I say more about the accuracy of dowsing?


Doing Much Better, Thanks

I am usually talking about this person or that, and rarely about myself, although last week I did reveal a lot about my own health issues, and I want to follow up about what treatments and remedies are working for me.

First and foremost, my chiropractor is terrific- in just 2 sessions my shoulders are loosening up (not without much pain though), my right shoulder is not so high up, my posture is improved as have my energy levels. She works on my low back, I.T. bands, feet and neck, using trigger points, adjustments, and massage. The discipline of consistency is what I need to work on, and I am doing it, so far.

My blood pressure was off the charts last time I took it about a month ago (was under a lot of stress) and I have been using Sai Sanjeevini high blood pressure pattern about every 3 days since then. My chiropractor took my BP last week and it was a cool 118 over 65. I was very very happy with that.

I just took my 3rd and final dose of calcarea phosphoria 10m last night and have been holding my own with foot pain reduction (over the past 2 weeks) from about a 7 to a 5- also very promising. Who knows what other farther reaching effects the remedy is having on me. Remember, Jimmie dowsed to select this remedy and then he potentized it by using a piece of paper with the remedy written on it in black ink (using capital letters, I might add), dipped in salt water, dried, then placed on a decagon with a crystal glass of water placed on top. In 2 hours, we have Calcarea phosphoria 10m.

I have complained about my mouthful of bad dental work and dental caries, but am delighted to report that after only 2 faithful weeks of oil pulling every day, the condition of my mouth has changed dramatically. All the uncomfortable activity, tenderness, and redness in my lower jaw is gone, as well as the slightly bad taste and odor- all gone. I know I have a long way to go to shrink my 10mm pockets down to 5 or 4, and have complete confidence that continued swishing is the ticket, and will probably incorporate this procedure in my future oral hygiene program for life.

There is one last experiment going on, in regards to me. Jimmie has a picture of me between 2 magnets and a piece of paper with the rate for the color ‘yellow’ written on it, which is the healing color he dowsed for. It makes sense, as I am a Capricorn with bone issues- always cold and need the sun- yellow. Since he began that therapy, I have felt less depressed, more animated, and less angry.

I think one of the most uplifting things that happened this week was a call from my daughter, inviting me out for lunch over the weekend.  Hearing Alison’s voice is a remedy in and of itself!

Healing takes time- there is no quick fix for years of unresolved  health issues, but I’m not worried- our fusion approach along with patience and consistency is paying off. I love our metaphysical style, and we are in it for the long haul.

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Quest For A Chiropractor

Living in big Los Angeles, you would think we have it all, right at our finger tips. In some ways we do- great ethnic cuisine, mild stable weather, a huge community of all manor of natural healers, and some of the best shopping ever. But how do we find specifics in this vast general and overwhelming melting pot?

My recent quest was finding the right chiropractor for myself, after having to leave 2 excellent practitioners behind when I left Pennsylvania. Yes I had 2- the first one, JW, was a traditional old school hands on guy, who did adjustments, trigger points, and massage, and then there was Dice, who did the B.E.S.T. technique, which is mind clearing- an essential precursor to healing. Between the 2, and homeopathy, I kept myself together without much incident.

I know what I want and I know what I need- I like the Pierce Stillwagon and Thompson technique (using adjustments with drop table)- no electrical apparatus or ultra sound- just good old fashioned hands on stuff. And no x rays please. Unnecessary and an absolute no-no.

I must have interviewed 30 chiropractors and been in treatment with 4 now, trying to find the right fit, and I think I just did. It was well worth it, because I now have Dr. Annie on my team- she did a complete exam and put together a treatment plan which included my feet, knees, low and mid back, neck , and shoulders!

  • it’s a new in practice and she is passionate about her work-
  • treatment is financially feasible- she’s working with me
  • she’s a natural healer and open minded to my metaphysical endeavors
  • she has a Thompson drop table, and I am in heaven!

Although I did use dowsing to help me put together my new health plan, I didn’t need to dowse to realize my need for chiropractics- it is not only recommended to me as a Capricorn, but it simply brings me immediate results. Oddly, I could only find 1 actual practicing B.E.S.T. chiropractor here in Los Angeles.  I had 2 sessions with him and would be seeing him on a regular basis today, if finances permitted. Lacy had amazing diagnostic abilities- he could determine anything- he even told me my jaw was out of place, which indeed it was, but only I knew that, and him. After being in a funk, I am determined to improve my feet and shoulders beginning with mindset.  Between Drs. Annie, Lacy, and Jimmie, I’m in good hands.

FYI;  chiropractors were one of the groups persecuted and put out of business by the AMA and John D. Rockefeller, it’s founder, during the 1800’s, as they were ‘bad for business.’

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