What The Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know

dentistWho wants to sit in a dental chair and get drilled?  Not I.  There is much we can do to prevent, and yes, turn around gum disease and tooth decay. We have talked about oil pulling to reduce the size of gum pockets, help straighten teeth, and also to help anchor lose teeth more firmly into the bone. I also mentioned a good oral hygiene tip where you paint your gum line with a combination of calendula and goldenseal tinctures after brushing, as well as Sai Sanjeevini healing patterns for ‘teeth’.  Here is another tip… For those of you who do not know about MMS- educate yourself.  Jim Humble (who lives up to his name and presents as a humble, well intentioned man) brought this amazing protocol to us, as follows;

General MMS Cleansing Mouthwash: Mouth and gum diseases respond promptly to MMS. Just make up a 10 drops dose of MMS. Take 10 drops and add 50 drops of citric acid or lemon juice wait 3 minutes and then add about 1/2 glass of water (4 ounces). Use a soft tooth brush and pour the liquid onto the brush and brush your teeth and gums very well. Be gentle at first. Do this 3 or 4 times a day for the first three or four days. Then do it once a day.Use the extra solution to gargle and rinse your mouth. Do this slowly so that some of the Cl02 gas has time to simmer out of the liquid. The invisible Cl02 gas will kill all the germs and bacteria in your mouth without harming sensitive gums or sore places on the tongue. Then for a few weeks brush your teeth at least once a day with the MMS solution.Your mouth should be in much better condition after one week, but it will continue to improve for several weeks before it gets to the condition of being a lot healthier than ever before. You can then cut back to two or three times a week.

Emergency Toothache Options: There are many reports of people whose toothaches were stopped completely within a few minutes of holding activated MMS in the mouth for two minutes. This would be one of those situations where you couldn’t get scheduled for dental work and you have no choice but to clinch down on cloves to mask the pain – which might mean days or weeks while you wait for an opening on the dentist’s waiting list.However, after one or two MMS treatments, the tooth ache might not reappear for 12 to 24 hours. The reason for tooth-pain is usually that bacteria has found a home deep in a tooth cavity and bacteria are feeding on nutrients near or touching the nerve. By holding even a low MMS mixture in your mouth and brushing heavily on the tooth surface where the cavity might be, the odor of Cl02 can be forced into the tooth far enough that the bacteria “smell it,” stop nibbling, and die near the nerve. The tooth will not cause any more pain until more food is pressed into the crevice and new bacteria begin feeding again.This procedure can be executed with a low dosage like this: one MMS drop in a small cup with 5 drops of the acid. After three minutes, add 1 or 2 table spoons of water and stir it with a toothbrush. Your toothbrush is now nicely sterilized. Stir the mixture onto the brush, carry it into your mouth, and brush the tooth or teeth where the pain is felt. Carry more MMS into your mouth and repeat for two minutes or more.

Regarding a Pressure-sensitive Tooth: It should be noted that if your tooth is pressure sensitive – meaning that when you bite down on it then pain is felt, this usually indicates a pocket of infection forming under the tooth. In this case, mere brushing is futile but you have a powerful option for reducing and eliminating the infected tooth. Do it quickly. Immediately start taking your normal MMS doses MORE OFTEN. Get the MMS and ClO2 circulating as soon as possible. For example, if you were normally taking 8 drop doses morning and night, step it up – take your doses every two hours – for two days until at least, or until the tooth pressure-pain disappears. The infection will in most cases be eliminated without a terrifying root canal procedure. You will avoid strong antibiotics that dentists give to kill the infection. You will avoid further dental work to “save the tooth.” This suggestion is based on actual experiences and user reports.

And here are the top picks for homeopathic remedies to support teeth and gums, to further aid you in solving dental carries straight from Dr Sharma who puts out scores of health articles and suggestions for best remedies;

Plantago: Homeopathic remedy for toothache and sensitive teeth; Homeopathic medicine Plantago is a natural cure for toothache. Plantago is of help in all those cases where the teeth ache and are sensitive. Teeth show caries and most persons requiring Homeopathic remedy Plantago have increased salivation in their mouth with toothache. Plantago also gives good results when there isa swelling of cheeks along with toothache. The pain radiating from teeth to ears is best controlled with Plantago. At times the nerve pain in teeth can spread to eyes. In such reflex pain in eyes from teeth, Plantago plays a wonderful role in controlling pain. In all these narrated situations, Plantago has to be taken internally. Natural Homeopathic medicine Plantago can also be used as an external application if the tooth that aches is hollow inside.

Silicea: Top Homeopathic remedy for toothache from abscess of root of teeth; Silicea is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for toothache resulting from abscess of root of teeth. Abscess refers to collection of pus at the root of teeth. Silicea is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for pain in teeth due to abscess formation. The gums in all cases are swollen. Cheeks may also get swollen. Most of the times the patients needing Homeopathic medicine Silicea complain of worsening of toothache in cold air and from taking cold water. Fever may accompany the toothache due to abscess.

Chamomilla: Homeopathic medicine for toothache when patient turns irritable; Chamomilla is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine  for toothache when the patient turns irritable, mad and wild with severe tooth pain. The pain in teeth is totally unbearable. Mental agitation with toothache calls for the use of Chamomilla. The patient seems oversensitive to pain. The intake of warm drinks usually makes the condition worse for patients needing Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla.

Staphysagria: Homeopathic cure for toothache when eating or drinking; Natural Homeopathic medicine Staphysagria is a very effective cure when any food or drink excites the toothache just on touching the teeth. The toothache may appear either in decayed teeth or in sound teeth. Most of the times, the intake of cold drinks worsens the pain. Excessive saliva in mouth and bleeding from gums may also be noted in a few patients.

Merc Sol: Homeopathic medicine for toothache with excess saliva, offensive odor in mouth; Merc Sol is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for toothache that is accompanied by two main features. The first is profuse saliva in mouth, and the second is the worst kind of offensive odour in mouth. If these two important symptoms are narrated by a patient along with toothache, Merc Sol should always be given. Merc Sol should be used when both hot and cold food worsen the pain in teeth. Most of the times the crown of teeth is decayed while the root is perfectly sound. In such cases also, Merc Sol is the ideal Homeopathic medicine. Bleeding from gums is most often noticed. The patient may complain of looseness of teeth. Increased thirst for water may also be present.

Silicea and Hepar Sulph: Homeopathic remedies for toothache due to root abscess; Both Silicea and Hepar Sulph are wonderful natural Homeopathic medicines to deal with toothache because of root abscess. Silicea can be used in all those cases where toothache with swelling in gums and face appears due to root abscess. And if fever with chills is present along with pain and swelling, Hepar Sulph is the preferred Homeopathic remedy.

Staphysagria and Merc Sol: Homeopathic medicines for pain in decayed teeth; Staphysagria is a natural Homeopathic medicine that holds a great promise in relieving toothache of decayed carious teeth. Usually the patient needing Staphysagria complains of worsening of pain the moment any food or drink touches it. Merc Sol is another natural Homeopathic medicine that is very beneficial when both cold and hot food worsen the pain in decayed teeth. Increased saliva and offensive odour from mouth are often noted in patients who can benefit from Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol.

Plantago: Natural Homeopathic medicine for pain in decayed hollow teeth; In patients who have hollow teeth due to caries, Homeopathic medicine Plantago should be applied externally in tincture form along with internal intake of this medicine to get good results. Magnificent results follow use of Plantago in toothache where hollow cavities appear in the affected teeth.

Plantago, Spigelia and Magnesium Phos: Homeopathic medicines for pain from teeth to ear or face; For the pain in teeth that extends to ear, natural Homeopathic medicine Plantago is the appropriate remedy. For the neuralgic pain in face on right side due to toothache,Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Phos is the best medicine. And to deal with nerve pain extending from teeth to left side of face, Spigelia is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.

Hecla Lava: Homeopathic medicine for toothache with swelling around jaw; Hecla Lava is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine for toothache that is accompanied by swelling around the jaw. Hecla Lava can be taken in all the cases of toothache with jaw swelling. Hecla Lava will relieve both the pain in teeth as well reduce the swelling around jaw.

Arnica and Hypericum : Homeopathic Remedies for toothache after extraction; Arnica is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is of great help in the treatment ofpain in gums following tooth extraction. Arnica is very beneficial in providing relief from pain if it occurrs after tooth extraction. This natural medicine is very frequently used in Homeopathy for injury cases. So, following dental work, Arnica is always recommended for pain appearing thereafter.

Arnica and Hypericum: Homeopathic Remedies for Toothache following filling procedure; Natural Homeopathic medicine Arnica is a very beneficial remedy for pain in teeth with soreness in gums that occurs after filling of teeth. Here, Arnica act as an accurate pain relieving medicine. Hypericum is a Homeopathic remedy for nerve pain following tooth filling procedures. These natural Homeopathic remedies for toothache can be taken in alteration to get good results.

Chamomilla and Coffea: Homeopathic Remedies for toothache with hot food sensitivity; Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla is the best natural remedy to treat toothache where the teeth are sensitive to hot food and drinks worsen the condition. Homeopathic medicine Coffea can be taken if cold water provides relief in toothache.Both these homeopathic remedies for toothache are excellent source of treatment when heat sensitivity of the tooth is the cause.

Hepar Sulph and Magnesium Phos: Homeopathic Remedies for toothache with cold food sensitivity; Hepar Sulph is the natural Homeopathic remedy when the tooth pain worsens from cold drinks or food. And Magnesium Phos can be taken when warm drinks bring relief from toothache.Both these homeopathic remedies for toothache are excellent source of treatment when cold sensitivity of the tooth is the cause

silenceLastly, with all due respect, do not let your dentist or dental hygienist medically hex you by predicting negative outcomes for your teeth. Remember Dr Emoto’s experiments with the frozen crystals he photographed. Placing the words “you are ugly and I hate you” on one set of crystals produced hideous looking crystals, while the crystals with the words “I love you and you are sweet and pretty” produced amazingly beautiful crystals. The power of the word is mighty.

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New Dental Protocol

holistic dentistryYesterday was my first deep cleaning dental appointment. Happily, I had a very conscientious hygienist, with a very good hand. She gave me an injection of lidocaine to numb the area and went to work. But my local dentist was not able to give me a homeopathic/holistic protocol to support the dental work. If you are interested in a comprehensive oral hygiene plan, see my previous article, which includes, oil pulling and MMS.

It’s a shame that I can’t find one affordable doctor, dentist, or homeopath in the states that share my healing philosophy, and I have to go to India to find the practitioners I need from the medical professional I want to partner with. I use Dr Sharma from India and his associate Dr Kaur as my PCP, and take Dr Ankit’s advice for dental issues (yes, he is from India too).

Both Dr Kaur and Dr Ankit gave me homeopathic suggestions and a protocol to follow in regards to keeping myself safe from infection after the oral deep cleaning.  I chose to combine them and used a little of each. Dr Kaur suggested Merc sol 30 C : 4 pills Twice a week and Hekla lava 30 c : 3-4 pills daily. Since I surprisingly had neither in my healing closet, I set out to potentize them, using a decagon, crystal glass, salt water, and the name of the remedy written on paper, using black ink, all capital letters.  Dr Ankit, on the other hand, prescribed a single dose of Pyrogenium in 1M potency a day before the visit and  Arnica 30 three times a day a day before and then continue it for 5 days. I used the Merc sol and Hekla lava a few days before my dental appointment (I did not have weeks to take any remedy prior to my deep cleaning) and then took one dose of the Pyrogenium (only had 200c).

Don’t think I’m Miss Goody Two-shoes all the time. I was armed with a prescription of Vicodin too, because the pain after dental work can be very intense for the entire day and evening after, and I was well prepared to take it. This would be one of the very few times I consider Big Pharma drugs, but you cannot argue with pain, and a Vicodin.  They speak for themselves. I was particularly concerned because of the pain I had after my dental examine 2 weeks ago. The dentist, although very nice,  was very aggressive when measuring the gum pockets and had a heavy hand, causing a lot of bleeding. That night, my mouth was in shock and pain.  I worried that the same would happen tenfold, after the actual deep cleaning.

Not to worry, Madeleine has another trick up her sleeve!! I take out my Sulus rate book, and find the rate to Arnica.  Then I write it in on a remedy transmitting chart and use a piece of my finger nail as the witness and get a broadcast all set up.  Yesterday in the morning before going to the dentist, I started my broadcast of Arnica 30c, so that I would receive continual flow of remedy throughout the day.

After returning home, I was still very numb, and was anxious to rate my pain level.  I took a dose of Causticum (which I heard takes the numbness away) and within 15 minutes it was almost gone. I’m waiting for the pain, but it does not come.  Now it’s dinner time.  I eat some homemade pizza with a nice crust, and a salad. No problem eating, and still no pain.  How can this be? I have had deep cleanings before and am no stranger to dental work that hurts, but where is the pain? Clearly the broadcast of the Arnica- the continual flow, was the answer!

Dr Ankit, we need to work this into the protocol!!!!

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Straight From The Dentist’s Mouth



Dental work throughout my life, has been a nightmare. All manor of unfit dentists have worked on my teeth, with horrible results.  I am trying to change the tide.



I’m so fortunate to have hooked up with an authentic holistic  dentist, Dr Ankit,  who actually uses the broadcasting of remedies and intentions in his healing protocols.  I wanted to share his latest tips for me, to aid me in my upcoming dental work.

Because I have deep gum pockets, 2 mercury fills that have to be replaced, and some other tooth decay, I’m in for at least 4 or 5 trips to the dentist to cure all this. I always go for the most passive and lest intrusive possible procedures, and include MMS, painting and massaging my gums with goldenseal and calandula tinctures, and homeopathy. I also want to share the program Dr Ankit set up for me in conjunction with the dental work;

1)  For deep cleaning of pockets – Take single dose of Pyrogenium in 1M potency a day before your visit and  Arnica 30 three times a day a day before and then continue (Arnica 30 TDS) it for 5 days.

2)  Before filling – Hypericum 200 one dose daily before, during & after visit (total 3 days only) and Arnica 30 three times a day before, during and after visit (3 days)

For flossing use ‘waxed’ dental floss.  The Oral-B dental floss is good.  You can massage your gums with the Sai Sanjeevni charged oil which you use for swishing.  You can write following intentions whichever you feel good or all of them on a broadcasting chart which you use.


BTW- you can always dowse for the best remedy for your particular dental carries, or create your own intentions for broadcasting.  In this case, I like what Dr Ankit picked for me.

I cant wait to get started.  Thanks Doctor Ankit- you are the best….

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Rhus Tox For TMJ

It’s a God-send having a homeopathic dentist, who believes in oil pulling and removing mercury fillings, dangerous relics of the past (and as dangerous to remove as they are in our mouths, or maybe even more so).holistic dentistry

Metals like mercury, aluminum, and lead all can be both toxic and lethal, depending on amount and exposure, leading to things like dementia, ALS, and violent behavior (remember what the fumes from leaded gas did, and why lead was subsequently removed from gasoline).

So, you guessed it, I’m having a mercury filling removed…the dentist needs to utilize the tooth involved for a bridge he is installing in my mouth, as I am trying to restore and balance my mouth function.  I have TMJ which became worse with this unfinished bridge work needed, plus bad nerves cause teeth grinding during sleep.  My dentist told me about some mouth gear to relax my mouth at night- curb the grinding, but I prefer to get to the heart of the matter for an more effective cure, if possible.

Sometimes I just don’t take enough time for myself. I’ve got a remedy for this one, and a remedy for that one, but always seem to neglect myself.  That’s what I told Dr. Yokoyama, to justify not ordering the mouth gear, and proceeded to share with him my previous success with a homeopathic remedy which I had become side-tracked using. I do use chiropractics for all my aliments- head, shoulders, knees and toes.  My chiropractor is a gem and works on everything including my TMJ twice monthly, which keeps me aligned and is analgesic, but we have yet to make a permanent  correction.  Chiropractics, weather I be sick or well, will always be in my mix.

Talking to my dentist reminded me to get back to the homeopathic remedy that worked for me in the past, so I asked my husband to look into what he had given me a few months ago for my TMJ. He did so, and we found it was Rhus tox. Today I took 3 doses of 1m, a little higher dose than I would normally take for something chronic and acute, but it’s what I had on hand, so took it.  I have had a quick and dramatic positive benefit from the Rhus tox, and although my TMJ is not by any means total gone, today it is significantly better. Not one pop or crunch for several hours now… an outstanding improvement from the annoying constant jaw pop that chronically plagues me all day long. I’m going to see this remedy as far into the healing as I can take it.

The Rhus tox I am taking was not purchased.  It was potentized by my husband using a decagon, salt water, a crystal glass, a piece of paper with the words ‘Rhus tox’ written on it in back capital letters, and a deep intention.


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Excuse Me While I Save The World

save the worldIf only there were 30 hours in a day, I could probably get everything done. But given we each get only 24, and I like to use at least 8-9 or more hours in bed each day, that leaves me with a precious few to run my life and save the world and such.


My healing and habits have branched out a little, as has everything. These are but some of my many daily ‘best health’ practices and routines:

Swish– oil pulling is how I start almost every day of my life now- 20 minutes of cold pressed sesame oil swished around in the mouth. It is restoring my oral health and whatever else fringe benefits I am getting from it, but for the dental rewards alone, I shall swish til the day I die! Just so you know, oil pulling can aid in curing diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, as well as diseases like polio, cancer, leprosy, polycystic kidney, neural fibroma, and paralysis.

Refresh Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns– I have a table full of patterns being broadcasted to self, friends, and family for various conditions, as well as prophylactics for swine flu and cancer and other potential health threats. I refresh them every day with a  prayer.

Dowse– almost everyday I find myself having to dowse for one reason or another, such as,  are the leftovers still fresh enough to eat? (they probably are because I balance everything when I  bring it into the house)  or,  how many times a day should I give Brandi the Arnica for her UT condition?  or whatever else is called for that day.

Blog– part of the way I give back is to share what I have learned with the world.

Work– When I am able to work, I am a fund raiser for progressive non-profit organizations, all of which I adore and support. I help them save the world by day, and sleep well at night.

A teaspoon of honey and cinnamon– since I talk for a living, I coat my throat with a teaspoon of raw honey and a high grade cinnamon each day before leaving the house for work. The other health benefits of honey and cinnamon are numerous and widespread from bad breath, upset stomach, hearing problems, infertility, and flu, to weigh loss and more.
A random act of kindness– I try to let no day go by without doing at least one of these.



Back To The Dentist

I have been concerned about a bad root canal that had clearly become abscessed (one of 2 roottoothache canaled teeth on bottom). At first I thought the situation only involved tooth #18, my last back bottom molar on the left side, but 2 weeks into my treatment plan, abscesses popped out all along my top left gum line along the side of my mouth, as well. I thought, last week, that I was getting the situation under control with my protocol;

radionic tone for Brodie’s abscess

homepathic remedies, Silcea, Hepar Sulph, Hekla Lava (to draw the pus)

goldenseal, calendulla, and oregeno oil tinctures (as natural anti biotics)

Interfase enzymes to clear bilofilms (which surround and protect the bacteria)

MMS- kills everything!

pen3but Jimmie dowsed and told me my situation was severe and that I needed to go to the dentist. “No I don’t, said I. I’m much better.” 2 days later my bottom tooth took a turn for the worse, appeared to be highly infected and was unbearably sore- I clearly needed the dentist as predicted by Jimmie’s pendulum, so I went. My dentist delivered the bad news- the hollowed tooth roots on tooth #18 were rotten and had to go…this meant surgery. I consulted with a homeopathic doctor I respect, and he concurred that the bottom rotten tooth had to be extracted, but the top infected teeth, had hope for survival and I would continue my protocol to try to clear the abscesses in the top teeth, but this could take months, even years some say.

dentist1Dr Yokoyama and his nurse spoke back and forth as they began the extraction. “It may break off” he told her, leaving me with an image of the dentist having to dig the damn thing out. I immediately thought about my husband asking mother earth to open for him as he dug O’Shay’s grave, and she did. So I asked my tooth to release, to let go, to allow Dr Yokoyama to pull it out. “It’s wiggling” said the nurse, “Got it” said the dentist.

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Natural Protocol For Brodie’s Abscess

toothacheIt has finally come to light what’s been causing  discomfort in my teeth and jaw area, and preventing my 3 piece lower back bridge, from staying on. Over 10 years ago I had root canals in the 2 outside teeth, of the 3 teeth involved, and the center tooth of the 3 had been previously shattered eating a Jolly Rancher, and had a one piece post and tooth set, which was later rejected by my mouth. Then came the 3 piece bridge, but about 2 years ago it loosened came off, and several attempts to keep it well secured and functional, failed, and I also felt a tenderness in my jaw, of which xrays showed nothing. This year, I have actually been walking around with loose bridge work. Finally about 2 weeks ago, the whole assembly, including some screw that had been installed in the root of the rear tooth, came out, followed by a severely infected area, probably from the metal screw ripping out, and I can actually see bubble like abscesses around and on the side of the tooth area, and the tenderness in the jaw is much worse. When I went to my digital radionics tones, to listen to ‘abscess’, I discovered a tone called ‘Brodie’s abscess’, looked it up, and the picture of my condition became clear. I have had an abscess festering in my jaw since the root canal 10 years ago accounting for years of problems keeping bridge work in my mouth, and God knows what other health problems I have. This type of abscess can settle in any boney area of the body, often found in the femur bone, and is very difficult to heal.

Here is the protocol I put together based on, experience, research, and professional advise.

  • Homeopathic Silcea and Hepar Sulf to push out the puss, and Hecla Lava (which is made from the lava of Mt St Helens, and when you think of the action of a volcano, that is exactly what I am trying to achieve).
  • Calendula tincture mixed with a little water used as a mouthwash- hold it in the mouth for a few minutes. It is most extraordinary and can heal GANGRENE!
  • Lauricidin- It’s a natural antibiotic made from coconut milk. I hear it kills everything!
  • Oregano oil- anti bacterial and anti viral- I paint it right on the affected areas, and also take a few drops in juice daily.
  • Enzymes- this is quite important to break through the biofilm and slime, and let the bacteria out. Interfase makes a good one.
  • Radionic tone for Brodie’s abscess- If you have the digital radionics software you can listen to this tone daily, until abscess is completely gone. This could take months, so hunker down. www.voicesync.org

Having dowsed to determine if there is any rotten tooth matter that would need to be removed, and thankfully receiving a ‘NO’,  I have the confidence to continue my program, and will keep you posted on any changes, good or bad.good or badAnd as always, your comments are invited.


Does The 3 Day Heroin Rule Work? and other questions….

questions3qYour search terms tell me what you want to know, and I’ve been working on the answers for you…


Bach flowers for alcoholism– Agrimony is indicated for patients suffering inner torture, which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness. This is a classic pick for alcoholism.

Tissue salts for eyes feel too big– Schussler’s tissue salts address a myriad of eye conditions. It could be Ferrum phos often used in treating retinitis, with great engorgement of the retinal vessels, but because most of us can get something out of all the 12 tissues salts, why not just take the12 salt combo called Bioplasma, and your body just eliminates any it does not need, and thus all the eye conditions are covered. You would never take 12 homeopathic remedies together, however with the tissue salts, it is just fine.

Oil pulling results– I can tell you the results I have received; cleaner and straighter teeth, and smaller gum pockets.

The colors of Capricorn– The colors of Capricorn are dark green, dark blue, and brown. Earthy.

 MRSA and cilantro– According to the Huffington Post and The New York Times, coriander oil (from the cilantro plant) has been found to kill E coli, MRSA and Salmonella. Coriander oil has been an old folk remedy used in Italy, India, and Iran for various conditions, including anxiety.

Does 3 day heroin rule work– The 3 day heroin rule says never use for more than 3 days in a row, to avoid addiction, but that has been updated to an even surer method of not being sick and not getting addicted called the 8/72 rule- you can use up to 8 hours in any 72 hour period. This translates into using just twice a week (for 8 hours each time) so if you keep your dose reasonably low, you will never get sick and should have a high level of function ability. And yes, the 8/72 rule works, if you can stick to the program.

Cancer man homebody– Cancer men are homebodies, sensitive, and may also have a garden, write music or poetry (or both) and pay attention to the fung shui of the home. This does not mean that they are not manly- on the contrary. I always say, if you have a Cancer man, you are very lucky.

Schofields using Jani – for what?

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Best Oral Hygiene

swishing4Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional folk medicine from the far east (India actually) which is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, and called called Kavala Gandoosha / Kavala Graha. As a Capricorn prone to teeth carries and bone issues, I took up the practice in hopes of dramatically changing the health and character of my month, which I have been achieving, slowly but surely. I can most assuredly say that my teeth are whiter and straighter and my gums healthier with smaller gum pockets. Swishing pulls toxins from the mouth (and stomach) and also boast many health improvements in the following areas:

allergies, colds, headaches
•respiratory problems of lungs like asthma, bronchitis
• various skin problems rashes, itching
• Digestive issues
• Constipation
• Arthritis and joint pains
• Heart disease and Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Piles
• female reproductive system issues-

It has been recommended to me that I finish my swishing with a quick salt water rinse, and then brush my teeth, preferably without toothpaste so that mineralization can occur. I go back later and do another brushing again with tooth paste, and then finish with a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon which acts as a breath freshener and also has many numerous other health benefits in and of itself.

There are also many homeopathic remedies for teeth. Contrary to what your dentist may say, ill teeth can be saved- extractions and root canals can be avoided. Here are some remedies that Dr Wolfe teaches us about, for a dental abcess;

Belladonna – Works best when used early in the case, for early dental abscess that is red and throbbing.
Bryonia -For acute inflammation or for pricking like pain which is relieved by firm pressure.
Hepar Sulphuris – This will take down an abscess accompanied by pus.
Myristica – This relieves swelling and numbness
Pyrogenium – For pus that will not drain
Silicea – Again, this will help to discharge pus

He also gives remedy choices for gingivitis, neuralgia, bleeding, post operative pain and swelling, salivation, and TMJ. Here is Dr Wolfe’s site for a wealth of information


Sai Sanjeevini has patterns for teeth, pain, inflammation, and more. Paper doctor also has patterns for teeth.

Please please check this out before letting the dentist pull out your teeth, or hollow out the roots.  When in doubt about what to do, you can always dowse for the answers!dowse





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Death By Allopathy

DEATH BY ALLOPATHY  Allopathic treatments are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and according to some, may now be the leading cause. They are deaths of the ‘iatrogenic’ category, which means ‘of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment’. Across the board, many serious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, and heart disease, have had their cures suppressed by the FDA and the AMA. The smallpox vaccination killed millions over the centuries even though they knew the cure in the 17th century. Poisons are allowed in our foods- aspartame and fluoride, not to mention the dreaded mercury which is contained in our fillings- yes- mercury dwells in our mouths and in our blood stream via a multitude of vaccinations.

Now read Death By Medicine by the highly respected Gary Null (red stuff), for more details    Null.http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf

A 2009 investigative report published in The New Yorker found that areas of the United States that utilize more conventional medicines and treatments tend to have worse health outcomes. In contrast, nearby areas with similar demographics but lesser use of medical procedures and drugs tend to experience better health.  Here are some overwhelming statistics about medical nightmares that I have verified by cross referencing;

  • 2.2 million per year have adverse reactions to prescribed drugs, and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that 20 percent of newly approved drugs are ultimately recalled as unsafe.
  • 20 million per year are given unnecessary antibiotics for viral infections.
  • 7.5 million unnecessary surgeries  are performed every year.
  • 8.9 million are unnecessarily hospitalized every year.
  • The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an   astounding 783,936 per year.

And here’s a Latin proverb…

“The doctor is to be feared more than the disease.”

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