Hospice Remedies Ease Passing

Brandi’s time was up last evening, and she passed peacefully at almost 18 years old- old by any canine standards.

She was one of our star subjects for many healings, from calming during travel, to upset stomach, to blood in urine, to doggie old age which included hip dysplasia, exhaustion and rapid eye movement, seizure, tumors. Sorry to say I have read where vaccinations in dogs can cause hip dysplasia which I feel was at the root of Brandi’s decline.

For the last few weeks we have seen weight loss, lack of mobility, and loss of bowel control. I put her on Ledum and Dulcamara, which I dowsed for and they did offer immediate improvement, but really, there is only so much improvement one would hope to see at this advanced stages. I also put her on Hyaluronic acid which I feel also helped. Signs of pain such as tucked tail, licking, clopping and panting, were diminished.

There are a good number of hospice remedies that can be given when death is coming- all for a variety of different reasons.  I was using Carbo veg known as the ‘corpse reviver’ to bring her back after any episode of exhaustion and rapid eye movement, with great success. Also Bryonia is a good remedy for doggie old age.

But this time we chose to let Brandi pass.  The level of pain, lack of ability to walk (and she’s a big girl- Husky/Rottie mix) and loss of bowel control had become too much.  This time, I selected Arcenicum as a pre-death remedy, designed to settle her restlessness and relieve her great thirst, and Aconite for fear of death, and so she could let go. For us, it was relief and grief, and for Brandi it was freedom.

R.I.P. Brandi- so honored to know you.brandi


Not Tonight Brandi

brandiOur faithful oldest canine Brandi is now pushing 16 years, and has been a subject of many healings over the years. She has slowed down so much since we moved from Hollywood 3 years ago and has a bit of dementia along with her weak hind quarters and heavy panting.  Still, she loves her morning walk, though slow, and follows me around from room to room for a good part of the day.

Difficulty raising, especially on the slippery floor, has been one of Brandi’s challenges lately, and sometimes requires someone to help her get up, as in what happened a few nights ago. She exhausted herself trying to get up and started with her heavy panting.  My daughter got her to a standing position but something was clearly wrong-  her front legs and chest were wobbly and she could barely hobble a few feet and flopped into one of the dog beds. She began to vomit. Her eyes were moving rapidly side to side and would not stop. With everything she had she tried to get up, unsuccessfully.

Now I’m panicking inside, afraid Brandi’s end was here, and lined up a house call vet for possible euthanasia assistance, depending on how the night went, with my husband (who I consider the senior healer of the family) on the way home to help me figure out our next move.

Jimmie arrives home and races for his pendulum-  dowses for a remedy for Brandi. Fragaria Vesca is selected, which is from the strawberry plant and known to loosen tarter on teeth, which Brandi certainly needs. In the pendulum1meantime he gave a dose of Bryonia.  Jimmie set to potentize the Frag Vesca which would take a few hours.  I was able to find the Sulis rate for it (6717) and using an excellent transmitting chart from www.dowsethis.com and within minutes was sending her the remedy at the 1M dose.

As Jimmie and I went into remedy making gear, Brandi lay motionless on the floor. Within 10 minutes or so we came back in to check Brandi.  Eyes were still- the darting has ceased. We let her rest, marveling at the obvious neurological improvement. Suddenly, Brandi got up on her own, walked outside, and went to the bathroom. She was a little wobbly, but she made it.  This was one of several trips to either the water bowl or to go to the bathroom that night and Brandi was starting to look as good as new.

The next morning the live dose of Frag Vesca was ready, and we kept Brandi on that, and Bryonia several times a day, for several days and find Brandi now completely 100% back to where she was before this episode, and maybe better! A spot-on example of total natural healing-  first dowsing to select the correct remedy, realizing the remedy using a crystal glass, salt water, and a decagon, and even transmitting it using a numerical rate, and a witness placed on a transmitting chart. No prescription medications, no visits to the vet or doggie ER, on invasive tests or surgeries. Just pure metaphysical healing. A little know-how, and the energy of the universe, can go along way.

1 week later, I was reading  that heavily tartered teeth can cause the very debilitating conditions that Brandi has. Now we know why the pendulum chose Frag vesca! And much respect to my adorable house-call groomer Amy, who helped me with emergency resources, and was there for me every minute.

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It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

In discussing communicating with elements, forces, and entities, let us not forget plants. I have been recently reminded about THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, of which I have read some, but here is a nice you tube video link. It’s an hour and a half film and truthfully I have not watched it, but know of it’s contents. This movie comes highly recommended. http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=7_X2Z9v8-6Q

I have a friend who suggested the video to me, and also suggested I try working with my pendulum and ask to communicate with a plant. So I did.

plantI lightly held a piece of the plant, so as not to injure it. I asked if the plant needed water- no. Then I asked if it needed more light- no. Are you happy on the counter top where you sit- yes. Do you like the crystals near you- yes. Show me the crystal you most prefer- pendulum swung to the white crystal.

There are so many ways to use your pendulum in conjunction with 21st century gardening. Here are questions that you can ask of your plants, to find out how to best enhance their growth and bloom;

Will these seeds(plants) produce hardy and productive crops?
Will this area provide enough sun for these plants?
Shall I apply fertilizer today?
Shall I water today?
Are these crops fully ripe?

And here is your hint for the day, for staying ‘in tune’ with your plants, since plants clearly have feelings too;

If you have to cut, prune, or harvest, ‘ask’ the plant for what you want first, and gently explain why you need it. The plant understands your kindness, and you will see how much easier the piece comes off.

catIt reminds me of a memorable day- we were burying O’Shay, our cat of 18 years- a really sad moment. Jimmie took a hand shovel and scraped away at the hard sun-baked hillside, struggling to making a dent in the ground. He then asked Mother Earth to open up for himshovel, so that we could return O’Shay to her, and from that moment, the dirt flew easily and quickly, and the grave was prepared in minutes. So you see, it doesn’t hurts to ask.

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What Is Medical Hexing?

Why did Angelina Jolie get a double mastectomy? ‘Medical hexing,’ says Dr. Lissa Rankin, who presented her own theory- the amazing power of the placebo effect in healing the body. Conversely, she introduces the idea of a nocebo effect and it’s potential ability to derail our natural self-healing mechanisms that  kill cancer cells, fight infections, repair broken proteins, and also influence our genes. Dr. Mario Martinez who put together the ‘mind body code’ concept, also talks about medical hexing. He says we co-author the script of our cultural editors, shaping our beliefs about illness. If the doctor’s words are positive, they can plant within you, at a very deep level, positive expectations that you will avert or beat cancer, But this works in reverse as well. A doctor could literally sentence you to death by using the dreaded word ‘terminal’. Angelina bought into the idea that because her mom had breast cancer that she would surely get it. She was so convinced, that she had a double mastectomy, buying into the bizarre notion that removing her breasts would some how prevent future cancer ( like it couldn’t crop up in her lungs, liver, or in her blood). This poor woman, with all her fame and money and access to the greatest healers in the world, chose the most brutal, final, solution to her breasts, but what the heck this did to prevent cancer, I surely do not understand.

juicing (1)If I were concerned that I was predisposed to cancer, I would be juicing heavily (much more than I already do), probably for the rest of my life. Juicing has been known to prevent and cure cancer and it is recommended that you eat at least 1/3 of your food raw. I would also be taking tumericturmeric extract and plenty of vitamin D. Nutrition is now an integral part of cancer prevention. But this is not meant to be an article about cancer prevention- it is more about making wise, sensible health choices, which I do believe Angelina did not.

The pendulum is a powerful tool for discovering answers. You may dowsedowse to find out;

Will a double mastectomy benefit my health and well being? No

Is there a homeopathic remedy that will help balance my body to prevent cancer? Yes

Using Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies, show me the number of the remedy that will best prevent cancer? 16.

Are you showing me remedy number 16? Yes.    and so forth

You can further dowse for dose, frequency, and duration, and confirm what you are shown. If Angelina does not dowse, I bet she could find an expert to help her, and I am very surprised a worldly woman like her, especially with her quirkiness, who could have the best of everything, including healers, did not go a completely natural approach. Gotta wonder.

Dr. Mario Martinez tells a great story about medical hexing; A man was very ill and went into the hospital for tests. The doctor found that the man was last-ritesterminal and sent the priest in to give him his last rites. The man died 15 minutes later. But oops, the priest accidentally gave the last rites to the wrong man. The real terminally ill patient lived on for 3 days. The power of the word is mighty.

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The Surprise Fat Lip

No, I didn’t punch my husband out in a fit of anger and give him a fat lip. He justwife woke up with it Sunday morning, for no apparent reason. Looking to be about 3 times larger than normal in size, the lip carried no pain- ‘huge’ was it’s only characteristic.

kris jennerI remember an episode of the Kardashians where Kris Jenner suffered something similar while vacationing south of the border. The doctor had to be called and some drugs were administered (this was not a health show so they never mentioned which drug or what dose). Yep- same protruding upper lip from, God knows what.

My first thought was food allergy, or any allergy, which brought to mind Apis 1m. But this lip is too big for me to take chances- an educated guess is not good enough- think I’ll dowse.

I begin by asking my pendulum how this lip came to be… “Is this a food allergy?” “No.” “Is this an insect bite?” “Yes.” Ok, now we know what happened. So I dowse for the remedy (using Ruggerio’s list of 151 homeopathic remedies) that will most benefit Jimmie’s swollen lip. My pendulum points to remedy #85, and I confirm, “#85?” “Yes”. Without yet knowing what remedy #85 is, I continue dowsing for dose and frequency and arrive at the dose of 1m, 4 times today. I used to have my pendulum project how many days and how many doses a remedy might be needed, but now I feel it is better to take it day by day and see how things change/progress.

Now I want to see what remedy #85 is- Ledum palustre. Hmmmmmmmmm. I know little to nothing about Ledum- have never taken or prescribed it. This is what I found out;

The genius of Ledum lies in its effects on puncture wounds, animal and insect bites. It is used as an anti-inflammatory in causes of severe swelling and also for infection. Some say it beats Arnica in healing a black eye. Another hallmark of Ledum is that is used in cases of tetanus and vaccination reactions too.

I am thrilled with the pick, and just happen to have some on hand, in my red plastic 1m emergency kit. I have had this kit since the early 2000’s and have been using remedies from it as needed for over 15 years and still continue to benefit from it. It cost less than $100 at the time and has given me thousands of doses of remedies.

In addition to the Ledum, I made a Sai Sanjeevini water for Jimmie, which was charged with the following 3 patterns- face, inflammation, and  insect bites, to be sipped frequently throughout the day. There is never a limit to the amount of prayer patterns you can take! I also put a witness of Jimmie on Ruggerio’s radionic circuit #15, ‘eliminator of noxious energy’- a good place to start on almost any case.

We had a successful close to this episode- within 24 hours, the lip was completely back to normal. Since all these modalties work hand in hand so beautifully, I choose to blend a few things that logically compliment each other, and gently urge the body back to wellness. It worked this time, as usual. See, all better.kiss


Your Questions, My Answers

Finding the answers to your search term questions, keeps me on my ‘A’ game.  Here is some great information about every manor of thing under the sun…

pendulum1 How to use a homeopathy list when dowsing– You can use any remedy list you like, provided the remedies are numbered. I use Ruggerio’s list of 151 remedies. You also need a numerical dowsing chart (Ruggerio has one too) so that your pendulum can select the correct number of the remedy. After asking, and determining that you may dowse, ask your question.  If you are trying to help your husband’s acid reflux after an evening out eating and drinking, you may say “Show me the number of the remedy that will most benefit Joe’s acid reflux.” Allow your pendulum to search.  When it has settled upon a number, verify with another question- “Is that remedy #100?” If yes, I proceed to look up the remedy from the list, but if not,  question until you are satisfied that you have the correct number. Ok so you have asked your pendulum to show you the number- it showed you #100 and you confirmed #100.  Now check the remedy list. #100 is Nux Vomica.  Read about the remedy and see how well your pendulum did.  Off the bat, I would say that Nux is an excellent pick for a bloated stomach after a big meal!

What are the planetary  day characteristics?  Here they are…

Planetary Ruler Attributes
Monday Moon Feminine, changes, emotions, secrets, dealing with women.
Tuesday Mars Enthusiasm, energy, passion, protection, competition, anything requiring aggression or determination.
Wednesday Mercury Law, education, travel, thinking, communications, dealing with siblings, medical.
Thursday Jupiter Increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.
Friday Venus Love, luxury, beauty, decorating, shopping for romantic or creative things, pleasure.
Saturday Saturn Long term stuff, career, institutions (such as prisons, hospitals marriage), investments, lords of Karma, good day for a reversal spell.
Sunday Sun Wishes, success, happiness, all-purpose, no secretive work on Sunday.



Cancerian man shrewd– In terms of the Cancer male, he is softhearted (under that tough shell) and loyal.  Making people feel good about themselves is one of the Cancer’s greatest gifts, but on the flip side, the contradictory nature of Cancer gives their temperament wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. They are easily offended and will sulk when they get hurt, yet they have a deep psyche and intuitive mind- and they can be extremely unpredictable. Cancer is also shrewd and cautious and I know my Cancer man is one of many mysteries.


Is keeping secrets unhealthy– It is for teens, and if it is for teens, then it just is. New research says that teens who keep secrets from friends and family members are more depressed, more lonely, have more headaches and are less confident than teens who don’t keep secrets. Teens who keep their lips zipped are also more likely to be involved in rule-breaking behaviors and have poor relationships with others. We now know that sharing secrets is an important skill in creating and maintaining close personal relationships.

decWhere do I put the witness when broadcasting a remedy in radiesthesia-  I am presuming you are trying to send a remedy to someone, using an amplifying chart or a decagon. I usually put the sample on top of the remedy, and put it in the center of the decagon, or you could use Ruggero’s radiesthesic radionic circuit #5, amplifier. Either way it is best to dowse to select the remedy, dose, amount of time to broadcast, and the best time of day to do so.  This will greatly improve your success.

Agrimony 163

Bach flower essences for sobriety– Agrimony has long been known as the chestnut budBach flower remedy for the addict.  Here is a description of the Agrimony patient; Put on a cheerful face to hide problems; if you have mental worry or torture; attempt to forget mental torture through drugs and alcohol. Anxiety and mental torment hidden behind a cheerful face. Superficially carefree, concealing deep mental torture. Jovial, make light of own troubles. Uncomplaining. Seeks stimulation to escape problems. Restless. Worries about future. Over-sensitive to others because of their excessive desire for peace. I also like Chestnut Bud selected by my pendulum for my daughter, which looks like: Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes; are impatient to move ahead. Repeats the same mistakes again and again. Slow to learn life’s lessons. Lack of the observation of life. Failure to improve on previous experiences.

scohJani and Bodhi Schofield– Still, these are the 2 most popular subjects that my readers ask about.  How are Jani and Bodhi? Is Bodhi schizophrenic? I haven’t heard any updates to that effect. Here is an older family portrait.  As far as I know, the parents are still together raising their well known special needs kids.

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Adopting From The Shelter

Nothing is more fun than bringing home a new dog- especially one rescued from the shelter. We xenafelt the time was right to add one more to our pack, so we took the plunge, and found Xena.

Sadly, the shelters are clueless about homeopathy, Sai Sanjeevini, paper doctor, or really any natural remedies to help dogs both physically or emotionally- especially traumatized shelter dogs. They are all about bark collars and vaccinations and such. I found 2 very receptive and eager-to-learn kennel techs, who were fascinated by some of our healing stories and perhaps will pave the way for trying Rescue Remedy and Aconite on traumatized dogs.

Let me pass on a few tips for making your adoption successful. All of these tips can be used at shelters and animal rescue facilities alike;

  • Trust first, obedience second. Getting your dog to trust you and come to you is often difficult at first. Carry training treats on you, and reward your pup each time he comes. Within a short period of time the dog will come to you even when you don’t call! After trust is established, and the dog is acclimated, you may begin basic obedience training- a must for all good people/doggie relationships.
  • Frequent pottie trips- Take pup outside to the bathroom every 2 hours, regardless if the dog is pottie trained. You may taper down as the dog shows to be reliable and settling in to the household routines.
  • Establish a bed or den- Every dog likes to have his own spot. Dogs like a small, tight, den-like area, and a corner wall will work.
  • Daily walk- The walk is such a cure all. It reduces chewing, barking, and anxiety, and makes your dog more relaxed throughout the day, and is a pack bonding experience.
  • Play with your dog before starting a training session. Throw the ball or frizby about 30 times!! I have had several high energy dogs, and it was once recommended to me that we tire Libby out before attending obedience class, and she will behave calmer and be more attentive. It was very good advise.
  • As mentioned earlier, both Rescue Remedy (Bach flower) and Aconite (homeopathic) can turn a frightened animal into a calm one. Every shelter worker should carry some on them, especially for transporting strays and such.
  • Sai Sanjeevini healing cards- this amazing complete healing system addresses animal conditions such as beak and feather disease, mange, fleas and ticks, not to mention every emotional condition a dog could have. Charge up their water, and let the healing begin. Good for at home or the shelters, alike.

sick dogDoggie sick, and you don’t know what do give him?  Trust your higher self and dowse for the remedy that will most benefit your pet. Then read to see if your dog’s symptoms match up to the remedy.  You might be very surprised.surprised

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When you want to know what works…

These are some answers to the many questions and search phrases I get everyday….

tinctureKidney stone tincture- here is the recipe for the best one I know. Take a glass fill it with half water and half apple juice. Add about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, and 14 drops each hydrangea root tincture, and Stone Breaker, which is Chanca Piedra compound and also includes hydrangea root. Sip all day.

birth controlThuja “birth control”- I don’t think so. If anyone has learned something to support Thuja preventing pregnancy , please let us know.

pen2Can crystal dowsing improve blood pressure?  The act of dowsing in and of itself does not improve blood pressure, however you may dowse to balance your blood pressure- also to get a reading on weather it’s too high or too low.  For blood pressure, I use Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns to keep it in check.  There is a combination called ‘blood pressure high’ which I incorporate in my mega combo taken twice daily (I usually charge my morning coffee as well as my water to go, and I’m good for the day).

fujjiFujiwara Dam picture of water- for those of you who do not know, Dr. Emoto used a high power lens to photograph  various frozen water crystals from Fujiwara Dam, marking some of the frozen water with words like ‘love’, producing beautiful crystals, and others with words like ‘mass murderer’ producing equally hideous images.

weekend warriorWho are the people described in the research as heroin  “chippers”?  They are what are considered to be ‘weekend warriors’, in other words, they regulate their use, contrary to popular belief, and follow strict formulas and protocols in order to keep safe and alive, employed, and out of jail.

flu shotFlu shots side effects- do you not listen to me? Per the CDC, one in 10,000 that get the vaccine risk being hospitalized or dying and that doesn’t even cover the lesser chronic side effects like, say, narcolepsy.. There is a reason why over 60% of doctors refuse to get one.

jniJani Schofield brother Bodhi- people ask about these kids more than any other topic or subject. Here is the latest of what I know; Bodhi is autistic, and apparently does not have the verbal skills Jani had at his age and statistically having a sibling with schizophrenia dramatically increases Bodhi’s chances of having it as well. Jani’s mom reports that Jani is on 325 mg of Clozaril, 900 mg of Lithium and 75 mg of Thorazine daily. Someone asked why the parents don’t ‘do her hair’.  Are you kidding me? I don’t know Jani personally, but I would venture to guess she doesn’t like sitting still and having the tangles combed out, and anyhow, she looks great with her wild blond curls which  most appropriately fit the little girl.

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Sai Sanjeevini Experiment

readerA reader recently asked me if I could broadcast a homeopathic remedy from a Sai Sanjeevini broadcast/transfer chart. After a quick moment I thought “A transfer chart is a transfer chart, is a transfer chart, and I’m guessing it does not discriminate between remedies,” so I tried an experiment.

I use neutral sugar pellets as a base to charge both Sai Sanjeevini remedies and homeopathic remedies. My homeopathic remedies are made on a decagon, and I broadcast them using a remedy transmitter or a decagon. This time I took a bottle of Nux vomica homeopathic remedy, placed in on the Sai Sanjeevini transfer/broadcasting chart, and put an amber bottle full of neutral pellets on the other side, said a short prayer, and just let them sit for a few minutes. As I expected; my daughter, who has a bit of a nervous stomach and uses Nux as her ‘go to’, says she cannot tell the difference between the 2 remedies, and gets the same result from both As I thought!

And here are some fun and interesting ways I get creative with the delivery of Sai Sanjeevini healing remedies, always using #1 and #60 as a base to every combination I make;

  1. I charge up sesame oil with the ‘teeth’ combination and ‘skin’ combination, and swish (oil pulling) every morning for 20 minutes for very healthy teeth. I do the same with my toothpaste.
  2. I charge all my face creams and lotions with the ‘skin’ combination, and also ad ’emergency’ to my foot cream, to soothe sore feet at the end of the day.
  3. I charge small pieces of paper with the ‘sleep’ and ‘anti snore’ remedy, and also ‘marital bliss’, and place inside my pillow cases, and in my husband’s too!
  4. Got the flu but just can’t call off work? Make a small copy of the ‘cold and flu’ remedy, and stick it in your bra against your skin, and leave it there all day, for a steady stream of healing all day.
  5. I have a piece of paper taped to the water cooler, which contains the ‘high blood pressure’ and ‘kidney’ combinations. We use this water for drinking, cooking, and making coffee and tea, so we get many doses of this, in one way or another.


Got fussy kids who need a remedy? Charge up their chocolate milk with any remedy and they will love it! Or for the girls, charge up a pony tail holder with the appropriate remedy and your child will receive a constant flow of remedy until she takes her hair down. There is no end to the possibilities. If you have any great ideas on how to use the Sai Sanjeevini remedies, please share.


Metaphysical Mommy

I have been getting many questions about kids and dowsing charts, kids and homeopathy, and kids and Bach flower remedies. Make no mistake- what’s good for goosethe goose, is good for the gander, just to say that what works for adults, also works for kids. Aconite is the number one remedy for shock, be it adult or child, or bird for that matter. Apis is called for to calm an itch for young and old alike, and when dowsing to select a remedy, it matters not if you are dowsing for a 2 year old, or a 20 year old.

I was rather conventional as I look back, when raising my daughter, beginning with vaccinations, which I thought were unquestionably necessary. We also used conventional medicines, but bombshell- I was wrong, so wrong.


Revisiting parenting… the snapshot looks different.vaccination

I wouldn’t be worrying about the perils of vaccination damage resulting in a violent or autistic kid, because I wouldn’t be vaccinating! Instead, 2 doses of Influenzium would be given to my child prior to cold and flu season each year as a prophylactic. That’s it. We have an arsenal to combat all of the childhood diseases- no worries.

I would not be considering tubes as a solution to frequent ear infections, but instead I’d be using easy to select homeopathic remedies such as Pulsitilla, and ear drops containing one or more of garlic, mullein, calendula and St. John’s wort, in an olive oil base.

home school1Bullying in school would not be of personal concern, as I would surely home school in this day and age, teaching subjects such as dowsing, urban farming, right conduct, and sacred geometry.


Tantrums? Easily quelled with the Bach flower remedy Cherry Plum. Kids respond rapidly to these essences, and there is no complicated rubric for choosing the remedy. Just match the traits and you have chosen the right remedy!

I now know that you can look at unmanageable behavior problems as an imbalance pen1requiring a homeopathic remedy, not a psychologist and drugs (although some counseling as a support to homeopathy would be fine). Consulting professionals costs money, but dowsing is free. I use my pendulum to select my healing modalities and remedies, and am always spot on. If you don’t feel comfortable dowsing or feel you are not accurate, by all means seeks professionals.

I would like you to read 2 case histories involving children with extreme behavior problems, and how their conditions were cured with homeopathy;

1. Randy came in at age 8. He was very hyperactive and had serious temper tantrums regularly. Whenever he was bored he would wander the house screaming, slamming doors, yelling “I hate you.” At other times he would get a glazed look in his eyes and just look right through you. These fits used to happen weekly but now are about 3-4 times a week. He is very depressed. He tends to be bossy when with friends. But he cries and acts anxious in front of them , so kids pick on him. He blinks often and constantly bites his nails. He has nightmares daily and is very restless in his sleep. He is very shy talking to most people and tends to give short answers to questions. Looking at this an many thousands of other details we choose and gave the remedy Stramonium and gave one dose. (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from children’s behavioral problems is very low). By one month his parents reported a very different child. He stopped having nightmares. He became happier, more social, interacting much better with people. His temper tantrums reduced to 1-2 a week and were much less in intensity. Over time things continued to improve Everything except the hyperactivity was pretty much gone by 6 months. That went away later. Now nine years later his parents are totally happy with how things have gone. He went from a deeply disturbed child who really worried them to an upright young man.

2. Stephanie was 5 years old. Whenever she was unhappy about things in her life she cried loudly often. So loudly that people would come running to see what was the matter. Kids would run away from her due to her crying. She refused to go preschool because they hurt her feelings. Now in kindergarten she goes some days but not others. She felt very insecure constantly wanting reassurance that she was loved by her parents. She didn’t talk much, giving short answers to questions. We gave her a dose of Chamomilla LM1 (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from children’s behavioral problems is very low).At one month the parents reported that she was more cheerful, crying less and more willing to go to school. She was talking more and using more complex words and sentence structure. Over the next years things improved more and more. As the mother said: “I would have been living with a different child if it wasn’t for the remedy. On the remedy she is a happy child.”

These accounts come from a husband and wife classical homeopathy team out of Aurora Colorado,


for more detailed information and more interesting case histories.

Your feedback is welcome. Please share your experiences, or ask a question…

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